TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016

The continuing reaction to the Orlando anti-gay hate killings remains the chief topic among people here and in much of the world. Public responses to the slaying range, as you'd expect, from the devout to the hypocritical. Rich Smith tries to make sense of the tragedy via poetry selections "of hope and grief."


Rain and scattered lightning storms; clearing up Wednesday.



Boeing's been trying for years to come up with a solar-powered airplane (or at least a solar-powered drone), that could "stay up for years." (GeekWire) (image: PatentYogi via YouTube)



Seattle Pride's ramping up security after Orlando. (KCPQ)  (AP)

So are local gay bars, some of which now have metal detectors. (Weekly) 

An anonymous caller threatened a Redmond mosque. A security "perimeter" was established, and no violence occurred. (KIRO-TV) 


The last big Microsoft acquisition, Nokia, didn't turn out so hot. Now it's buying LinkedIn, one of those social-networking outfits with lots of users but not a coherent business plan (except getting acquired). (SeaTimes)


A "left leaning" group, the Working Families Party, has been organized in this state by several labor and progressive organizations. Like similar-named groups in other states, it vows to work within the Democratic Party, not against it. (Joel Connelly) 


Seattle's not enough. We've gotta get living wages for the whole state. That's what the signature drive for Initiative 1433 is all about. (South Seattle Emerald)

The Skagit County strawberry farm, where pickers walked off seeking higher wages, upped its "piece rate." Some workers say it's still not enough. (Skagit Valley Herald)

A UW prof says the city's survey of workers, used to help draft "fair scheduling" legislation, is based on flawed premises. (Crosscut) 


"District energy" means electric or other power generated at or near where it's consumed. Could we use more of it? (Daily Journal of Commerce)


A civilian police review commission wants the SPD to stop using "blast balls" against demonstrators. (Crosscut)


Oregon residents can now classify their gender as "none of the above." (NYT)


Four years after first floating the idea, Metro's seeking public comment on a major route revamp on Queen Anne. (Seattle Transit Blog)

Sound Transit's financed its projects to date based on its tax revenues from those parts of the three-county region where a particular bus or rail route goes. But for its planned second downtown light-rail tunnel, it wants to use money from the 'burbs as well as from Seattle. (SeaTimes)


Councilmember Lisa Herbold's asking your nominations for "heritage businesses" that should be helped to stick around despite development-mania. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


The Caffé D'arte corner at Second and Stewart will become up to 40 stories of "luxury residential" (yawn). It's being developed by a Hong Kong company, which predicts as many as 40 percent of the units "could be sold to Chinese nationals." (Daily Journal of Commerce)

Martin Selig's downsized his plan for the old Federal Reserve Bank site. Now he wants to build only eight stories of offices above the old building, not 40. (SeaTimes)  


Amazon may start its own streaming-music service, as if musical artists didn't need another way to not make money. (PS Biz Journal)


The founder of Molly Moon Ice Cream will speak at a White House summit on women in the workplace. (SeaTimes)


Storm at San Antonio tonight.

Mariners at Tampa Bay starting tonight.

Copa America soccer (Argentina vs. Bolivia) at CenturyLink Field tonight.

The Bellevue School District will appeal the KingCo Conference's harsh penalties against Bellevue HS football. (SeaTimes)


Capitol Hill Pride public meeting on LGBT community safety. (Rooster's Restaurant, 1 pm) 


Rock n' Roll Happy Hour with the Black Crabs. (Slim's Last Chance)

Novelist Lydia Millett ("The Sweet Lamb of Heaven"). (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Author Paul Pierson ("American Amnesia: How the War On Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper"). (Folio)

John Carpenter performing his own film scores and other music. (Paramount)

Bacon Brothers. (Triple Door)

"Poetry (Lusty)." (Ex-Lusty Lady space) 

"Pike People Street" design workshop. (Ex-Value Village space) 

Fred Hersch and Anat Cohen Duo. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Panda Riot, Purrs, Black Ferns, Charlatan. (Sunset)

Together Pangea, Patsy's Rats. (Funhouse)


(From "Romeo and Juliet," paraphrased by Mayor Murray at Sunday's Cal Anderson Park vigil for those slain in Orlando):

"And when they shall die,

Take them and cut them out in little stars,

And they will make the face of heaven so fine

That all the world will be in love with night

And pay no worship to the garish sun."


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