The Weekly's current cover story explores KIRO Radio (no longer connected to KIRO-TV; only tenuously connected to reality). 

It asks the musical question, what is it about its rabid-right talk hosts that keeps the station's output so disgusting and so compelling at once?

The simple answer: it's a formula, built on three decades of "hate talk" radio shticks, nationally and in local markets around the country.

And it's part of what's ruining this country.

It's constructed of shticks engineered to appeal to a "psychographic" of "angry white males," based on simple-minded appeals to fear and rage. 

Under this formula, it's perfectly OK for a story to be exaggerated, mis-interpreted, or just plain made up, as long as it pushes the hate/rage buttons.

It's not information. It's emotional manipulation.

Some have called it "outrage porn."

That it works among some listeners, even in "progressive" Seattle, only proves how effective, and insidious, it is.


Still awfully rainy.

We've had three times the rain we get in a "normal" February. And the month's only half over. (SeaTimes) (KCPQ)



A bill in the state Senate would designate Sasquatch as Washington's "official cryptid" ("an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated"). (AP) (image: Snohomish County Tourism via Pinterest) 



Local lawmakers and activists continued to call for the release of DACA "Dreamer" Daniel Ramirez Medina, still held at the for-profit ICE jail in Tacoma. A federal judge in Seattle will hold a hearing in the case on Friday. (AP) (KNKX)

Is a tattoo the only "evidence" to ICE's allegation that Ramirez is a "gang member"? (SeaTimes) 

The City of Seattle has joined other jurisdictions in officially "opposing the mandatory detention of immigrants without due process."

King County exec Dow Constantine wands the County Council to create an "emergency" legal fund to help immigrants become citizens and otherwise navigate hostile legal waters. (Slog)

The Seattle School Board voted unanimously that school staff won't ask about a student's immigration status, and won't let ICE agents examine student records. (SeaTimes)

If the western states ever do pull out of the US, it could doom the rest of the country to one-party, far-right-wing rule. (UW Daily oped)

Sen. Patty Murray's among the Democratic politicians already using opposition to the DC GOP regime as a fundraising "selling point." (Joel Connelly)

The smartphone of the admitted shooter outside Red Square at the Milo Yiannopoulos speech had been "wiped" by the time UW police got it. (SeaTimes)

My ol' acquaintance John Boylan has a long, useful list of "Resources for Becoming the Engaged and Powerful Citizens We Need to Be."



The West Point Treatment Plant, still damaged, has dumped more raw sewage into the Sound. (KOMO) 


There are at least three sets of numbers concerning the state Senate Republicans' schools plan. (News Tribune)

Can the state afford to fix its broken foster-care system? (InvestigateWest via Crosscut)

If our state didn't have enough financial obstacles, both floating bridges are on a list of more than "structurally deficient" spans. (KUOW)

Sometime today we should know the state Supreme Court's ruling about the florist who refused to sell to a same-sex wedding. (KCPQ)


The SPD just launched an online "Bias/Hate Crime Data Dashboard." It shows a big increase in reported hate violence in Seattle. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

A Lake City gay business owner, who'd been targeted by a homophobic slur left on his car window, credits the police with helping him decide to speak out against such attacks. (KUOW)


Amanda Knox writes in Vice about having a same-sex relationship while in prison, and about the ensuing complications thereof. (KCPQ)


After a White Center man died, his heirs tried to get his apartment deposit back. The landlord said the man had "violated the terms of his lease" by dying. (Crosscut) 


Watch the explosion at a substation that knocked out power to the entire towns of Ephrata, Soap Lake, and proximity. (KOMO) 


The deal to redevelop the 23rd and Union strip-mall block has apparently fallen through. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The biggest bonuses given out to Port of Seattle employees (possibly illegally) went to the Port's top execs who signed off on the bonus program. (SeaTimes) 


Boeing machinists in South Carolina rejected a unionization vote, after the company bombarded them with anti-union preaching. (PS Biz Journal) (SeaTimes) 

An industry analyst says Boeing's headed for fiscal turbulence. He says it's partly due to a worldwide glut of wide-body jetliners, partly to a potential trade war with China. (PS Biz Journal) (SeaTimes) 


UW men's basketball home vs. Arizona State tonight.

Gonzaga men's basketball home vs. San Francisco tonight.


Jenny Littlefield, Adena Atkins. (Cafe Racer) 

Opening of "Year of Remembrance: Glimpses of a Forever Foreigner," exhibit by Roger Shimamura with texts by Lawrence Matsuda, on the WWII internments. (Wing Luke Museum) 

Opening of "Seeing Nature" Masterworks from the Paul G. Allen Collection," and accompanying show "Northwest Nature." (SAM)

Brown Derby series presents a "ridiculously staged reading" of "Top Gun." (Re-bar, thru Sat) 

Orgone, Monophonics. (Nectar) 

Uniform. (Barboza) 

Local animated film "Torrey Pines" with live score. (NW Film Forum) 

Novelist Laurie Frankel. (U Book Store)

"Viva Italia!" film series presents "I Knew Her Well." (SAM)

Ex-Seattle Symphony conductor Gerard Schwarz. (Town Hall) Astrophysicist/film technician Walter Murch. (Town Hall)

"Deport This!" comedy show. (Gallery 1412)

"Three Americans: Voices of Hope" monologue series. (West of Lenin, thru March 4)

Curtis Brothers, Ralph Peterson, Marriott Brothers. (Tula's)

"Crash the Glass" music series presents Katelyn Berrath, Sabrina Littleton, Jamie Maschler. (Columbia City Theater)

Wild Wild Mexico, Tellers, Tres Leches (Standing Rock benefit). (Skylark) 

Landlady, Cassandra Jenkins, Fin. (Sunset)

Priests, Stef Chura, Nail Polish. (Vera Project)

Talk by artist Hannah Black. (Henry Art Gallery)

Ascension Northwest presents John Coltrane tribute. (Royal Room)

Charms, Bad Future, Sashay, Pink Parts. (Central)

"Rock for Standing Rock." (Skylark)

Charly Black. (Red Lounge) 

"Real Nerds of Comedy." (Laughs Comedy Club) 

Michael Malone, Ryan Hicks. (Comedy Underground, thru Sun) 


(John M. Eades):

“There are some days I practice positive thinking, and other days I'm not positive I am thinking.”


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