Ho hum. Another weekend, another nationwide series of mass protests against the unhinged Thief in Chief and his scheming power-behind-the-throne Steve Bannon.

In November, urban progressives were accused of living in a cultural "bubble," failing to understand the plight of depressed rural areas.

Now it's clear it's the extreme right that's in its own "bubble," of one-sided propaganda media and a refusal to see anyone outside of their own dark circles as even fully human. They really didn't know how strong and vast their opposition would be.

I don't know how long it'll last. There is no "floor" of sleaze beneath which this anti-Constitutional junta will not descend. But there is also no limit to the strength and efiance of We the People.


Cloudy with off-and-on showers the next few days. Highs in the mid-40s.



Perhaps 10,000 people gathered at Westlake to denounce the immigration ban. Loud helicopters and a poor PA meant most attendees couldn't hear the speakers, who included Councilmember Sawant and Mayor Murray. (Slog) (KCPQ) (KIRO-TV) (KOMO) 



Gov. Inslee gave a stirring speech while Saturday's rally/march was going down at Sea-Tac. He called the White House's actions "grossly unconstitutional" and "unjustifiable chaos and cruelty," and compared them again to the Japanese-American internments during WWII. Is it too early to think about "Warren/Inslee 2020"? (KIRO-TV) (News Tribune) 

Inslee was joined in his denunciation by County Exec Dow Constantine and ex-Gov. (now Seattle Port Commissioner) Christine Gregoire. (PS Biz Journal)

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson added his own condemnation. (Joel Connelly) 

The instant protest reached over 1,000 and essentially filled every public space in the terminal complex. It ran until 2 a.m., when airport police chased the last protesters out with peper spray. Some 35 protesters were detained. (Capitol Hill Seattle) (KUOW) (South Seattle Emerald) 

Why did Sound Transit obey when airport police asked it to suspend light-rail to the airport Saturday night? (Slog) 

There was even a rally in Edmonds. (KUOW)

Microsoft is among the companies that have officially denounced the anti-immigrant orders. (KUOW) (GeekWire) The orders directly affect at least 76 MS employees. (PS Biz Journal)

Expedia.com's founder, a former Iranian refugee himself, also denounced the ban. (GeekWire)

Starbucks announced it would hire 10,000 refugees worldwide over the next five years. (AP) 

Churches and synagogues denounced the ban over the weekend as well. (Linda V. Mapes) 

The new DC regime "isn't just angering the left." Folks at an evangelical relief organization have also raised alarms. (Danny Westneat) 

Sitting Congressional Republicans have been, let's say, slow to show any opposition to this White House. But ex-Wash. State GOP leader Chris Vance says "Republicans should be ashamed." (KOMO) (SeaTimes)

Trolls have started an organized harassment campaign against a UW prof who spoke out against the Milo Yiannopoulos speech on Inauguration Night. (Slog) (SeaTimes) 

How to "protect yourself digitally" in these times. (The Establishment)


Tina Podlodowski now runs the state Democrats. (SeaTimes)

KIng County's begun an inquest into last year's Seattle Police shooting of Che Taylor. (KUOW)

The County Council approved a plan to open at least two "safe consumption" sites for drug users. (Crosscut) 

The annual homeless count took place Friday. Results are yet to be announced. Advocates already worry about losing federal funding to fight homelessness. (KCPQ) (SeaTimes) 

State Senate Democrats failed to get a "levy cliff" bill to a floor vote. (KCPQ) 

Legislative Republicans finally announced their own bill to ensure full K-12 funding. It involves a near-doubling of some property taxes. (KNKX)

According to figures provided to the state Dept. of Ecology, 618 million gallons of crude oil entered the state by rail during October, November and December 2016.

Costco says its cheap, in-demand golf balls will be back in stock soon. (PI.com)

Atomic Boys, the lovely Admiral District shop selling cool retro toys and junk foods, is closing after nine years. (West Seattle Blog) 

Sea-Tac is now the country's ninth-busiest airport. (SeaTimes)


Stan Boreson, 91, was the "King of Scandinavian Humor." The Everett High grad hosted an afternoon kids' show on KING-TV from 1955 to 1967. He made several novelty records with his late partner Doug Setterberg. And he was perhaps the only person to sing on both "The Lawrence Welk Show" and "A Prairie Home Companion." (Eric Lacitis) 


UW women's basketball beat Cal 90-67 Friday, but got edged by Stanford 72-68 on Sunday (only the team's third loss this season). At Utah Friday.

UW men's basketball lost at Arizona 77-66. Home vs. USC Wednesday.

Gonzaga men's basketball (still undefeated and #3 in the nation) beat Pepperdine 96-49 Saturday. At BYU Thursday.


"Stand As One; Seattle is a Welcoming City." (City Hall, 2 p.m.) 


Wynne Greenwood, Paris When It Sizzles, Mum. (Sunset) 

Cyber security workshop. (Central Library)

"10 Actions in 100 Days" planning workshop. (Wildrose and various spots)

"Even the Walls," documentary about the gentrifying of Yesler Terrace. (UW Ethnic Cultural Theatre)

"The Great Work Begins," workshop/panel on the role of artists in the new political landscape. (Langston Hughes Center)

"Ariana Savalas: The Pussycat of Postmodern Jukebox." (Teatro ZinZanni)

Eric Johnson. (Jazz Alley)

Juicy J, Belly (the hiphop group, not the rock group). (Neptune)

"Constitution Out Loud," read-in with UW law prof Lisa M. Manheim. (UW Hutchinson Hall)

"Books for Living" author Will Schwalbe. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

"Frebird" novelist Jon Raymond. (U Book Store)

"American Hookup" author Lisa Wade. (Town Hall) 

Erika and the Bad Cats, LaVon Hardison. (Royal Room) 




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