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MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015

MISCmedia MAIL begins its second week of telling you about all sorts of things happening around here. If you think there's nothing going on here worth reading about after you see this, then you need to keep reading.


Yep, the sun n' warmth are back, for the immediate future.



I've got a whole post on the main MISCmedia.com site about the global media hoopla of the second Spokanian to thoroughly re-invent herself so completely. (The first, of course, is Billy Tipton.) 

She was supposed to release a full statement today, but that's now been indefinitely postponed. (CBS) Previously she'd spoken, sort of, to KING's Spokane sister station. (Raw Story)  

Dolezal's brothers have spoken on camera: "It started out with the hair." (ABC) 

The Daily Beast parses out the whole history of Dolezal's carefully constructed identity.


Everybody seems to have an opinion about the whole thang:

• Variety claims a Dolezal biopic "is inevitable," and postulates whether it will be a comedy or drama or both.

• Ijeoma Olio proposes a bargain for white people who want to be black: the ability to dance, a history of triumph over diversity, and the looks of white women clutching their purses when you walk past them. (Slog)  

• Darnell Moore at Mic.com calls the Dolezal affair a "fiasco" and "a glaring example of white privilege in action." 

• Twitter users are using such hashtags as #transracial and #wrongskin, as other Twitter users ruthlessly mock them. (KING)  

• Kara Brown at Jezebel: Girl, WHAT?" 

• Explaining the "passing" as a quest for "empathy." (USAT)  

• Gyasi Ross at Indian Country Today compares Dolezal to decades' worth of white folk pretending to be Native Americans.

• A self described "gay Black man" explains the terms "transracial" and "transethnic," in terms of the furry community. (Fusion.net) 

• Author Michael P. Jeffries calls the incident "a lesson in how racism works." (Boston Globe)  

• As you might expect, the social sub-network known as "Black Twitter" has plenty of snarky reactions. (The Culture) 

• Vox has a think piece on how it proves "race" isn't a cut and dried issue anymore. 

• Salon has a harsher piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams, claiming Dolezal's "fraud is unforgivable."

• For compare-and-contrast, here's the story of local author Mishna Wolff, whose white father "identified" as black for years. (KUOW) 




Several hundred queer activists and concerned citizens marched through Capitol Hill Saturday night, chanting "Not One More," in response to anti-gay hate crimes. Going in and out of bars and restaurants along East Pike, the marchers also shouted, "If you don't like a gay neighborhood, why did you move to one?" (Commenters on the hereby-linked article note that the attackers might not live in the neighborhood.)  (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


Some analysis on the City Council candidates' fundraising to date. (Crosscut)  

More specifically, Kshama Sawant's chief District 3 opponent Pamela Banks is getting big campaign bucks from the Police Guild and the restaurant lobby (some of Sawant's biggest targets). (South Seattle Emerald)  

Publicola, which wasn't that keen on Sawant's election to the City Council in the first place, now calls her "a socialist who owns a house," someone who loyally defends that locally-beloved political turf of "single family homes" against tax and zoning changes, even potantially "progressive" changes. (Publicola) 


A real-estate industry spokesman insists rent inflation in Seattle isn't really that bad, and that the industry merely has a "hype" problem. Yeah, sure. (PS Biz Journal)  

The retiring head of the Downtown Emergency Services Center says really tackling homelessness in Seattle could cost $1 billion and take 10 years. (KIRO-FM)  


If you're to believe Shell's audacious attorneys, eco-activists protesting Shell's risky drilling schemes are a greater danger than the schemes themelves. (Guardian)  


Here's the full list of the 13 rental complexes charged with racial, sexual-orientation, and other forms of discrimination. http://rainiervalleypost.com/the-station-at-othello-charged-with-housing-discrimination/


Capitalizing on the success of temporary events in Nord Alley, the Seattle Dept. of Transportation wants to permanently turn several Pioneer Square and ID alleys into pedestrian entertainment/dining spots ("charming, plant-filled utopias"). (Citylab) 


What sort of lowlife scum would steal a Pike Place Market busker's beloved custom built ukulele? (KIRO-TV)


The Wash. State Convention Center's big (but non-contiguous) expansion plan involves a five story structure on the old Honda of Seattle lot and above the Convention Place transit-tunnel station. The thing's gonna be huge. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


That big golf event in the South Sound is displacing some state legislators from their hotel/motel rooms (the lawmakers didn't know they'd have to stay thru two overtime sessions). (AP) 


Legal pot in Oregon inches closer, as state lawmakers haggle over the details. (AP) 


From my ol' home town, the tale of a young lad who overcame the odds and rose from special-education classes to graduate as the valedictorian at Marysville Arts and Technology High School. (A school that nobody even dreamed of having back when I lived there.) (SeaTimes) 


The Seattle Community Police Commission, bypassing Mayor Murray (whom they allege is dragging ihis proverbial feet on the issue), sent its recommended police reforms directly to the City Council. (Slog) 


As Seattle gets overrun with programmers, John Cook asserts we're still not making enough of them. (GeekWire)

That huge $20,000 Microsoft touch-screen computer we told you about last week? It'll be made in America, specifically in Oregon. (Portland Biz Journal)  

Want to understand the mentality of coders and "brogrammers," the people taking over Seattle and the world? Read Paul Ford's long Bloomberg Businessweek cover story, "What Is Code?" 

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak warns of another tech-related investment bubble, this time involving companies trying to move every possible machine onto online controls (the so-called "Internet of Things"). (USAT)  


"Successful professional people" should not be the only people recruited to help "de-stigmatize mental illness." (SeaTimes)  


After the Astros knocked Mariners ace pitcher Felix Hernandez around for eight runs in one inning Friday (beating the Ms 10-0), new pitcher Mike Montgomery threw a great game enabling the Ms to win on Saturday 8-1. Then the Ms' Roenis Elias got knocked around for three runs in Sunday's first inning, leading to a 13-0 loss. Ms go to San Francisco for four against the World Series champion Giants starting today.

Sounders FC beat FC Dallas 3-0, scoring all three goals in the second half. They play next at Portland on Tuesday.

Storm finally won again, 60-54, at the L.A. Sparks. They're home Tuesday vs. Connecticut.

Art Thiel says hockey's Phoenix Coyotes still probably won't move to Seattle. (KPLU) 

They're stand-up electric scooters, or skateboards with tires: they're "golfboards." (KING)  


Steve Shapiro dicusses "The State of Civil Liberties at the Supreme Court." (Town Hall)  


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