Continuing yesterday's look back at one year of MISCmedia MAIL, we also look back at thirty years of MISCosity! 

As I've recounted several times before, this venture began as a column in an even then-obscure paper called ArtsFocus. It then became a self-contained one-sheet zine, then a column in a certain alt-weekly (1991-98), a website (starting in 1995, making it a proto-"blog"), and now a daily e-newsletter. 

Through all these changes, I've kept to a few principals: 

• Your own "place" is worth reading about and getting involved in. 

• Seattle is at its best when it stops trying too hard to copy NY/LA/SF and instead thinks up its own stuff.

• The world, and a city, are vastly complex systems. To understand them, you need to be at least familiar with as many aspects of these systems as you can.

• Even among misfits, you're misfits.



KUOW found what turns out to be the first black Seafair Queen in a cache of old local photos.



The Republican candidate for governor won't say whether he endorses the Republican candidate for President. (Joel Connelly) But WSU's football coach HAS made such an endorsement. (KING)


Bellevue High's "on administrative leave" football coach told folks at a public meeting to fight back against the KingCo Conference's penalties against the school's football program. (SeaTimes)

Soccer star Hope Solo failed in a drive to get the domestic-violence charges against her thrown out. (KING) 


All these years, the body-paint bicyclists at the Fremont Solstice Parage have been "unofficial." This year, the parade organizers want the bikers to register as official participants. (Seattle Bike Blog)


If the city's going to sell its (money-losing) stake in the (subsidized) Pacific Place garage, how about spending the proceeds to help people get around town without cars? (PublicCola) (PS Biz Journal) 

Uber will no longer operate in Bremerton, after that city's gov't. imposed $75 licenses on its "private contractor" drivers. (Slog)


Mayor Murray would rather spend any proceeds from a garae sale on a new police precinct house that critics have called a militarized, overpriced "bunker." (KUOW) 


A federal study claims Wash. state's got the second highest rate of "chronic" student absenteeism. About a quarter of students were absent 15 days or more in a school year. (AP/KOMO) 


Tickets to PAX/West, the big video-game festival, sold out in two hours. Would the planned Convention Center expansion make the event easier to get into? (GeekWire) 

It's not as big a deal as the Lake Union fireworks (which have also needed bailing out several times), but the Fourth of July picnic in Cal Anderson Park needs new organizers/supporters. (KING)


Most people who leave "The Jungle" simply start sleeping outdoors at other sites. (KUOW)

Seattle's new Youth Poet Laureate has spent all her life in foster homes, on the streets, and (now) in a shelter. (SeaTimes)


Seattle Schools will teach gender fluidity/identity to grade-school kids. (KING)


Six Seattle women have filed charges against a man who contacted them online, claiming to be a female recruiter for a porn company, then persuaded them to have sex with him as an "audition." (Stranger) 

Should anti-voyeurism laws be changed for an age of drones and selfie sticks? (KPLU) 


Sen. Cantwell wants more federal regulations on shipping Bakken crude oil by train. (SeaTimes) 

"Hanford continues to mislead workers about toxic vapors." (KING)

Liquified natural gas plants and export terminals are planned for Vancouver Island, to be fed from pipelines from Cherry Point. What could possibly go wrong? (Sightline)


The top One Percent saw their incomes nearly triple in the past 4.5 decades. Everyone else, eh... (CNN)


Stuart Anderson, 93, founded the (now California-based) Black Angus restaurant chain. In recent years he lived in Calif. but made commercials for the local SHAG senior-housing group. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes) 


The Mariners (thanks to starting pitcher Taijuan Walker and hitter Chris Iannetta) beat Cleveland 5-0. The four-game series ends tonight.


Opening of "Graphic Masters" exhibit. (SAM, free)

Capitol Hill Art Walk, including Tracy Lang's "Talisman" at Dendroica; Alfred Harris/Jeffry Mitchell at Calypte; Ellen Ziegler at Vermillion; Baso Fibonacci, Bristol Hayward-Hughes, and Una Blue at Cairo; "Welcome to the Tara-Dome" (tribute to artist Tara Thomas) at Pony.

Moonspinners happy hour. (Bernard's on Seneca)

Trash-O-Rama Movie Night presents "Boozers & Losers." (Darrell's)

Al Di Meola. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun) 

Blackalicious, Fuse the MC. (Crocodile)

"Makers in Music" panel. (Vera Project)

"Divas Take the Hill." (Velocity Dance)

Panel on "The Role of the Arts in Civic Problem Solving." (V2)

Cursive. (Chapel Performance Space) 

"Hookers & Thieves: An Evening of Seattle's History." (Warp Theater at Seattle Center Armory, thru Sat)

Seattle FLOW Showcase, with "prop-based" artists and performers. (Re-bar) 

"Sorry," play by Richard Nelson about politics and family arguments. (12th Ave. Arts, thru June 26)

"Where No Man Has Gone Before," "family-appropriate" improvised "Star Trek" parody. (Theatre Off Jackson, thru June 18)

"Words for Rice," poetry-storytelling event and food-bank benefit. (Montis Grill) 

Sam Mickens, Ziemba. (Barboza)

Cewrtain Vibes, IG88, more. (Crocodile) 

INGS, Ben Zaidi, Honey Noble. (Fremont Abbey) 

Newaxeyes, Grey Waves, more. (Lo-Fi) 

Here Comes the Kraken, Gorod, more. (Studio Seven)

Film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." (Peddler Brewing)


The start of year two of MISCmedia MAIL is also the start of a heavy marketing push for this venture. In short: let's try and get as many people regularly reading this Seattle newscast-in-print as possible. I'll ask your help soon.



“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


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