Beware the Ides of March. Also beware the post-Caesar chaos and collapse. 

Rome wasn't un-built in a day. But there was a point when the decline-n'-fall thang couldn't be undone. 

Let's not go there, even as we work to—peacefully—dethrone our own Orange Julius Caesar.


More and more rain Wednesday; some moments of sun along with the rain Thursday.

You know the drill: heavy late-winter rains mean a big risk of floods and mudslides. (News Tribune) 



After more than a decade of providing various local subcultures with drinks, foods, music, and art both good and laughable, and nearly five years after a tragic mass shooting, Kurt Geissel is putting Cafe Racer up for sale. Let's hope someone's around who'll take on the place and keep the north U District's unofficial living room running more or less as is. Any aging rock stars or young tech tycoons who wanna give back to the community? (KING)



A Seattle federal judge denied "dreamer" Daniel Ramirez Medina's request for conditional release. But he did recommend that Ramirez's case "be heard on an expedited schedule." His attorneys consider the latter a major victory. (KING) (PI.com) 

Ramirez's father, Antonio Ramirez-Poledo, pled guilty to having come to the U.S. illegally. Prosecutors recommend he be released "for time served." (SeaTimes) 

The Holocaust-denial graffito at Temple de Hirsch Sinai is but one of a string of recent hate crimes in the area. But it has gainrd the synagogue messages of support. Some neighbors placed their own well wishes into a little shrine outside the temple. (KIRO-TV) (Slog) (Capitol Hill Seattle) 

A lot of people "are taking political action for the first time in their lives." (Nicole Brodeur) 

Local tribal leaders are, as you might expect, displeased with threatened massive cuts to the EPA. (EarthFix via Crosscut) 

How state Attorney General Bob Ferguson fought the DC regime "and won America's heart." (Stranger) 



No charges will be filed against the officers who fatally shot Che Taylor. Taylor's family is using the decision to reiterate its drive to make it easier to prosecute officers who commit "deadly force." (AP) (SeaTimes)


The idea for a (sort of) Seattle income tax is still churning in the background. Here's what it might mean. (PI.com) 


HALA-related height increases in downtown and south Lake Union will probably "sail through" the City Council, despite some NIMBY opposition from Escala condo residents. (Slog) 


A woman was attacked by a ("cis" dressed) male in a women's restroom at Golden Gardens. She fought off her attacker, successfully. Then proponents of an anti-trans "bathroom bill" tried to use her story to campaign against letting trans women in women's rooms. The woman demanded they stop. (Slog) 

Your average techie "co-working" space is likely a "bro-working" space, with foosball tables and Ping Pong®, and intended for an all- or mostly-male clientele. That led some clever entrepreneurs to create "The Riveter," a shared office environment designed to be woman-friendly. (GeekWire) 


The Legislature still hasn't figured out a school funding system. I know, you weren't expecting them to, but still… (KCPQ) 

AG Ferguson doesn't just go after Republicans. He's also alleging that state House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-Seattle) mis-filed his campaign finances. (News Tribune) 

Some business interests would rather have a "carbon tax" than Gov. Inslee's proposed carbon-emission restrictions. (KUOW) 

Some state Senate Republicans are promoting a bill to let heroin and opioid addicts be held against their will at rehab facilities. Such coercive tactics seldom work; but that won't stop the bill's sponsors from reintroducing it at the next session if it doesn't pass in this one. (KIRO-TV) 


Every month, the Women in Black hold a public memorial for homeless people who have died on the streets. Every month, it's still necessary. (KING) 

One advantage to having a sanctioned encampment (temporarily) at the UW campus: it's easy to send med students there for training workshops and such. (KNKX) 

The big homeless levy plan includes funding for 5,000 "treatment slots." Most of them would be outpatient therapy with the anti-opioid-craving drug buprenorphine, and residential slots for those taking it. (The C Is For Crank)


Is Spokane really such a depressing place that Gonzaga basketball's solely keeping the population alive? Eh, probably not. (UK Guardian) (Slog) 


Wireless companies want easier access to "street furniture" across Washington to put up their towers and relays. (KNKX) 


The preseason Mariners beat the White Sox 7-6. Dodgers today.


Chocolate for Choice (NARAL Pro-Choice Washington benefit). (Fisher Pavilion) 

"Seattle Walks" author David Williams. (U Book Store) 

History Café series presents "A Historical Perspective of Homelessness in Seattle" panel. (MOHAI) 

Kay Redfield Jamison, biographer of power Robert Lowell. (Central Library) 

"Triple Threat" variety show with Kimball Allen (Planned Parenthood benefit). (Triple Door) 

"Drunk Herstory," evening of "beer drinking and storytelling." (Brouwer's Cafe) 

Delcon Lamarr Organ Trio, D'Yvonne Lewis's Limited Edition, Highsteppers. (Chop Suey) 

Jamie Aaron Aux, Moon Palace, Shenandoah Davis. (Sunset) 

"The Journey that Saved Curious George," program about the WWII escape of Margret and H.A. Rey. (Holocaust Center for Humanity, thru May 24) 

"The Ides of March: Resistance and Immigration," with writers Donna Miscolta and Shankar Narayan. (C&P Coffee) 

Weaklings, Beggars, Aimlows, Night Boss. (Highline) 

"Find Your Lane," justice organizing/open mic session. (Metropolist) 

MIT Enterprise Forum on "Connected Cities." (Town Hall) 

Josh Abbott Band. (Crocodile) 

"Seattle Snap Sonnets Workshop." (Hugo House First Hill) 

"Next Year, For Sure" novelist Zoey Leigh Peterson. (Elliott Bay Book Co.) 

WordsWest series presents Donna Miscolta, Shankar Narayan. (C&P Coffee) 

Lake Street Dive, Joey Dosik. (Moore)

RAW Artists present "CUSP," showcase of art, music, crafts, etc. (Studio Seven) 

GeekWire Bash. (CenturyLink Field Events Center) 


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