So my ex-workplace not only did a big write-up about my "LOSER" book reissue, they even gave it a full page in the print edition with a blurb on the cover. Very nice of 'em. (Y'all still going to our release party, Sunday at Vermillion, righty?)


Continued sunny with highs in the upper 60s.

Why yes, we did have a warmer summer than what used to be considered "normal." (KCPQ) 



One of the city's last indie pharmacies, Pacific Drugs in the Exchange Building at First and Madison, is closing after 34 years. (PS Biz Journal)



Is Seattle's labor market "thriving" because (at least in part), or in spite, of higher minimum wages? Articles based on a UW research study at least imply the latter; Councilmember Sawant heartily disagrees. Turns out the particular UW study member whose "analysis" of the issue was quoted by all sorts of right-wing websites is also a private consultant for right-wing think tanks. Indeed, he was partly responsible for the scare tactic reports during the secure-scheduling debate. (Seattlish)


You may have heard of the Ballard elementary school where one teacher's handling both kindergarten and first grade, at least for now. Turns out, record enrollments mean a lot of teacher reassignments are in the works. (And you thought the city was being overrun only by childless single males.) (SeaTimes)

A court rejected a class-action suit filed on behalf of children who are getting deported without access to legal representation. (KNKX)

A judge says the Mt. Vernon School District has to let the Satanic Temple of Seattle set up an after school program at an elementary school. (AP) 


Ex-Seahawks superstar Marshawn Lynch told Conan O'Brien he supports Colin Kaepernick and the other National Anthem protesters: “I’d rather see him take a knee than stand up, put his hands up, and get murdered.” (KCPQ)

Later, current Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman echoed Lynch's statements: "It's not right for people to get killed in the street." (KCPQ)

Lynch, meanwhile, is launching his own line of "Beast Mode" chocolate bars by Seattle Chocolates. They'll be available at his own Beast Mode store, opening locally this weekend, and later through Seattle Chocolates' regular retail accounts. (SeaTimes)

Garfield HS's football team will continue to kneel during the Naitonal Anthem. (SeaTimes)


Residents along Lake Washington want the feds to investigate the old 520 bridge's demolition project, fearing it's releasing toxins into the lake. (KING)

Razor clam season along the Washington coast has been delayed due to high "marine toxin" levels at Long Beach. (AP) 


Sound Transit's opening another light rail station. This one's south of the airport, at Angle Lake. KUOW tells you just what "Angle Lake" is.


Here's an idea: put neighborhoods' parking-meter revenue back into the neighborhoods for affordable housing and other improvements. SDOT, natch, doesn't like it. (PubliCola) 


The entire block across from University Christian Church is being turned into affordable and "transitional" housing units. (KIRO-TV)


In Portland, a "driver totals car when a spider drops from the rear view mirror." (KATU)


The "revenue-neutral carbon tax" initiative would deliver a "tax windfall" to Boeing. Or rather, it would deliver yet another "tax windfall" to Boeing. (Weekly)

Boeing insists that, despite what a certain politician claims, it will have a presence in Wash. state for decades to come. The company said this while it announced big donations for STEM education here. (PS Biz Journal)


A City Council committee stuck Municipal Broadband into the city's draft Master Plan. We'll see if it gets into the final document, and if anything's done about it from there. (Seattlish)


ProPublica claims Amazon's "pricing algorithm" favors its own sales, de-emphasizing those of third-party "partner" merchants.


The Storm's season ended with a 94-85 playoff loss at Atlanta. The team was ahead at halftime and tied after three quarters.

The Mariners gave up a game-tying homer in the top of the 9th, but came back in the 12th to win the series ender vs. Toronto 2-1. Back on the road to Minnesota starting Friday.


Seattle Central College 50th anniversary, with an emphasis on activist movements at the college.


"Local Sightings" regional film festival. (NW Film Forum, thru Oct. 1)

Art historian Hal Foster talking on "Wounds in Warhol." (Seattle Art Museum)

Moondoggies 10th Birthday Party Show. (Tractor) 

"Junk Yard," male burlesque revue. (Can Can)

"Verdensteatret: Bridge Over Mud," large scale performance/installation piece. (On the Boards, thru Sun)

Youryoungbody, DoNormaal, Nightspace, Lilac. (Kremwerk) 

"Ghosts," Richard Eyre's new adaptation of Heinrik Ibsen's play. (Arts West, thru Oct. 23) 

"The Trump Card," monologue piece by ex-Seattleite Mike Daisey about you know what. (Neptune)

Mad Professor, Kid Hops. (Nectar) 

Roman Flugel, Heidi. (Q)

"The Reparations Project: Building Community in the Digital Age." (NW African American Museum) 

Rally to Build 1,000 Houses (instead of "The Bunker"). (Washington Hall) 


(Zoë Lianne, “Erasure”):

“I feel like a time traveler: June, July, August. Summer dissolves in my mouth and I can’t remember what it tasted like.”


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