KIRO-FM's Mike Lewis name-dropped our "Vanishing Seattle" book in an article about how "disappearing Seattle" is a growth industry." His main focus was on a (not by me) "Vanishing Seattle" Facebook page. (I neither created nor own the name.) 

Charles Mudede has written that the pre-Amazon Seattle was "pretty sleepy and sorry."

I heartily disagree. 

It was a place with heart and soul. A place where lives were lived and cultures were made. A human-scale place.

It was only "boring" if you were one of those superficial hipsters who disdain every US burg other than NY/LA/SF as "boring".

And it's not just quaint ol' white Seattle that's going, and is already missed, either.


Rain gets serious again Friday and through the weekend. A small chance of lowland snow Sunday night and Monday morning (yay!).



In 1914, a Seattle printer/publisher with the uncanny name of "Harry S. Stuff" designed a poster entitled "The Eternal Optimist." It depicted a happy idiot boy with the slogan "Me—Worry?" When Stuff's widow sued a certain magazine decades later, courts ruled Stuff had failed to legally protect his copyright. (Peter Blecha at HistoryLink) 



Howard Schultz, who took Starbucks from a little local chain of beans-and-machines stores into a global behmoth, will resign as its CEO (for at least the second time), effective in April. Of course, many of us will still think of him as The Man Who Sold the Sonics. (CNBC) 


The lone suspect in Wednesday night's fatal shooting of a Tacoma police officer was himself killed, after a wee-hours standoff, at a house with children present and used as "human shields." The officer had been shot while answering a domestic-violence call. (KCPQ) Yes, the shooter was described by a relative as "a troubled person." (News Tribune) 

"Why the feds lost an airtight case against the Bundys." (High Country News via Crosscut)


The Seattle School District may face a $74 million budget decifit next school year, depending on whether the Legislature finally passes full K-12 funding. (SeaTimes)


Mayor Murray announced three official supervised encampment sites (one of which is already open), to house some 200 people. That's about 7 percent of the current "unhoused" population. (Slog) 


In a "Statement Regarding the Presidential Election," Seattle U's student-government president outed himself as an undocumented immigrant, one of over 11 million people "who are now living in a State of Urgency and Resilience." (KUOW)

Following the "Post Election Community Response Forum" on Capitol Hill two weeks ago, a "Neighborhood Action Coalition" has been formed. Its purpose: "to provide immediate services and protection for politically targeted communities through localized direct action."


The driver of an electrical-supply company van allegedly yelled the N-word at several African American children in Wallingford. A black employee company responded to calls on Facebook and Yelp for a boycott, insisting the company doesn't tolerate racism. (Wallyhood)

"Why I spoke out in the face of hate speech in Ballard." (KUOW)

"Stand with your Muslim neighbors and fight bigotry." (SeaTimes oped)


A federal public meeting occurred in Seattle Thursday, to discuss removing Snake River dams. There won't be an official recommendation for more than three years. (KNKX)

In its worst incident since May, three Hanford workers reported smelling harmful vapors and were sent to an on-site clinic. (KING) 

A survey of Hanford workers shows many of 'em still don't trust management's claims that toxic vapor emissions are under, or soon to be under, control. (Tri-City Herald)

Just as at Standing Rock, "tribes will be the last line of defense" to keep a proposed Canadian mega-pipeline from sending "a new rush of tar sands oil into the Salish Sea." (Slog)

The EPA has "blasted" a preliminary environmental study of the big Longview coal export-terminal scheme. (SeaTimes)

Twerps poisoned a Sequim "bee farm," killing some 300,000 honeybees. (Peninsula Daily News)


Because of a new AIDS drug, "decades of conventional wisdom about hooking up, condoms, sex, safety and relationships is changing before our eyes" among young gay men. (Crosscut) 


The group pushing for an I-5 "lid" (essentially a sequel to/expansion of Freeway Park) says it would cost less per square foot than buying park land in the central city these days. (Daily Journal of Commerce) 


Evite.com ranked Seattle #9 in a list of America's "top party cities." This presumably is nothing like other people's lists of the top "party colleges." (SeaTimes)


"Seattle's minimum wage experiment is over," and the workers won. (Barry Ritholtz)


Amazon's warehouses around the country have scooped up some $760 million in state and local tax breaks over the past decade. (Slate) 


UW football plays Colorado in Santa Clara, CA today for the Pac-12 title (and, at least if the Huskies win, a shot at the national playoffs).

Seahawks home vs. Carolina Sunday night.

UW women's basketball beat Grand Canyon 101-66. Home vs. Fresno State Sunday.

Gonzaga men's basketball beat Mississippi Valley State 97-63. At Arizona Saturday.


"Vietgone," Play by Qui Nguyen about Vietnamese immigrants in America. (Seattle Rep, Fri thru Jan. 1)

"Implied Fictions," group show my Northwest artists/photographers. (Pivot Art + Culture, Fri thru Feb. 26) 

Winter Beerfest. (Magnuson Park Hangar 30, Fri-Sat)

1 Uppers, JerKels. (Shanty Tavern, Fri-Sat)

"Christmas Is Burning," "sci-fi comedy/Christmas special." (Nordo's Culinarium, Fri thru Dec. 30)

"Sinner Saint Burlesque: Revolution." (Theatre Off Jackson, Fri-Sun)

"The Best Burlesque Pageant Ever." (Columbia City Theater, Fri thru Dec. 10)

Cornish Dance "New Moves" concert. (Velocity Dance, Fri-Sat)

"Brilliant Traces," play by Cindy Lou Johnson about "a relationship between lonely strangers." (PrimaVera Arts Center, Fri-Sun) 


"A John Waters Christmas." (Neptune, Fri)

"By the Power of Grey Scale," art opening by Ryan Henry Ward. (Ballard Outdoor, Fri) 

Curator Xiaojin Wu discusses artist Tabaimo. (SAAM, Fri) 

Author/poet Tara Hardy reads from "My My My My My." (Washington Hall, Fri)

Emily Zach, author of "The Art of Beatrix Potter." (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri)

"Legion Within Krampus Mass." (High Dive, Fri)

Wayne Horvitz performs songs inspired by the 1916 Everett Massacre. (Chapel Performance Space)

Third anniversary party. (Push/Pull, Fri)

Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition. (Westlake Park, Fri) 

Aurora, Foreign Air. (Showbox, Fri)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Lydya Ramsey. (Sunset, Fri)

Lemolo, Loch Lomond, NAVVI. (St. Mark's, Fri) 

Full Toilet, the Crap, Hot Carlas, Dumps. (Funhouse, Fri)

Violinist Luke Fitzpatrick plays music of John Cage and Harry Partch. (UW Jones Playhouse, Fri) 

Kasami Washington. (Moore, Fri) 

Earth, So Pitted, WEEED. (Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, Fri)

Ghoul, The Plot Sickens, the Crud Guds. (El Corazon, Fri)

Windowpane, Ten Miles Wide, more. (Tractor, Fri) 


"Cirque Love Love." (12th Ave. Arts, Sat-Sun) 


"Women March Against Hate." (Cal Anderson Park, Sat)

"Capitol Hill Happiness Sprinkling." (Broadway and John, Sat) 

Popnoise Festival, with Red Marti, Hannah Racecar, Panophoni, more. (Lo-Fi, Sat) 

Pere Ubu, Obnox, SSDD. (Crocodile, Sat) 

Bridget Everett. (Neptune, Sat)

"Phil Kline's Unsilent Night," participatory musical march. (On the Boards, Sat)

Brian Fergus, Rob Angus. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

Damien Jurado, Paris Alexa, Kirsten Wenlock. (St. Mark's, Sat)

Standing Rock benefit with Mommy Long Legs, Lori Goldston, Christopher Icasiano, Peace and Red Velvet. (Black Lodge, Sat)

Holiday Bizarre Bazaar. (Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Sat)

Open house and invitational holiday sale. (Bemis Arts, Sat)

"Band Crush" with Industrial Revelation and the True Loves. (Piranha Shop, Sat)

Opening of historical photo exhibit "Finding Our Place," with curator Dr. Elizabeth Brown. (Photo Center NW, Sat)

"Noise for Toys," Toys for Tots benefit. (Substation, Sat) 

"Holly Dazed." (City Art Farm, Sat) 

DoNormaal, Imprints, Punchacop, Nauticult. (Funhouse, Sat) 

"SMooCH," Children's Hospital benefit with Father John Misty, New Pornographers, J Mascis, Naked Giants. (Showbox, Sat) 

"Love, Loss, and What I Wore" monologue show. (Pocket Theater, Sat)

DIY Holiday Fair. (Vera Project, Sat) 

Winter festival and crafts fair. (Phinney Neighborhood Association, Sat)

Memoirist Anna Redsand. (C&P Coffee, Sat)

False Prophet, Veronica Vasicka. (Kremwerk, Sat)

"Kalinmba: The Spirit of Earth, Wind and Fire." (Royal Esquire Club, Sat)

KA, Bloom Offering, True to Form. (Timbre Room, Sat) 

"Bad Santa Photos" party. (Rhein Haus, Sat) 

"Christmas in the Big Easy," with Angie Louise and Miz LaWanda Dupree. (Egan's, Sat)

Drawing Jam. (Gage Academy of Art, Sat) 


Lambert House fundraiser. (Two Bells, Sun) 

"Concrete Actions for Our Community." (International District Community Center, Sun) 

"Building Community in Our New Political Reality" panel. (Town Hall, Sun) 

Handmade Arcade. (Tractor, Sun) 

"Dan Savage's Holiday Special." (Neptune, Sun)

"Doctor Wholidays." (MoPOP (ex-EMP), Sun)

"Pizza Pulpit," with Happy Times Sad Times, Dusty, Last Picks. (Crocodile, Sun)

J.R. Rhodes. (Royal Room, Sun)

Kyle Gass (Tenacious D), Chrome Lakes. (Tractor, Sun)

"Bach, Records, and Pancakes." (On the Boards, Sun) 

"Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery." (Annex Theatre, Sun)

Female Friends, Falling Over, the Co Founder, the Ousters. (BIG BLDG, Sun)

"Storywallahs," panel of Indian/South Asian storytellers. (SAAM, Sun) 

Final "Mourning Market." (El Corazon, Sun) 


You need our book "LOSER" more than you know. The humans on your gift list need it even more.


(Maya Angelou):

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