Something else Ed Murray said at Tuesday's "State of the City" speech: We can't depend on federal funding for anything good. 

“Developing a national housing and homelessness agenda is not a priority for the new president’s administration.… We had hoped for a vigorous partnership with the federal government, but we are on our own.”

Murray's new speechwriter, Stranger/PubliCola vet Josh Feit, certainly knew Obama's oft-repeated remark about the "Ownership Society," a onetime big part of the GOP slogan collection. Obama said the Republicans' concept of "Ownership" really meant "You're On Your Own." 

Which we are. And also aren't.

We can't expect anything from the feds (other than abuse and hate) for the next year or more.

But we've also got the other "blue" city and state governments, the nonprofits, growing activist groups, and, most importantly, one another.


Rain and/or snow showers thru Friday. Clearing Saturday.



The stained glass was among the parts salvaged from the 1908-vintage Progressive Missionary Baptist Church building on 14th Avenue, recently demolished. (Alex Garland, Capitol Hill Seattle) 



Attorneys for Daniel Ramirez Medina, still in the for-profit ICE jail in Tacoma, say they want his case tried in federal court, rather than in an immigration hearing. (PI.com)

Police vowed to arrest the last 150 or so holdouts still protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Eventually they ceremonially burned the remains of their campsite and left on buses. (Lynda V. Mapes) (AP) (NPR) (Time)

"New American Economy," a coalition of business and government execs, issued a map and statement about "the economic impacts of immigrants in Washington." They say we've got more than 900,000 "immigrant residents," including 57,000 "immigrant entrepreneurs." (KING)

With the new Border Patrol and ICE directives, Washington is now "a state of fear for many Latino immigrants." (Olympian) (KUOW) 

The one group that can "rein in" the Troll in Chief: "his own party." (Chris Vance at Crosscut) 

City Councilmember Sawant has joined calls for mass national protests and strikes on May Day. (KCPQ) She also says "it's irresponsible not to fight" the White House's "xenophobic and Islamophobic agenda." (Stranger oped) 

Mayor Ed Murray denounced the White House executive order rescinding trans bathroom protections in public schools; while Gov. Inslee insisted Washington trans youth would still be protected. (KCPQ)

Sen. Patty Murray calls the DC regime's immigration policy "very wrongheaded." (KNKX) 



A 4.2 earthquake struck under the west Kitsap Peninsula last night. No damages were reported. (KOMO)


State House Democrats passed a school-funding plan, but not yet a tax package to pay for it. (AP) 

State Senate Republicans issued revised numbers for their own school-funding plan. It would still severely raise property taxes in Democratic-leaning areas, while lowering them in Republican-leaning areas. (SeaTimes)  

Gov. Inslee signed a bill to allow better dental access to tribal members, by allowing certified dental assistants to perform more procedures at tribal clinics. (AP) 

The state Senate passed a bill to help former sex workers "vacate" old prostitution convictions. (KCPQ)

Some two dozen bills relating to "housing acess" passed the Legislative session's first cutoff point. (Seattle Transit Blog)

A WSDOT study says 9 percent of Washington's bridges are "in poor condition," and 11 percent of the state ferry fleet is "past due for replacement." (KING) 


Mayor Murray's proposed "sugary drinks" tax has a big loophole for coffee drinkers. (PS Biz Journal)


The Country Doctor Clinic wanted to build "affordable" housing units as part of its big expansion plan. But no existing low-income housing provider wanted in on the project. So the apartments will be, you guessed it, "market rate." (Capitol Hill Seattle)


KCPQ interviewed a guy who claimed that when teens text one another, their "emoji" graphics represent secret coded language. Stephen Colbert took the already absurd idea and (as you'd expect) ran with it. (PI.com) 


Teen birth rates are down 55 percent in King County, and are now far less than half the national average. Care providers and politicians give a big part of the credit to Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act. (PI.com)


Transit ridership in King County's at an all-time high. Credit light-rail expansion, Metro re-routing, and a road network just not built for today's local population figures. (KNKX)

The Seattle Transit Blog's got a proposal to help buses get through downtown faster: "Ban cars from Third Avenue now."


Local old-timers still miss the "S&M Market" on Upper Queen Anne. But Centralia's still got the "B&D Market." And it's been "flogged" by crashing cars twice in three months. (KOMO)


Washington's rate of "on time" high-school graduation is inching close to 80 percent. (SeaTimes) 


The Washington Art Consortium, founded in the early '70s by timber heiress Virginia Wright to collect major art pieces and donate them to area museums, has folded. (SeaTimes) 


UW women's basketball home vs. Colorado tonight. Kelsey Plum will try to become college women's basketball's all-time top scorer.

Gonzaga men's basketball at San Diego tonight.


Rally at Rep. Dave Reichert's office. (22605 SE 56th St., Issaquah, 11 am)

"Planned Parenthood in the Age of Political Polarity." (South Lake Union Discovery Center, 10 am) 


Seattle Asian American Film Festival. (SIFF Egyptian and NW Film Forum, thru Sun) 

Dr. David Bain discussing "the firsthand story of an orca rescue." (C&P Coffee)

Panel discussing the FDA ban on blood donations by gay men. (Gay City)

"The Uncode," short documentaries about black Seattleites. (NW Film Forum)

Film "Get in the Way: The Journey of John Lewis." (Langston Hughes Center) 

Comedy showcase with Andy Iwancio, Ryan Casey, Timmy Booth, Shannon Koyano, Cris Rodrigues. (Couth Buzzard Books)

Lori Goldston cello performance. (Chapel Performance Space) 

"Presidents' Day Writing Competition." (Hideout) 

Ignite: Seattle, series of short slide presentations. (Town Hall) 

Derek Thompson, author of "Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction." (Town Hall) 

"Awaiting Oblivion," performance piece by Tim Smith-Stewart and Jeffrey Azevedo. (On the Boards, thru Sun) 

"Soul of Belltown: Unfiltered" storytelling program. (Rendezvous)

"Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Performance" lecture series presents Wendy Red Star. (Henry Art Gallery) 

Dude York, Mommy Long Legs, Lisa Prank. (Chop Suey) 

Bobby Caldwell. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun) 

Sound Cipher, Nordra. (Sunset) 

Chicano Batman. (Crocodile)

Gifted Gab, Ambrosia, Luna God, Bluziblu (NW Immigrant Rights Project benefit). (Rhino Room) 

Wimps, Great Spiders, Patsy's Rats (DIY Appreciation benefit). (Cha Cha) 

Documentary film "Confessions from the War" about modern Lebanon. (Grand Illusion)

Science of Deduction, CivilX, Trick Candles. (Darrell's)

Show Ponies, Lindstrom and the Limit. (Tractor)

Zahara, Forrest Reed. (Vera Project) 

"Crash the Glass" all female music series. (Columbia City Theater)

Buckaroosters (Buck Owens tribute). (Little Red Hen)

Comedian Chris D'Elia. (Neptune)

Honk Fest West monthly jam. (Cafe Racer) 




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