FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2016

The Mariners don't visit Cincinnati very often. When they do, I wish that Ms announcer Dave Sims would give a shout-out to another great broadcast voice, (the non-related) Hal Simms. He introduced a daily drama that used Cincinnati's skyline as its logo backdrop. For years it came on just before the afternoon edition of "J.P. Patches," so Simms' introductory line is pretty much a permanent earworm for me.


Sun, clouds, rain at various times through the weekend.



We know you all love orcas. But please don't send amateur drones to fly over them. It could be bad for them. (NWNews/KPLU)



Remembering black singer/activist Paul Robeson's 1952 concert at the Blaine Peace Arch, later described as "the Woodstock of the McCarthy era." (Feliks Banel)


The Census Bureau says Seattle's now America's fourth-fastest-growing big city (#1: Denver), and its 18th largest city overall. (KING)


One way we've already mentioned to add "density": Allow those newfangled "tiny houses" as backyard "accessory dwelling units" in single-family zones. Councilmember Mike O'Brien's introduced legislation to allow it. (Crosscut) 

Casey Jaywork reminds you that The Jungle has been evicted before, several times, obviously none of them permanent. (Weekly)

The City Council's going to discuss "anti-slumlord" laws to restrict rent increases, in some buildings under some circumstances. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Seattle Pride's president has quit, following the flap over whether Alaska Airlines's gay employees could show its logo in a Delta-sponsored parade. (SeaTimes)


Sen. Patty Murray's introduced federal legislation to make hospitals more able (and ready) to treat sexual-assault victims. (KING)


A former Tukwila cop's charged with "excessive force against a suspect restrained on a hospital gurney." (KCPQ)


Betting on oil prices ceasing to be depressed soon, a Canadian energy board approved a big pipeline project. (SeaTimes)


More tolls on highways where they didn't used to be! Why? Between hybrids, better mileage regular cars, and cheap gas, percentage-of-price based gas taxes can't pay for needed upkeep anymore. And that's just bound to get worse. (KIRO-TV)

Some pundits (especially ones from corporate-libertarian think tanks) will NEVER like public transit. (Seattle Transit Blog)


"NEETs" are young adults with "no education, employment, or training." Overseas, they're among ISIL's top recruiting targets. Here at home, they're what rich people are increasingly afraid of. (Patricia Vaccarino)


Bellevue's thinking of creating a "Grand Connection," with added pedestrian-bicycle access between Lake Washington and 405. In other news, Bellevue has finally discovered the existence of pedestrians. (KING)


For the first time in who knows how long, a major-studio feature film set in Wash. state was actually filmed here! (AP)

And for the first time in the book/film franchise's history, something to do with "50 Shades of Gray" will be made in Seattle (albeit just eight shooting days for the film sequel). (KING)

Whether any future films will be fully made (not just set) here depends on the undependable Legislature. (KING)


The Liquor Board's investigating AB/InBev's exclusive beer-ssupply contracts with the Showbox and Marymoor Park. (Weekly)


That low (but stuck) official state jobless rate? It's a LOT worse for Hispanics. (Jon Talton)


Why are TSA screening lines in airports getting impossibly long? Federal budget cuts to the agency, imposed by Congressional Republicans, very possibly to attack the TSA workers' union. Even as cheap fuel's driven air travel way up. (KOMO)


The proverbial "first shoe" may have just dropped in the tech-employment bubble: Apple's setting up an "app development center" in India. (AP)

Only a decade and a half late, commercial jet packs are (supposedly) on the way! (BBC)


Tony Gable, 64, ran a graphic-design firm that created the current King County logo. He was also a musician in the "Wheedle's Groove" Seattle R&B era; the young Kenny G was in one of his bands. His son Trey is the local rapper known as Mackned. (SeaTimes) 


The Mariners wom another road series, beating Baltimore 7-2. The Ms are in Cincinnati for three games starting tonight.

Sounders FC's home vs. Colorado Saturday.

The Storm's in Phoenix tonight, then has its regular-season home opener vs. Minnesota Sunday.


Seattle Beer Week concludes. (Various spots, Fri-Sun)

"SASS," spring circus-arts and acrobatics showcase. (SANCA, Fri-Sun) 

"Sci-Fi at the Pops." (Benaroya Hall, Fri-Sun)

"The Enchanted Life and Temporary Death of Sadie December," multi-genre piece by Dorothy Frances Kent about becoming "a trans woman, feminist, femme dyke and artist." (Gay City, Fri-Sun) 

Pacific MusicWords presents Gluck's "Orphée." (UW Meany Theatre, Fri-Sun) 

"Bob Dylan at 75" tribute concert. (Royal Room, Fri, Sun, and Tues) 

"Beat Science: Music in Motion." (Century Ballroom, Fri-Sat)

"The Writing's On the Wall," last reading at the original Hugo House. (Hugo House, Fri)

Free ride day on Pronto! bike share. (Various spots, Fri)

Opening reception for Patte Loper's installation "Seeking Higher Ground." (Suyama Space, Fri)

Flow Art Gathering. (Golden Gardens, Fri)

"Make Space" zine release. (The Factory, Fri)

UCLA Festival of Preservation presents "Men in War." (NW FIlm Forum, Fri)

He Whose Ox Is Gored, Haunted Horses, Family Curse, Bali Girls, Transmissionary. (Chop Suey, Fri)

Big Black Delta, Firm Perms, Weeknites. (Crocodile, Fri)

Re-Definition's second exhibit launch party. (Paramount, Fri) 

"Transported," annual SOIL Gallery art auction. (King Street Station, Fri)

"'80s vs. '90s: The Purple Edition," with DJ Indica Jones and boy-band tribute act #All4Doras. (Tractor, Fri)

King Dude, Drab Majesty, Foie Gras. (Kremwerk, Fri) 

"Art Globally: Indigo Allure," program with David Paly and Kathy Hattori. (Seattle Asian Art Museum, Fri)

Shrinky Dinks participatory art-making. (Push/Pull, Fri) 

Billy Joel. (Safeco Field, Fri) 

U District Street Fair. (University Way, Sat-Sun)

Third Place Books Seward Park grand opening. (Sat-Sun)

Parade planning open house weekend. (Fremont Powerhouse, Sat-Sun) 

Opening of exhibit "Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds." (EMP, Sat)

Blonde Redhead, Dralms. (Neumos, Sat) 

Acapulco Lips, John Wesley Coleman III, Fizz Com, Bobby Peru. (Funhouse, Sat)

Prince tribute concert. (Royal Room, Sat)

"Is It Rude If I Ask How You Pay the Rent," "an open conversation on funding artist-run spaces." (The Alice, Sat) 

Pulse Emitter, Bardo: Basho, Marcus Price, J. Ryan. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

Banbonou, Biome, Fugal. (Kremwerk, Sat)

Sumac. (Black Lodge, Sat)

Universal Language Project presents "The Elements," performance with artist Scott Kolbo and jazz/rock band Torch. (Velocity Dance, Sat)

"Can't We Just Watch TV," DJ set with videos. (Europub, Sat)

The Crosses (with Dan Kubinski of Die Kreuzen), Toe Tag, Clocks, Bad Future. (Highline, Sat)

Medieval Women's Choir presents "Visions in the Cloister." (Trinity Parish Church, Sat)

XPLORE Seattle Urban Adventure Race. (Various spots, Sat)

Paddle Scavenger Hunt along Lake Union. (Fremont Brewing, Sat)

"You're Lookin' at Country: Tough Love (Parenting Edition," classic country videos. (NW Film Forum, Sat)

SPring Fairy Festival. (Crescent Moon Gifts, Tacoma, Sat)

West Seattle 5K. (Alki Beach, Sun)

Seattle Ice Cream Festival. (Chophouse Row, Sun)

"Medicinal Plants in the Food Forest" program. (Beacon Food Forest, Sun)

Latte Art Throwdown. (Seattle Coffee Works, Sun) 

Buzzcocks, Residuels. (Neumos, Sun)

Empyrean Throne, Unicorn Exile, Exila. (Studio Seven, Sun)

Comedian Bill Burr. (WaMu Theater, Sun) 

Campout Cinema series presents "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." (EMP, Sun) 


The "Loser" book reprint project keeps getting closer. Save up your money now. Ordering dates and release party to be announced real soon I insist.


(Simone Weil): 

"Friendship cannot be separated from reality any more than the beautiful. It is a miracle, like the beautiful. And the miracle consists simply in the fact that it exists."


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