This weekend is both the lunar (Chinese) new year and the run-up to Mardi Gras. Have a po' boy with soy sauce for me.


Rain, heavy at times, Fri-Sat; a dry phase starts Sunday.



KING has footage of Tuesday's action by trans activists against State Sen. Pam Roach's office.

The anti-trans restroom bill made it past one Senate committee. (Joel Connelly)



A revised version of the Washington Voting Rights Act passed the state House on a strict party-line vote. (NW Progressive)

A Senate bill will dip into the state's "Rainy Day Fund" to fund shelters, transitional housing, and services for the homeless. (Seattlish)

Can an anonymous "tip line" for students help prevent school violence? (KCPQ)


Two bills progressing in the GOP-controlled state Senate would slash the Dept. of Ecology's budget and speed up (i.e., partly gut) environmental reviews of construction projects. (PubliCola)


The owners of an Odessa biodiesel plant that regulators derided as a "toxic mess" now want to build a billion-dollar biofuels refinery and propane terminal at Longview. (ERTHFX/KUOW)

Solar and hydro power, combined with modern storage batteries and a efficient direct-current transmission grid, could supply most of America's electricity needs, a NOAA study claims. (PI.com) 


Councilmember Lisa Herbold has a SeaTimes op-ed decrying Wall Street speculators taking over the housing market.

Tax exemptions to developers, so far, aren't building many housing units for indiviruals or for larger families. (The C Is For Crank)

The annual homeless counts aren't accurate and can't be, but they can reveal trends. The trends they're revealing are, as you'd expect, not good. (Crosscut)

Yep, home prices in the region continue to spiral up. (PS Biz Journal)


Belltown Self Storage on Third will be turned into a hotel, with eight floors added to the six-story 1928 building (originally a parking garage). (PS Biz Journal)

Ten percent of Seattle's population now lives downtown. Half its workforce works downtown. (PS Biz Journal)


The last four Malheur holdouts are facing charges over their role in the occupation. They've previously said they won't leave unless they can go home un-arrested. (AP)


The three teenage brothers arrested in the "Jungle" shooting have been charged with first-degree murder and assault. The 16- and 17-year-olds will be charged as adults; the 13-year-old as a child. (KIRO-TV) The teens had been runaways, and were supposed to have been under DSHS care. (KCPQ)

A man with a baseball bat and a stolen pistol was arrested outside the mosque near Northgate, threatening two people in its parking lot. (AP)

A Marysville woman was found guilty of pimping out her six-year-old daughter. The girl's father was previously convicted for the same crimes. (Everett Herald)


The Lake Washington School District's closing two high schools today only, after finding threatening messages on bathroom walls. (SeaTimes) 


Former local TV personality Penny LeGate lost a daughter to heroin addiction. She pleads for people to view addicts with sympathy and understanding: "If you have no blame, you've never tried a drug, never drank too much, and you are some kind of perfect person, maybe you can judge. But these are lost souls." (KIRO-FM)


So with Sea-Tac and its airlines doing record business, they'd gratefully give their workers the wages they're legally due, right? No? (Seattlish)

City Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Lorena Gonzales promise to pursue legislation encouraging employers to give workers steady, predictable schedules, without "clopenings" (the closing shift one day, the opening shift the next). (Slog)


Could a local firm in the nascent private-space-flight biz be persuaded to move to tiny Luxembourg? (PS Biz Journal)

Seattle's now the "cloud computing capital of the world." As if our economy couldn't be more ephemeral already. (PS Biz Journal)


Latest victim of the streaming-driven collapse of the DVD biz: Bellevue-based Redbox. (PS Biz Journal)


UW women's basketball at home vs. Oregon State tonight.

UW men's basketball at home vs. Arizona Saturday.

Gonzaga whupped Loyola Marymount 92-63. At Pepperdine Saturday.


Mythicworlds, fan convention on folklore and legends. (SeaTac Doubletree, Fri-Sun)

"Medicine Ball: (D)Constructing Seattle," literary competition with "playwrights vs. poets." (Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, Fri-Sun)

Built to Spill, the Hand, Iceberg Ferg. (Showbox, Fri-Sat)

Frank Olivier's Twisted Cabaret. (Hale's Palladium, Fri-Sat)

Opening of "Buzzer" by Tracey Scott Wilson, play about "themes of class, sex, race, and gentrification." (ACT, Fri thru Feb. 21)

Opening of Pacific Northwest Ballet's "Roméo et Juliette." (McCaw Hall, Fri thru Feb. 14)

Film "River of Fundament" by Matthew Barney. (SIFF Uptown, Fri thru Feb. 11)

Kultur Shock 20th anniversary show with Bucharest Drinking Team. (Chop Suey, Fri)

Lisa Koch Birthday Bash with Vickie Shaw, Roxanna Ward, more. (Triple Door, Fri)

"Lux Lives Movie Night," short films and trailers that inspired the Cramps. (Grand Illusion, Fri)

Adam Grant and Jeff Ashby discuss "How Nonconformists Rule the World." (Town Hall, Fri) 

The Mating Game Cocktail Hour, with presentations about animal mating rituals. (Burke Museum, Fri)

"The Dead Man on the Drugstore Floor (And How He Got There)," burlesque dramatization of early Seattle true-crime event. (Rendezvous, Fri)

"Spin the Bottle," cabaret revue with drag star Arson Nicki. (Annex Theatre, Fri)

JK Pop!, DJ night mixing Japanese and Korean music. (Crocodile, Fri)

"Mr. T's Happy Hour," a "wig and onesie event." (Substation, Fri)

Act of Defiance, Children of Seraph, Fallen Angels, Mother Crone. (El Corazon, Fri)

Joey Anderson, Myte. (Kremwerk, Fri)

"[Untitled] 2," program of mid-century NYC avant garde music. (Benaroya Hall, Fri)

Opening of "Agitation and Propaganda: The Soviet Political Poster 1918–1929." (Frye Art Museum, Sat thru April 3)

Super Furry Animals. (Neptune, Sat)

"Lux Lives Cramps Tribute Night," with Boss Martians, Die Nasty, GoreHounds, more. (Darrell's, Sat)

KEXP presents Clash tribute night. (Skylark, Sat)

Lunar New Year Fair. (Wing Luke Museum, Sat)

Brazilian Carnaval with Eduardo Bendonca and Show Brazil!, Tambor e Cordas. (Crocodile, Sat)

Colossal Fest, with Designer Disguise, Islvnd, Otherworld, Further North, more. (El Corazon, Sat, all ages)

"Arthaus: The BDSM Ball." (Kremwerk, Sat)

"Free First Saturday: Lunar New Year." (Seattle Asian Art Museum, Sat)

Mardi Gras Pub Crawl. (Various downtown locations, Sat)

"Trisha Brown: In Plain Site," site-specific adaptation of choreographer Brown's works. (SAM, Sat) 

"Dress {Up}: The 2016 Henry Gala." (Henry Art Gallery, Sat)

"Lush Us: Gay City Arts Showcase" with Mary Lambert. (Town Hall, Sat)

"Questionable Content: The Ballard Edition," group comedy competition. (Ballard Underground, Sat)

C'est la Mort, Tender Age, Blackpool Astronomy, Charlatan. (Lo-Fi, Sat)

Allen Toussaint tribute show. (Royal Room, Sat)

Logic, Dizzy Wright. (Showbox Sodo, Sat)

Black Sabbath. (Tacoma Dome, Sat)

"Horrendous Hieronymus," "exquisite corpse" style art creation. (Push/Pull, Sat)

Turbo Turkey comedy troupe in "The St. Valentine's Day Laughacre." (Rendezvous, Sun)

"The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show," revue with actors, dancers, a '70s soul band, more. (Triple Door, Sun)

"Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery," comedy-variety revue. (Annex Theatre, Sun)

Ultra VIolent Rays, Navvi, Beatrix Sky. (High Dive, Sun)

Noise Yoga, with music by Bardo:Basho. (Frye Art Museum, Sun)

"Puppy Bowl" viewing party and "motley zoo" animal adoption event. (Chop Suey, Sun)

Backstreet Bazaar street festival. (Hillman City Collaboratory, Sun)


(Gil Scott-Heron):

“Man is a complex being: he makes deserts bloom—and lakes die.”


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