MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? We only had six weekdays (instead of the announced 11) during which car traffic in Seattle was only slightly more sucky than it usually is. Now we can go back to regular everyday traffic purgatory.


After a semi-damp Sunday, dryness and relative warmth return Monday.



Northern lights were visible throughout the area during Sunday's predawn hours. (image: Jason Shipley via KCPQ) 



Yep, WSDOT proclaims that Bertha has done enough digging beneath the Viaduct, and the ground nearby seems safe enough, that the Viaduct can reopen for traffic, which it did Sunday night. Metro bus changes will be rescinded today; the Water Taxi returns to regular schedules tomorrow. (West Seattle Blog)

Drivers apparently handled the Viaduct's closure just fine, for the most part. (Crosscut)


Cornish, like other small private liberal-arts colleges, faces cruel decisions in today's corporate, career-centered ed-economy. Some of the decisions it's been making have been poor ones. And now two of its top leaders are quitting. (Jen Graves) 

Seattle school principals don't have to allocate money toward buying library books. That means parents and PTAs often have to do that. That means, natch, rich neighborhoods have better school libraries. Some librarians want to change this disparity. (SeaTimes) 


A nonprofit consortium wants to start a whale sanctuary somewhere along the Wash. or B.C. coast. Not everyone thinks it's a wise idea. (GeekWire)


"Music on cell phone isn't evidence of gang dies, state Supreme Court says." (AP)


State Auditor Troy Kelley, fresh from a stalemate in his Federal fraud trial, fired two of his top staffers. Gov. Inslee wants to know why. (SeaTimes)


Yep, that GOP Presidential candidate spoke in Lynden. Yep, that wasn't far enough away from Seattle (or Bellingham) not to attract some righteous protestors. (Slog) (AP)

One Washingtonian willing to be seen with, and to even endorse, the political He Who Must Not Be Named: WSU football coach Mike Leach. (Yep, it's a great day to be a Husky.) (NBC Sports)

In politicians I am willing to name, Bernie Sanders got more Wash. state delegates than previously awarded, but not enough. (AP)


City officials claim the "nine and a half block strategy" of stricter law enforcement in the downtown core has reduced crimes there by 30 percent, at least in the daytime (i.e., when stores and office-building managers care the most). (SeaTimes)

A daycare worker at Fred Hutch faces federal charges over alleged possession of a "horde" of child porn. (PI.com)


Here we go again: "Wildfire near Entiat prompts Level 2 evacuation." (KING)

Evacuation orders were lifted in and near Fort McMurray, Alberta, where wildfires have destroyed whole neighborhoods. The fire covers more square miles than New York City, and is reaching the Saskatchewan provincial border. It may keep burning all summer. (CNN) (AP) 


Seattle's own Mistress Matisse is quoted in an NYT story about advocates for sex workers (and for those who don't want to be sex workers).


Amazon says it will offer same-day deliveries in nonwhite-majority neighborhoods after all. (Bloomberg)


Boeing's big projects don't always lead to big profits. F'rinstance, will the 787 ever turn a profit? (Everett Herald)


Meet the (male) Seattle venture-capital investor who's only backing startup companies with at least one female co-founder. (KPLU)

It's not just a phenomenon that's destroying Capitol Hill nightlife and Seattle traffic: "Most coders are white males, and that's ruining our economy." (Caroline Fairchild, LinkedIn)


After winning six straight series, the Mariners tied a four-game series at Houston, losing 5-2 in the last game Sunday. Home tonight vs. Tampa Bay.

Sounders FC beat San Jose 2-0. At Dallas Saturday.

The Storm won 76-70 at Phoenix, ending a brief exhibition season. "Real" games start at L.A. next Sunday.

Art Thiel believes Chris Hansen's arena proposal could still be salvaged. 

KCPQ's Aaron Levine, meanwhile, suggests sneaking an arena proposal through the City Council by promoting it as a velodrome for bicycle races.


Nothing But Thieves, The Wrecks. (Crocodile) 

"Questions for a Better Future," panel on funding programs in "digital literacy" and "workforce development." (Town Hall)

Film "THX-1138" with live musicians re-interpreting Lalo Schifrin's original score. (Substation) 

Save KPLU benefit with Swojo, Gail Pettis, Ten O'Clock Quartet celebrating "women in jazz." (Jazz Alley)

Collide-O-Scope. (Re-bar) 

Halvornaughts. (Seamonster) 


(André Gide):

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”


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