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Rain waxing and waning for the foreseeable future.

We haven't had one of these in a while, but there's a winter storm warning in the Cascades. (KING)



The UW's Climate Impacts Group has prepared digital illos depicting how Puget Sound country would suffer under extreme climate-change effects. (GeekWire)

There's yet another baby whale around here! (Aww.) (W Seattle Blog)

The FDA may require notices on genetically modified salmon. (SeaTimes)

Explaining how a "carbon tax" scheme could work. (Portland Biz Journal)



DC Republicans want to end a ban against US crude oil exports. You know what that means—yep, even more oil trains! (Sightline Daily)


A UW-administered "inclusive kindergarten," combining special-needs and other kids in the same classroom, may fall victim to funding/bureaucratic requirements. (Crosscut)

Teen refugees at a Tukwila high school (a school that's 80 percent refugees, immigrants, and immigrants' kids) tell of their harrowing past experiences by describing the "jail food" they had to eat at the camps. (KUOW)

A research study claims charter-school operators around the country are gaming the system for the sake of "privatization and profiteering." (Seattle Star)


With the African-American diaspora from city to far-flung suburbs, specialized medical care for conditions such as sickle-cell become harder to get. (Crosscut)

One gathering place for the Af-Am diaspora is the West Hills of Renton, a place with no pharmacies or mainstream health-care providers, but at least six pot stores and/or "medical marijuana clinics." (South Seattle Emerald)

The Seattle Times website ran a headline referring to the Flavr Blue's front woman Hollis Wong-Wear as a "Macklemore sidekick." The phrase wasn't used in the print edition of the story, and was changed on the website after some complained that "sidekick" was a word associated with stereotypical roles for Asians in pulp fiction, movies, and TV for decades. (Jezebel)


The next Mecca for mixed-use monstrosities and condo canyons? It's the street with the same name as Fred Flintstone's piano. (You know, Stoneway!) (The Urbanist)

Expedia hasn't moved into the former Immunex campus in Interbay yet, but it's already thinking of expanding it. (PS Biz Journal)


Gov. Inslee will ask the Legislature for a raise in teacher salaries. But he hopes State Auditor Troy Kelley will resign rather than face a drawn-out impeachment process. (AP)

The Washington Community Action Network, a social-justice group, gave the last Washington Legislature a "C+" on racial-justice issues. (PubliCola)


That "pharma bro" hedge-fund twerp who raised the price of an AIDS drug 5,000 percent? He just got arrested over another of his ventures, which prosecutors call a "Ponzi-like scheme" intended to bilk investors. Yep, he ripped off the needy with impunity, but got caught cheating the rich. (AP)


The UW and PLU will give six months for other potential buyers of KPLU to offer a deal. (Joel Connelly)

Documentary maker John de Graaf explains why David Brewster's SeaTimes oped was SO wrong in its cheerleading for the devouring of KPLU and Crosscut. (NW Progressive Institute)


The P-I globe is now an official city landmark. (Too bad the paper it advertised couldn't have also been kept going.) (PS Biz Journal)


Mayor Murray wants the state to not let Ride the Ducks restart yet, and doesn't want 'em to use the Fremont Bridge as a substitute for the Aurora Bridge. (KCPQ)  


A Seattle police officer punched a homeless man in the face in January, and got a one-day suspension. (Slog)


A former Seattle Children's Hospital and Cornish College employee, since moved to Michigan, has been charged with soliciting sex with minors overseas and owning child porn. (SeaTimes)


Amazon may be starting its own in-house cargo airline, and may lease 20 Boeing 767s to equip it. (PS Biz Journal)


Congress backed off from authorizing a new 747 to be the new Air Force One. (PS Biz Journal)


Seahawks home vs. Cleveland Sunday.

UW women's basketball home vs. UC Riverside tonight.

UW men's basketball home vs. Oakland Saturday.

Gonzaga in Seattle (KeyArena) vs. Tennessee Saturday.

The next target for consussion-related lawsuits: the National Hockey League. (KOMO)


Seattle Symphony performs Handel's "Messiah." (Benaroya Hall, Fri-Sun)

"Buttcracker," rock/modern-dance revue. (Erickson Theater Off Broadway, Fri-Sun)

"Bacon Strip Presents Special Christmas Gifts," with Sylvia O'Stayformore. (Theatre Off Jackson, Fri-Sat)

Nick Lowe, Los Straitjackets. (Neptune, Fri)

X, Mike Watt. (Showbox, Fri)

Lushy, Gigantor. (Orient Express, Fri)

"The Darkest Night: Bringing In the Winter Solstice." (Gargoyles Statuary, Fri)

Opening of "Unstoppable," Black Lives Matter-inspired group show. (Inca, 2 W. Roy St., Fri)

Parade of Boats Night. (Fisherman's Terminal thru Fremont Cut, Fri)

Praetorius Christmas Vespers. (St. James Cathedral, Fri)

The Classic Crime, Hidden History, Subject to Downfall, Glass Frames. (High Dive, Fri)

Seattle StorySLAM. (St. Mark's Cathedral, Fri)

All-Star Women's Blues Jam. (Spinnaker Bay Brewing, Fri)

Electro Swing Circys, Bucharest Drinking Team. (Chop Suey, Fri)

Holiday Renegade Craft Fair. (Magnuson Park Hangar 30, Sat-Sun)

Pop-Up Shop with art, crafts, jewelry. (IGIMO Art Station, 4739 Rainier Ave. S., Sat)

Market Sasquatch Saturday, with cooking demos and live music. (Pike Place Market Atrium, Sat)

Scarecrow Video presents "Film Flights." (Frye Art Museum, Sat)

Lightsaber Battle Seattle 2015. (Seattle Center, Sat)

"Dim Sum Dialogues," with music, art, dancing, and "community building among queer people of color and their allies." (Seattle Asian Art Museum, Sat) 

Walk through lower Queen Anne accompanied by Phil Kline's electronica work "Unsilent Night." (On the Boards, Sat, free with sock-drive donation)

Smokey Brights, Cataldo, Planes on Paper. (Tractor, Sat)

"Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" marathon. (EMP, Sat)

"Ceremony Presents Puttin' On the Ritz: Decades of Dance." (Re-bar, Sat)

King County Queens, Stafford and the Bentz Boys, Big City After Dark. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat)

"March of the Mistletomosexuals." (Various Capitol Hill spots, Sat)

"Destroy My Sweater Holiday Bash" with Weezus (Weezer cover band), Goat Reward. (Crocodile, Sat)

"Brutalesque Holiday Onslaught," heavy-metal burlesque show. (Rendezvous, Sat)

Pinky Promise, Hyasynth, Succubass, more. (Kremwerk, Sat)

ArtAche Holiday Market. (Chop Suey, 1 p.m. Sun)

Phil Ochs 75th Birthday Concert. (Columbia City Theater, Sun)

Table & Chairs Holiday Bash. (Cafe Racer, Sun)

The 1975, Skin Deep. (Showbox Sodo, Sun)

Sarah Galvin reading from "The Best Party of Our Lives: Stories of Gay Weddings." (Hugo House, Sun)

David Bazan. (Tractor, Sun)

"10th Annual All City Showdown," with local street-skating videos. (Neumos, Sun, all ages)


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