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The first month in which MISCmedia MAIL has existed comes to a close. We're nearing our first readership goal, and having fun doing so (if discussing some of these topics can even be considered "fun"). 


Continued sunny and hot. Even hotter by the Fourth. 



Notice something missing in this First Avenue scene? Yep, it's the historic neon sign of the Frontier Room. The legendary diner and dive bar closed years ago, and the later upscale BBQ place with the same name died last year. Now a Mexican eatery's moving into the space, with no apparent interest in the space's heritage.



Canada Day finds Our Neighbors to the North constrained under the thumb of Big Oil lackey Stephen Harper, who's trying to quash labor unions and otherwise turn Canada into a bilingual version of a U.S. red state before he can get voted out of office. (The Tyee) 


More on the Central Washington wildfires, which have reached 3,000 acres. (KIRO-TV)

Some ditsy dork(s) deliberately set brush fires along I-5, in the lowlands between Everett and Marysville. (KING)  

Eugene's minor-league baseball stadium, built in 1938 and vacant since 2009, burned down. (AP)  


State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn dislikes the Legislature's compromise education-funding plan. Dorn says the budget is an "unconstitutional" failure to fulfill the state's school-funding mandate; he wants the State Supreme Court to reject it. (SeaTimes)

If the courts hold it up, the education budget will mean Washington will have the only state colleges to cut tuition this year. (SeaTimes)  

As more details of the last-ditch budget compromise trickle in, we learn that the Legislature's cut off support for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund, which provided financing for biotech startups. (PS Biz Journal)  

The Legislature's current transportation package holds transit funding "for ransom." Essentially, Sound Transit can only raise $2 billion on its own authority if it slips half a billion of that to the state general fund. (Seattle Transit Blog)  

And, as you might expect from this particular crop of bozos, they did NOTHING to incentivize film/TV production in Washington. Get ready for another crop of films and TV shows where Seattle mysteriously looks just like Vancouver. (Slog)  


Is there, or could there be, a "scientific" approach to saving victims of child abuse/neglect? (Crosscut)  

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington refused a $100,000 donation when the (unnamed) donor said it couldn't be used to help trans girls. (Seattlish) The local Girl Scouts set up a crowdfunding campaign to replace the hundred grand, and met the goal in a day. (The Advocate)  


The Murray administration has proposed three city-owned parcels that could host city-regulated tent cities for the homeless. (SeaTimes)  


The "Move Seattle" roads-and-transit levy, all $930 mil of it, goes to voters in November. (The Urbanist)  


A U.S. District Court judge insists that any potential Seattle Police reform plan will have to go through the court system, and not merely be agreed upon between the citizens' reform commission and the City Council. (Crosscut)  


Soon you'll have your choice of fine-dining options at the former ASARCO arsenic-smelter site. Mmm, Mmm, Good! (News Tribune) 


MIcrosoft's shedding its online-advertising business, outsourcing it to AOL. (USAT) 

A detailed history of the current, heated feud between Alaska and Delta airlines for Sea-Tac supremacy. (Airways News)  


Jack Carter, 93, the "brash comic" who appeared on TV variety and talk shows for decades without breaking into real stardom. (Yahoo News) 


I have a soft spot for failed entertainments of all types (from the film "The Giant GIla Monster" to the sitcom "Me and the Chimp"). So of course I'd be fascinated by an author/collector who chronicles (sometimes deservedly) forgotten superhero comics. (SeaTimes) 


Rookie pitcher Mike Montgomery pitched his second consecutive complete-game shutout, as the Mariners beat San Diego 5-0 Tuesday. The brief series ends Wednesday afternoon.

The struggling Storm finally won another game, beating Tulsa 74-69. They're at Minneapolis on Friday.

Mayor Murray has apparently met with a prospective Seattle NHL team owner. But a lot of details, including revising the Chris Hansen arena scheme, still need ironing out before the city can formally apply for an expansion hockey team. (KING) Meanwhile, the competing team behind a Tukwila arena scheme say they're ready to make their own application to the NHL. (SeaTimes) And if the Phoenix Coyotes move to Las Vegas, as has been rumored, Seattle's expansion-team chances are improved. (CBC)

Hope Solo and the U.S. women's soccer team beat Germany 2-0, taking them to the championship game of the Women's World Cup this weekend. 


Not only is July 1 Canada Day, but it's also the re-opening of businesses on the Seattle waterfront that were closed for the big seawall project. These include Ivar's and Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.


Tyler, the Creator with special guest Taco. (Showbox Sodo)

Sub Pop Cover Night with Hobosexual, Cataldo, Black Whales, Ravenna Woods, and more. (Neumos)




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