Personal status report: Still depressed as all heck, like many of you. But that's something I, we, will need to get over. Like a famous woman once said, "Don't mourn; organize."


Off-and-on rain for the foreseeable future.



Hundreds gathered in Cal Anderson Park Sunday afternoon, calling for "Love Over Hate." (KUOW) (PI.com)



A leader of Thursday night's Portland protest decried the destructive anarchists who used it as an excuse to bust up stuff. Further protests, with similar unauthorized "side actions," occurred Friday and Saturday nights. The latter featured 71 arrests. (AP) (KOMO) 

Mayor Murray "described his city in recent days as almost like a fortress under siege, scanning for attack on the ramparts. Fighting, he said—in defense or offense—seems inevitable." (NYT)

Seahawk Doug Baldwin: "We’ve taken facts, knowledge and information, and the importance of that, and replaced it with just our beliefs of what we should fear. Or the beliefs of what our problems are. Those (fears) seem to resonate more than the voices, ears and eyes of people in our culture.” (SportsPress NW)

"Lest we continue to be bluer islands in a redder sea, it is all the more imperative that our cities be physically as well as socially inclusive. To the extent that we make urban access harder, whether through inadequate transportation or undersupplied housing, we merely concentrate our own privilege and harden the rural/urban divide. As we recoil in horror at Trump’s wall-building dreams, we should have the self-awareness not to build our own virtual walls through socio-economic means." (Zach Shaner, Seattle Transit Blog)

"While Washington and Seattle specifically may feel like a port in the storm during the troubling times ahead, the truth is that we are not immune to the forces of bigotry, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia." (Seattlish)

"People will stop voting for Trump when it is no longer acceptable to vote for Trump. And we don’t get there by yelling “NO” once every four years. We get there by never letting anything slide, never letting anything go." (Ijeoma Oluo)


In non-election-related protests, activists staged a sit-in on Olympia train tracks, trying to stop the delivery of "fracking sand" to North Dakota. (Olympian)

Hundreds of tribal members and allies marched in Tacoma in solidarity with the Standing Rock pipeline protest. (KING)

The statewide carbon-tax initiative failed, but its backers vow to come back with a revised proposal. (AP)

The Wing Luke Museum's got a small but powerful exhibit of "stories from the Pacific's drowning islands." (Crosscut) 


"The pace of foreign purchases of major King County buildings has tripled, with Chinese companies heavily represented." (SeaTimes)


One of those "After School Satan" clubs is coming to a Tacoma grade school. (KNKX)

Elementary schools around the state are still physically restraining "special needs" students (in one case 617 times in six months), despite a Washington law that's supposed to restrict such practices. (SeaTimes)


The ACLU threatens to Sue Yakima over its policy of arresting homeless folk who won't go to shelters. (Yakima Herald-Republic) 


Councilmember Sally Bagshaw has suggested locations in Belltown and Lake City for potential county-run "safe injection" sites. (KIRO-TV)


The lead singer of veteran punk band Against Me! used to be known as Thomas James Gabel, but is now known as Laura Jane Grace. As you might expect, she's got a lot of stories to tell and statements to make. (SeaTimes) 


For streaming music services to ever make any more money for artists, they have to first make money themselves. That's what Seattle's Rhapsody (now doing business under the Napster brand) finally did after years of losses. (GeekWire) 


The Seahawks won another nail-biter, 31-24 at new England result. Home vs. Philadelphia Sunday.

UW football met its first loss of the season, 26-13 vs. USC. Home vs. Arizona State Saturday.

In the Preseason Women's NIT, UW women's basketball downed Eastern Washington 100-52. The tourney continues at home vs. Idaho tonight.

UW men's basketball opened with a 98-90 loss to Yale. Home vs. Cal State Fullerton Thursday.

Gonzaga men's basketball opened its season with a 92-69 win over Utah Valley. Home vs. San Diego State tonight.


All-city student walkout and rally. (Various spots, 1:30 p.m.)

"Women in Washington State Politics" panel. (UW Law School, 4:30 p.m.) 


Leslie Odom, Jr. (Jazz Alley) 

Astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan. (Town Hall)

"Pull Me Under" novelist Kelly Luce. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Poet Rachel Zucker. (McCaw Hall)

"Dare to be Square—West," square dance festival with live music. (Fremont Abbey) 

Monarchy, Her. (Crocodile)

The Jezabels. (Barboza)

Damien Escobar. (Neptune) 




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