FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017

Even the start of Daylight Savings Time, the more-or-less official start of the "good months" around here, seems marred by the condiitons of today's world.

At least the state Senate Republicans failed to kill DST in Washington this year.


Heavy rains and winds today; possibly easing up a little by Sunday.



They're "singing pink scallops." They're native to the waters off the San Juans. They're mightily rare. They're making a comeback. (KING)



State Attorney General Bob Ferguson says the restraining order he attained, blocking the first travel ban, should also be applied against the second travel ban (which Ferguson insists is "still unconstitutional"). Washington's now one of five states battling Ban 2.0 in the courts. (KUOW) (Slog)

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler expanded on his opposition to ACA repeal, saying it could cause a "real market collapse" in Washington and perhaps other states. (KUOW)

U.S. Rep Dave Reichert (R-WA8) obediently voted to send the pathetically insufficient ACA "replacement" bill out of the Ways and Means Committee. Yep, there was another protest outside his local office Thursday. (Slog) 

Dan Savage posits an alternate health-care scheme the White House might be pursuing: "Pass nothing, sabotage the ACA, let Americans die, blame Obama."

An "Asian and Black" Seattle Pacific U seminarian was part of a Christian "day of action" at Standing Rock. He came back disillusioned that the group had created its own ground rules, instead of following tribal leadership. (The Establishment) 

Meanwhile, the ACLU is challenging a search warrant for the Bellingham #NODAPL Coalition's Facebook page. The party requesting the warrant was not named at first, but later ID'd as the Whatcom County sheriff's office. (GeekWire) (KUOW) 



The source of the big car-tab hikes: not Sound Transit, but the Dept. of Licensing, which admits "inaccuracies" in some of the retail prices used to calculate the tab fees. (Cue the "Price is Right" "losing horns.") (KING) (SeaTimes) 

The bill to delay the school-district "levy cliff" passed the House and went to Gov. Inslee. This, of course, only postpones the Legislature's Day-O-Reckoning regarding full school funding. (SeaTimes)

Meanwhile, a national study says teacher retirement plans, in this and other states, are "shortchanging" mos of their members. (Claudia Rowe) 

Time's running out for the Legislature to act on our own state's toxic lead water pipes. (Investigate West)


County Exec Dow Constantine wants a sales-tax surcharge to pay for "art ,science, and cultural education," plus transportation "access" for students. (West Seattle Blog) 


KIRO-TV encouraged viewers to contribute to a "crowd sourced" map of homeless encampments around Seattle. This tactic will do nothing to help homeless folk, only to make them (especially women escaping abuse) more vulnerable to violence. It also treats these people not as people to be helped but as "a problem" to be controlled. (Seattlish)

Did the city ask for enough neighborhood input when it sited a homeless "navigation center" in the International District? (South Seattle Emerald) 

"Seller gridlock": it's when homeowners can't sell because they can't afford to buy. (KOMO) 


World Wide Books and Maps, where I held a well-received release event for my book "Walking Seattle" (to be revised/reissued later this year!), has lost its lease on Wallingford Avenue. It's trying to decide whether to go online-only, move, or turn into a more hybrid kind of business. (Shelf Awareness via Seattle Review of Books) 


John Muir Elementary was closed Thursday for a "scrub down," after several students and teachers were diagnosed with norovirus. (KING)


Even some freelance columnists at the SeaTimes are getting canned, including Seattle Globalist cofounder Sarah Stuteville. 


You know about underage people forced into involuntary hooking. But the "trafficking" problem's even bigger than that. Case in point: the teenage girl imprisoned by two men and one women, who sent her on temp gigs in industrial kitchens and kept all the earnings. (PI.com)


The City of Everett is suing the makers of OxyContin, for indirectly causing today's opioid addiction/homelessness crisis. It even made "NBC Nightly News." (Everett Herald) 


Vanity Fair loves Rudy's Barbershops, for "providing products and showers to LGBTQ and homeless youth."


Boeing's making preliminary inquiries to airlines about a potential new "797" jetliner. (SeaTimes)


Jonathan Moore (also known as Wordsayer and The Mayor), 47, cofounded the pioneering local hiphop group Source of Labor in the 1990s. He and the group helped bring hiphop acts nto the mainstream local club scene. More recently, he'd been a DJ, producer, manager, gallery owner, and entrepreneur. He'd battled kidney disease for more than a year. (Charles Mudede) (Weekly) 


Sounders FC at Toronto Saturday.

The preseason Mariners beat the Cubs 8-6. This weekend: another game with the Cubs, then the Reds and the Angels.

First, Seahawk Michael Bennett expressed support for Wednesday's Women's Strike. Now, he promises to put all his endorsement money for this year into a foundation to help underprivileged kids and fight childhood obesity. (SB Nation) 


Victoria Lomasko's Comics Journalism. (Fantagraphics Bookstore) 

Sullivan Giles. (All City Coffee) 

"Cilvia_Sylvia," performance piece by Markeith Wiley and Laura Aschoff. (Interstitial) 

S. Jordan's "Animal Spirits." (Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center) 


"Unmuted," panel of "diverse speakers from the community." (Pocket Theater, Fri-Sat) 

"Yankee Pickney," one-woman show by Jéhan Osanyin. (Theater Schmeater, Fri thru April 1) 

"Marimekko, With Love," exhibit of works by the Finnish fabrics/furnishings company. (Nordic Heritage Museum, Fri thru July 9)

"Lossy," theater piece about a woman trying to piece together her memories. (Slate Theater, Fri-Sun)

"Macbett," play by Eugene Ionesco. (Ballard Underground, Fri thru March 25) 


Film "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me." (SAM, Fri) 

Student of the Radio. (The Grocery, Fri) 

Boyfriends. (Elysian Brewpub, Fri, free) 

"Festival of (In)appropriation #9." (NW Film Forum, Fri) 

somesurprises, Great Spiders, Von Wildenhaus. (Royal Room, Fri) 

Cadillac Three. (Showbox, Fri)

Electric No No (record release), Pale Noise, Fruit Juice. (Sunset, Fri)

Manta Chordata, X-Ray, Ned Blandski Band. (Darrell's, Fri)

"Fallen Heroes," sing-along tribute to recently deceased singers hosted by Shenandoah Davis. (Cloud Room, Fri)

Austin Larkin, Metal Cups of Different Hues. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri) 

Eric Apoe. (Grumpy D's, Fri)

Pampa, Le Grotto, Retail Space, A Breakthrough in Field Studies. (Victory Lounge, Fri) 

Design Lecture Series presents Jessica Walsh. (Central Library, Fri) 

JeJoJuke improv. (Pocket Theater, Fri) 

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. (Moore, Fri) 

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler on "The Environmental and Cenetic Causes of Autism." (U Book Store, Fri) 

"Conscientious Thinking" author David Bosworth. (U Book Store, Fri) 

"With Dignity," comedy play about an annual holiday party. (The Conservatory, Fri) 


Dance Theatre of Harlem. (Paramount, Sat-Sun) 

Irish Festival. (Seattle Center, Sat-Sun) 


Seattle Web Fest, screenings of and panels about web series from around the world. (NW Film Forum, Sat)

"Voices Raised: Some Things Gotta Be Said" reading series. (C&P Coffee, Sat)

Green Pajamas, Sage, MKB Ultra. (Royal Room, Sat) 

Three Fingers, The Worst Idea, Mud on My Bra. (Cafe Racer, Sat) 

St. Patrick's Day parade. (4th Avenue, Sat) 

"Sound Off!" finals. (MoPOP, Sat)

"March On 5K: Run Against the Defund." (Green Lake, Sat) 

43rd District Town Hall with Frank Chopp, Jamie Pederson, and Nicole Macri. (Seattle First Baptist Church, Sat) 

Trentmøller. (Showbox, Sat) 

Blue Oyster Cult. (Emerald Queen Casino, Sat) 

Devin Shina, Band of Lovers, March to May. (Rendezvous, Sat) 

Black Mountain, zZz. (Tractor, Sat) 

Gibraltar, Head Like a Kite, Wiscon. (Barboza, Sat) 

Sandrider, WIld Powwers, Pink Parts. (Neumos, Sat)

Laura Stevenson, The Exquisites, Erica Freas. (Vera Project, Sat) 

Snakebites, Sir Coyler, Creature Hole, Half-Breed. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat)

Wood Brothers. (Moore, Sat) 

Seattle Modern Orchestra in tribute to composers Robert Erickson and Stuart Dempster. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat) 

Tafelmusik. (UW Meany Hall, Sat)

CoCA Lab presents Britta Johnson. (CoCA at the TK Building, Sat) 

Tim Egan on photographer Edward Curtis. (Seattle Center, Sat) 


Earl Brooks, Hinges. (Hattie's Hat, Sun) 

Wayne Horvitz and Motel 7. (Royal Room, Sun) 

Blessing of the Fleet ceremony. (Fisherman's Terminal, Sun) 

Emily Wells. (Barboza, Sun)

Sarah St. Albin (EP release), My Cartoon Heart, Tobias the Owl. (Sunset, Sun)

Limanjaya. (Fremont Abbey, Sun) 

Sticker swap. (Push/Pull, Sun) 

Halli Borgfjord. (Comedy Underground, Sun) 

Tribute to "The Women of Goth." (Mercury, Sun) 

"Fishbowl III," 25 short plays in 50 minutes. (Slate Theater, Sun) 

"NoSleep" podcast taping with David Cummings. (Crocodile, Sun) 

"Short Stories Live" reading series. (Town Hall, Sun) 

"South Seattle: We Stand Together" rally. (Rainier Ave. S. and S. Ferdinand St., Sun) 


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(James Joyce, "Dubliners"):

"I heard the rain impinge upon the earth, the fine incessant needles of water playing in the sodden beds."


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