We're in that inter-holiday interregnum. School kids, and some others, get the week off. Others get to report to work at half-empty offices and at stores with lighter-than-usual traffic. If you have time to kill today, there's no better way to kill it than with your MISCmedia MAIL.


Our window of potential snow came and went, with just a few flakes in parts of town on Sunday. This week starts out cloudy and cold, but dry.

The past year of weird weather saw both record-breaking heat waves and monster storms locally. (KIRO-FM)

A country road on Whidbey Island slid eight feet downhill, trapping four homes. (Whidbey News-Times)



Graffitists in the Transit Tunnel would like to remind you about where diamonds come from, and indirectly about the lives of the people who mine them, by name-dropping the Central African Republic in an altered DeBeers billboard.



A dead whale washed up in Gig Harbor. The carcass will be dissected. The skeleton will go on display in Tacoma. (News Tribune)


Looks like both competing carbon-tax initiatives are still a "go." (AP)

Spring chinook salmon runs in the Columbia look promising. (SeaTimes)

Climate change: some people see a global disaster in the making; others see profits. (Mother Jones)


Oil revenues are so depressed, Alaska may impose a state income tax (the first there since 1980). (NYT)


A local physician, accused of murdering his wife and their young son, may claim he was rendered psychotic by an addiction to over-the-counter cough syrup. (SeaTimes)

No company wants to run Washington's "Health Care Cost Transparency" price database; at least not under the state's current terms. (PS Biz Journal)


The Seattle Displacement Coalition wants the City to hold off on its planned massive "upzone" in the U District, fearing that many affordable housing units could be lost to condos and office towers. (SeaTimes)

The County is adding 100 more temporary, seasonal shelter beds. (SeaTimes)

Tent City 4 has to leave its Port of Seattle-owned space today, but doesn't have a place to move to yet.


The "Twin Peaks" revival is still months off, but some Northwest owls are already getting excited. (KPTV)


Waste Management will stop picking up garbage from Bremerton households behind on their bills. (KCPQ)


The Bing search engine, once Microsoft's biggest money pit, is now at a 20 percent market share, thanks in part to it being the "default" search option on Windows 10. (PS Biz Journal)


Jon Talton finds economic rebounding even in the state's more depressed rural corners.

Bill Virgin predicts manufacturing and exports in the Northwest will be adversely affected by a "managed decline" in China's economy.

The Olympia brewery, vacant since 2003, was finally sold to California developers, for a quarter of the original asking price. (AP)


How can you get young-adult techies to donate to arts groups? (SeaTimes)


Dave "Hendu" Henderson, 57, was an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners from 1981 to 1986. He was later part of the Mariners' broadcast team. (SportsPress NW)

Charlie Bayard Puzzo, 93, owned a string of bars in the Seattle area from 1950 to 1985. The best known was the Penthouse jazz club on First Avenue. It hosted all the jazz greats of its era (Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, etc.). (Legacy.com)


Depleted by injuries and beset by inopportune ref calls, the Seahawks lost 23-17 to the (for now) St. Louis Rams, in the Hawks' worst game of the season. Regular-season closer at Arizona Sunday.

Both our college football teams won their Boxing Day bowl games. The UW Huskies topped Southern Miss in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, 44-31. And Wazzu outlasted Miami in a snowy (!) Sun Bowl, 20-14, thanks in part to a couple of key interceptions.


Jamison Green talking on transgender health and rights. (Capitol Hill Library)

Chris Marker film screening series. (Scarecrow Video)

John Otten Collective, Willem de Koch's Shipping Container, Isak Gaines. (Royal Room)

"The Big One," variety show and podcast taping with music and storytelling, including Lisa Koch, Peggy Platt, Rose McAleese, Sandbox Radio Orchestra, Cascadia Big Band, more. (ACT Theatre)

Scott Lindenmuth. (Tula's)

"Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker," benefit performance for Lifelong AIDS Foundation. (Triple Door)


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