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Temps may reach "only" to the mid-80s today. Back to the 90s Wednesday, then finally some clouds and cooling maybe Thursday.

What might temper the hot sun around here a little sooner than Thursday: huge clouds of smoke that could drift southward from those huge B.C. wildfires. (GeekWire) 

Rivers running low and warm hurt salmon's chances of survival. (KIRO-TV) 



Crowds walking up Westlake after viewing the Fourth of July Fireworks from Lake Union Park.



When everything's hot and melting, it's unwise to go into ice caves. Some visitors to the Mr. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest learned that tragically, in one case fatally. (KING) 

Drunk boating is as potentially dangerous as drunk driving. (KIRO-TV) 


When will Bertha the giganto tunnel building machine be restarted? Nobody seems to know. (PS Biz Journal) 


Legislators still being in session (yes, still) means they can't raise re-election campaign money. (News Tribune) 

Josh Feit claims the transportation compromise, which killed proposed auto-emissions standards, is a long-term good thing for the region, because the rest of the package promotes alternatives to cars, roads, and sprawl, not merely more "efficient" versions of them. (PubliCola) 

Another aspect of the budget pact: Tax breaks for electric cars will now only apply to ones costing under $35,000. Sorry, Tesla fans. (NW News Network)  


As predicted, the City Council voted to tighten some regulations on new developments in some multi-family zones. Councilmember Tom Rasmussen's among those who say the changes don't go far enough. (KPLU) 

The Municipal League's ratings for City Council candidates are kind to incumbents Sally Bagshaw and Tim Burgess, and to challengers Lorena Gonzalez and Rob Johnson. They're less kind to incumbents Jean Godden and Kshama Sawant. (PubliCola) 


The retiring head of the Downtown Emergency Services Center insists "we absolutely can end" homelessness in Seattle. (KUOW) 

Here's a positive story about a landlord, one who's helped out a previously-homeless family. (StoryCorps/KUOW) 


Washington, which had no in-state liquor producers 15 years ago, now has more "craft distilleries" than any other state. And Seattle has more of those than any other US city. (PS Biz Journal) 

Meanwhile, Washington's breweries doubled their capacity in the past four years. (PS Biz Journal) Craft beer's a billion-dollar business in this state, with 274 breweries (including 78 in Seattle alone). (Crosscut)  

Congress might cut the federal excise tax on beer, which might help smaller craft brewers. (SeaTimes) 


One beneficiary of all the new tall buildings in town: the window washing biz. (KING) 


Capitol Hill's oldest gay bar (and Seattle's second oldest), the Eagle on East Pike, is 35 years old. (Seattle Gay Scene)  

Same-sex marriage: one progressive cause Corporate America (heart)s. (Newsweek)  


The Oregonian, already turned into a tabloid that's only home-delivered four days a week, will now outsource its printing, fire its press staff, and sell off its production building. (Willamette Week)  

The British Broadcasting Corp. is principally supported neither by ads nor by taxes, but by a "license fee" assessed to TV set owners. Brits who only watch video on computers, phones, etc. aren't assessed. The result: 1,000 BBC layoffs. (NYT) 


Jim Kneeland, 62, was a political consultant and an aide to Gov. Booth Gardner and Sen. Maria Cantwell. (SeaTimes) 


The Mariners' bullpen could do nothing right, dropping a 12-5 exercise in pathos at home vs. Detroit.

What's "bugging" Ms star Robinson Cano, now having the worst season of his career? A stomach parasite, he claims. (SportsPress NW)  

A potential move Seattle's being used as a threat again by an NBA team owner to extract concessions, this time by the Milwaukee Bucks. (PI.com)  


Public hearing on proposed changes to the city's Comprehensive Plan, a master guide to future growth and development. (City Hall, 2 p.m.) 

Macefield Music Festival announcement party, with Prom Queen, Future Shock, and DJ Mike Steve. (Chop Suey)

"The Princess Bride" free screening. (Cal Anderson Park)


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