It's serious, folks. The National Weather Service says we've got a one-in-three chance today of "a historical windstorm for nearly all of Western Washington that would be long remembered.” The reason: a decaying typhoon in the Pacific, whose remnants could land anywhere from the Washington coast to northwest Vancouver Island. 

Be careful. 

But you know that.


Even if the Really Big Storm doesn't happen we'll still have major rains, winds, possibly lowland floodding through the weekend.



Victor Steinbrueck Park will be remodeled as part of the "Market Front" project. But just how is still a matter of contention. Some fear it would be deliberately made "hostile" to the street people and native Americans who hang out there now. Others want the 35-year-old site treated as a "historic" place to be kept as close to as-is as possible. (Yes, people are calling something "historic" that was created during my lifetime.) (Daily Journal of Commerce)



A minister who won a civil suit against the Seattle Police (after nearly five years after getting roughed up at an Occupy rally) details "the broken system of police accountability." (South Seattle Emerald)


Northwest-based activists were arrested after trying to shut down four tar sands pipelines, during separate (but coordinated) protests in Anacortes, North Dakota, and Minnesota. (KING) (Slog)


A former Miss Washington USA claims the GOP Presidential nominee (who owned Miss USA/Miss Universe back then) "continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room," as well as being "a misogynist" who "treated us like cattle." Other ex-pageant participants claimed he barged into locker rooms while contestants as young as 15 were changing. (KING) (Rolling Stone) A People magazine writer has a similar sordid tale.

On the same topic, once this election season's done, there will still be a lot of extremism in the ol' "body politic" to confront. (Jerry Large) (Weekly)


Friends of the man whom police fatally shot during Tuesday's final "Jungle" sweep don't buy the police account of the incident. Police say the man was threatening police and another "Jungle" resident with a knife; the friends say he'd hated weapons and never had or used any. (KUOW)


Seattlish has a form letter to send to your City Councilcritter, supporting humane treatment for the homeless (which, as I apparently have to explain every damn time, does NOT equal "allowing camping in parks").

UW business prof Jeff Shulman says we should look at homelessness "as an innovation opportunity," whatever that is, for the local tech industry. (GeekWire) 


State school superintendent Rnady Dorn claims "wealthy school districts" are actively working against equitable school funding. (Weekly) 

Five schools in Snohomish Country were closed Wednesday, after a student posted a threat on Snapchat. (KIRO-TV)

Another high school teacher's charged with having sex with a student, this time in Lynnwood. (SeaTimes) 


An LA company is "pimping out" 777s for "luxury air cruises." (How one-percenty can you get?) (PS Biz Journal) 

Catcalling a flight attendant can get you kicked off of a flight. (News Tribune)


Sound Transit 3 will fund more cool public art at rail stops, which "could prove to be a boon for the Seattle art scene." (Weekly) 

The anti-Sound Transit 3 campaign is "now mostly funded by Kemper Freeman Jr., basically." Bellevue Square heir Freeman has been against every form of non-car transportation pretty much forever. (Seattlish) 


Our pal Ronald Holden has a screed up calling today's Starbucks "a candy store" and dismissing part of CEO Howard Schultz's story about "discovering" that Italian people loved espresso.


Meet the local screenwriting team whose scripts have become big hits—in Poland. (SeattleMet)


Meet the Edmonds man who's set world records on five different vintage arcade video games. (KING) 


Sounders FC needed a win vs. Houston to clinch a playoff slot. Instead, they got a scoreless draw. At Dallas Sunday.


Capitol Hill Art Walk, including WIlliam Vaegemast at Dendroica; "Little Birds, Tiny Tool Sheds, and Other Curiosities" at Steve Gilbert Studio; the "None More Dark" group show with music by Maxx Destrukt at True Love; Jamie Christine Petersen paintings at The Factory; Max Cleary's "Crushing Sensation" at Vignettes.

Open house. (Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute)

"The Transmigration of Stinging Souls," art opening by Mimi Sturman. (Shoreline City Hall)

Herschell Gordon Lewis tribute movie night. (Darrell's)

"Frocks & Vestments" group show opening. (SAM Gallery)

"Our Daily Armor II: HEX and the Monstrous Feminine" group exhibit opening. (Twilight Gallery) 

TWIST gay film festival opens with local filmmaker Clyde Petersen's animated feature "Torrey Pines," with live score. (SIFF Egyptian)

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. (Paramount)

Kero Kero Bonito. (Chop Suey) 

"Noir at the Bar" group reading. (Sorrento)

Audion. (Neumos)

Andy Meyers (the Scenics). (LoFi)

Aan, J&L Defer, Daggerhands. (Sunset)

Audio, Ramiro of Uniting Souls, Nark. (Neumos) 

Historic Seattle preservation awards and community dance party. (Washington Hall)

"ReSET" dance series. (12th Ave. Arts, thru Fri)

Opening of "Coast to Coast: WEST," juried show by local and national female painters. (Convention Center)

"Children of the New World" fiction writer Alexander Weinstein. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

"Feeling My Soft," burlesque revue benefitting Planned Parenthood. (Re-bar)

"Happier" podcast hosts Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. (Town Hall)

Film "The Descent" plus panel on the push for more films with female leads. (Central Cinema)

"Election Show 2016." (Jet City Improv, thru Nov. 4)

"Harry Potter" film marathon. (Pacific Science Center, thru Sun)

"Sleep Squad" comedy-variety show with L. Henderson. (Gay City, thru Sun)

Chamber Dance Company in tribute show to Judson Dance Theatre. (UW Meany Theatre, thru Sun)

McCoy Tyner. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun) 


The Stranger has apparently discovered that I used to work for them.

Have I mentioned that our lovely "LOSER" book reissue is now available in wholesale channels for "brick n' mortar" bookstores? Well it is! 




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