Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to move to the back of a city bus, a key moment in the ongoing drive for racial equality. As the WaPo tells it, Parks was no "meek seamstress" but "a battle-tested activist," part of an organized drive to stop discrimination in Alabama. Major feats of progress, her story shows, don't come by accident or whim, but by heroism and struggle.


Returning rain, first predicted for Monday, finally showed up late Tuesday. The rain (and mountain snow) will be here for a while.



This is a "fisher." No, not a member of the family that used to own a flour mill and KOMO, it's a weasel-like critter. It's endangered. State wildlife officials home to re-introduce it into the Cascades. (AP)

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to rename the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge after Billy Frank Jr., the late Indian fishing-rights champion. (Joel Connelly)



Civil-rights advocates say Seattle Police made a "marked improvement" in dealings with Black Friday protesters, compared to last year. But the activists still say police were "hostile in a different manner." (Slog)

Jesse Jackson, in town recently, defended local Black Lives Matter protesters, and said police departments need to do more to police themselves. (KCPQ)

Remember the story last week about the South Lake Union restaurant that offered free sandwiches on its opening day, but where two low-oncome seniors were turned away? The restaurant now blames the building's security contractor. (Slog)

"Terrorism against Planned Parenthood was predictable. In fact, pro-choice advocates predicted it." (Erica C. Barnett)


Crosscut has a detailed piece about the ongoing drive to unionize the UW faculty.

The State Supreme Court upheld the City of SeaTac's $15 minimum-wage law for airport workers. (Slog)


Seattle Subway, the group campaigning for more Seattle-only rail transit, also has ideas about Sound Transit's region-wide plans. Specifically, Seattle Subway wants Sound Transit to extend its funding authority so it can more quickly finish light rail from Everett to Tacoma and from Seattle to the Eastside. (KING)

The state needs dozens of new ferry workers. (KCPQ)


Thanks to the City's recently reenwed Multi Family Tax Exemption Program, some 2,000 "affordable" housing units are now under construction or being planned. (KIRO-TV)


Burien is hiring a PR agency to give it a new "brand image." (KIRO-TV) 


King County approved removing a mile and change of "obsolete" train tracks in Kirkland, to form an extended walking/biking trail.


McMenamin's, which has already "restored" the historic Tacoma Elks building, now also wants to take over the nearby Old City Hall. (KCPQ)

Tacoma already has city-owned cable TV. It may add city-owned broadband. (KIRO-TV)


The latest threat to Washington farms: "Little cherry disease." (KUOW) 


Retail storefronts across Vancouver are going vacant. "Global capital" landlords would rather leave them vacant than lower outrageous rents, which might threaten the properties' official valuations. (Charles Mudede)


Kshama Sawant's memoir/screed "American Socialist," originally scheduled to be out now, won't be until next summer. (Slog) 


Congress is working on resurrecting the Export-Import Bank, one of Boeing's favorite lenders. (PS Biz Journal)


There's now a storefront in Kirkland where you can get "a 3-D duplicate of you" while you wait. The resulting image can be used as an avatar in online games, or it can be 3-D printed into a small statue. (PS Biz Journal)


A major appliance recycling company has shut down, laying off 154 employees in Everett and Bothell. (Everett Herald) 


UW women's basketball vs. Portland tonight. 

Gonzaga/WSU men's basketball tonight.

We now know a little more about why longtime UW rowing coach Bob Ernst (most recently coaching the women's squad) was abruptly fired after 33 years. (KING)


"#FRENCHFACE," Euro music night with DJs Sharlese and Emmanuelle. (Revolver Bar)

"A John Waters Christmas: Holier and Dirtier." (Neptune)

Christopher Bayley, ex-King County Prosecutor, on Seattle's old police payoff system. (Town Hall)

Lost and Found with Trimpin," featuring musical instruments local artists made from "found" items. (Benaroya Hall)

GeekWire Gala. (MOHAI)

"The Gay Uncle Time," with stories and sketches about Marlene Dietrich. (Rendezvous)

Bell Witch. (Barboza)

Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Jay 305, Dave B. (Showbox Sodo)

Cosmopolites, Phineas and Rob, Beg, Black Times, Roots to Branches. (Vermillion Gallery)

G. Jones, Bleep Bloop. (Q Nightclub) 

Led to Sea, performing the soundtrack from the new documentary "With Wings and Roots." (Royal Room)

"Environmental historian" Christopher Mauch, on sustainability and lessons from the past. (UW Kane Hall 210)




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