LOSER: The Real Seattle Music Story. It's back, and it's louder than ever.


One more Sounders tribute:

It wasn't a victory parade. (Only a few fans lined the sidewalks of Fourth Avenue from Westlake Park to Seattle Center.)

It was a march. Some 10,000 fans of all ages walked with the team, its staff, and its band the full distance. Then they all gathered at Seattle Center for a big love-fest rally. It befit an organization that considers its fans more than mere spectators but "members" in its success.


Cold, cloudy, and mostly dry for the next day or two. 



Say goodbye to the old Lusty Lady building as an alt-arts site. It's been bought for another of those "boutique hotel" things. (Daily Journal of Commerce) (image of "Femail" fashion exhibit: Sofia Lee, Weekly) 

The would-be developer of an 11-story tower at the edge of Pioneer Square lost a zoning appeal. (Weekly)



The Downtown Seattle Association's pursuing tactics to make central Seattle "a 24-hour city." People walking and shopping and being entertained and high-fiving one another in the streets when the only people who should normally be awake (aside from insomniacs like me) are hungry newborns and their parents. Can this be accomplished; and if so, would we even like it? Right now, I'd at least settle for a downtown where you could get a sit-down cup of coffee after 10 p.m. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Gov. Inslee's proposal to the Legislature for (finally) fully funding K-12 education involves $4 billion in new capital-gains and carbon taxes. Even with those, more than half of the state's total budget would go to schools. (KING) (SeaTimes)


First, Bill Gates gets big press for starting (with several other tech zillionaires) a billion-dollar investment fund for "breakthrough" energy sources. But then he meets with the President-Elect, and later calls this exploiter of climate-change deniers someone who could "motivate" the nation toward greatness like JFK. What planet's he living on? (Slog) (KOMO) (GeekWire)


A hearing examiner said the Queen Anne Community Council could continue its fight against liberalized rules for backyard cottages and "mother in law" apartments in single-family zones. (Slog) (KUOW) 

There are already many apartments and duplexes scattered within Seattle's single-family zones, "grandfathered" in before the zoning laws came in. (SeaTimes) 


U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-Spokane) won't get to be Secretary of the Interior. But she still gets to endure an ethics probe, over allegations that she used Congressional staff and resources in her 2012 re-election campaign. (KUOW)

In keeping with a national trend of state Republicans acting to override (or even dissolve) Democratic-led city governments, GOP Legislators here will introduce a bill to prevent Seattle from opening safe drug-use sites. (Weekly) 


According to a local firm that uses "big data" computer analysis on government info, “Seattle’s air is demonstrably and measurably worse than New York or Los Angeles." (GeekWire) 

The Port of Olympia's decided to keep accepting shipments of "fracking materials." (Olympian) 

The oil tankers attracted by the big BC oil pipeline "could doom orcas in Puget Sound." (Crosscut)


WSU researchers have devised a new police simulator training to "un-train" racial bias. (NW News)


The City won't pursue extending the (so far little-used) First Hill Trolley further up Broadway, at least for now. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The Klose-In Motel on Aurora partly burned Tuesday morning. The motel, closed in 2014, has been repeatedly squatted in while the property owner tries to redevelop the lot. (SeaTimes)

The man charged with driving the wrong way (and deliberately hitting other vehicles) on I-5 last week was allegedly on both heroin and meth at the time, and is said to have treated his destruction as if it was a video game. (SeaTimes)


Seattle's minimum wage goes up again next month. Workers at larger businesses will get at least $15 an hour. (SeaTimes)


Washington may institute an aviation-themed vanity license plate, to help fund amateur pilot training and air safety programs. A mockup design shows a vintage Boeing plane—one that was made entirely in Kansas. (Everett Herald) 

Boeing's current Chicago management proves it can shaft the McDonnell-Douglas legacy just as easily as it can shaft the Boeing legacy, by moving its defense systems group from St. Louis to DC. (PS Biz Journal)


Local food banks report a serious decline in donations this season. (KIRO-FM) 

The beloved, recently endangered Catfish Corner restaurant has permanently (we hope) reopened in the CD. (Capitol Hill Seattle) 


Live video screening of play "The Entertainer" starring Kenneth Branagh. (Seven Gables)

"Lit Fix 16: Winter of Our Discontent" group reading. (Chop Suey) 

"Election Poetry Night" with Casey Tonnely. (Gay City) 

Presentation and panel on the "visual legacy of the Black Panther Party." (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

Photographer Gemina Garland-Lewis on "homeless Seattleites and their pets." (Town Hall)

Dancer & Prancer. (Bait Shop) 

Hardly Art DJ night. (Sisters and Brothers) 

Local fantasy author Eric Andrews-Katz. (University Book Store)

1958 film "Auntie Mame." (Pacific Place 11)

"Up Your Chimney" short-film screening. (West of Lenin)

Documentary "Peter and the Farm." (NW Film Forum)

"Solidarity with Standing Rock" presentation. (Left Bank Books) 

Documentary "The Cherokee Word for Water," to benefit Standing Rock protesters' legal defense. (Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church)

Do206 holiday soiree with Pickwick. (Crocodile) 

Robert Glasper Experiment. (Neptune) 

"Father Daughter" ambient-music series second anniversary. (Royal Room) 


If you know someone who either reads books or listens to music (or, preferably, does both), you know someone who needs our Seattle rock-history book "LOSER," available now.


(W.B. Yeats, “The Lady’s First Song”):

“What hurts the soul
My soul adores…”


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