FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

A lot of us, including organizers of protests in Seattle and elsewhere (see below), are trying to discern what Tax Day means when many of us are in conflict with those who, essentially unilaterally, control our national government, led by a man who still won't release his own tax returns. 

It's also Good Friday. Besides paying your respects on Pontius Avenue (near REI), it's a time to ponder proponents of peace and empathy, persecuted by diefferent levels of authority figures, and how their messages can live on.


Intermittent showers through Saturday; possibly clearing in time for Easter.



Heavy winter precip means really heavy spring flooding in northeast Washington. (KOMO) 



The hunger strike at the for-profit immigration jail in Tacoma has spread to nearly 750 detainees, about half the total there. (Weekly) (Slog) (KBCS)

NYT crossword puzzle czar Will Shortz expressed pride earlier this week, when he published a puzzle created by an inmate. Some readers, who knew or learned that the writer was incarcerated in Wash. state on a rape conviction, were less approving. (Weekly) 


Why are state House Democrats in the current forefront of trying to negate a popular vote and hobble Sound Transit 3's funding? (Charles Mudede) (Capitol Hill Times) (Seattle Transit Blog) 

South Carolina passed a revised "bathroom bill," so Gov. Inslee's renewing a ban on state employees traveling there. (Slog)


An audit revealed that the city inadvertently didn't bill developers of two high-rise projects for "affordable" housing concessions, to the tune of $3.4 million. (SeaTimes)

Like a lot of government-commissioned tech projects, a new joint billing system for City Light and Seattle Public Utilities is costing millions more, and will be online far later, than originally promised. (The C Is For Crank)

City Council president Bruce Harrell vowed to "get to the bottom" of reported donations to "extremist hate" causes by Phil Anschutz, would-be KeyArena rebuilder (and current Showbox owner and Bumbershoot operator). (KCPQ) 


An attorney for one of the previous accusers of sex-abuse against Ed Murray claims the charges would've legally "stuck," if not for the statute of limitations. (Slog) (SeaTimes)


Gov. Inslee told a meeting of South King County community leaders that hate crimes in Wash. state should not be tolerated: "The Evergreen State is better than bullying. We are better than harassment and we are better than fear." (KOMO) 

Local family farmers declare with alarm that potential USDA cuts could hurt small farms' survival, threatening the local food supply. (KING)

At a meet-n'-greet with Sen. Patty Murray, local medical researchers say proposed National Institutes of Health cuts "would devastate" potentially groundbreaking cancer research. (KCPQ) (KNKX) 


Travel-book mogul Rick Steves explains why he donated big bucks for a low-income senior apartment complex.

A city council committee was told by city staff that more unsheltered people are now accepting offers of shelter and/or social services these days. (West Seattle Blog) 


The city's current plans for re-developing the old Washington Street public fishing pier pergola may invocle an espresso stand or restaurant. (Daily Journal of Commerce)


A federal report says "mistakes were made" in an incident of Hanford nuclear waste being improperly stored away. (AP)

The feds are considering declaring an official "whale protection zone" near the San Juans. (KCPQ) 


The latest analysis of the "Kennewick Man" remains (soon to be ceremonially re-interred) suggest humans used more than one route to get into North America. (KNKX) 


An industry analyst claims Amazon's assorted food sales schemes could eventually wipe out 75 percent of grocery industry jobs. (PS Biz Journal)


Microsoft's striking a complex deal with Puget Sound Energy to generate up to 80 percent of the electricity for MS's corporate campus from "renewable" sources, by buying power directly on the wholesale market. (Currently, more than half of PSE's electricity comes from a Montana coal-burning complex.) (GeekWire) (PS Biz Journal)


Hotel operators don't want to compile newly city-mandated listes of worker-harassing customers. (Weekly) 


Sounders FC at Vancouver tonight.

Mariners vs. Texas result. Series continues thru Sunday.

UW basketball superstar Kelsey Plum was the #1 pick in the WNBA draft, selected by San Antonio. Teammate Chantel Osahor was picked #21, by Chicago. (AP) (SeaTimes) 


SakuraCon. (Convention Center, Fri-Sun) 

Norwescon sci-fi/fantasy convention continues. (Airport DoubleTree, thru Sun)

Swing-dance documentary "Alive and Kicking." (NW Film Forum, Fri thru April 20)

"Ballet on Broadway." (McCaw Hall, Fri thru April 23)

"Now It's Dark: The Films of David Lynch." (SIFF Film Center, Fri thru May 14)

Kevin Nealon. (Parlor Live Bellevue, Fri-Sat)

"Brain Is a Radio," performance pice bty Ashleigh Miller. (Founders Theater, Fri-Sat) 

"Dr. Ballard's Vaudeville Players." (Ballard Underground, Fri thru May 6) 


Squirrels reunion, Aaiiee!, Paper Puppet Opera. (Darrell's, Fri) 

Alec Baldwin. (Paramount, Fri)

BeatMatch 2017. (Vera Project, Fri) 

Supa Sonic Soul Sistahs. (Royal Esquire Club, Fri)

"Panel Jumper," book-themed cabaret. (West of Lenin, Fri)

"The Chairs," play by Eugene Ionesco. (Freehold Theatre, Fri) 

"The Perks of Being a Misfit," improv play. (Pocket Theater, Fri) 

"Citizen Jane," documentary about author/activist Jane Jacobs. (NW Film Forum, Fri) 

"Meditations on Water" group installation piece. (Jack Straw Gallery, Fri) 

"The Genius of Birds" author Jennifer Ackerman. (Elliott Bay Book Co., Fri) 

"Enter the Mandala" art installation. (Warlock Labs, Fri)

Ensemble Economique, Jim Haynes, Robert Mills.Greg Kelley. (Chapel Performance Space, Fri)

VHS, Cages, Ex Licks, Toecutter. (Victory Lounge, Fri) 

Comedian Tom Segura. (Moore, Fri) 

Llama, Swedish Finnish, No One Can Save Us. (Parlaiment, Fri) 

Highsteppers, High Pulp, BroHamM. (Royal Room, Fri)

Ian Sweet DJ night. (Speckled & Drake, Fri) 


Tax March Seattle. (Federal Building, Sat) 

Black Lives Matter March on Seattle 2.0. (Westlake Park, Sat) 

New Pornographers, Waxahatchee. (Moore, Sat) 

Minus the Bear, Beach Slang, Bayonne. (Showbox, Sat)

Opening of "Common Pleasures: Art of Urban Life in Edo Japan." (SAM, Sat)

DJ Vodka Twist. (Cafe Racer, Sat) 

Documentary "Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design." (NW Film Forum, Sat) 

"Parlor Peeps" party and trunk show. (Pretty Parlor, Sat)  

Harper Conspiracy EP fundraiser. (Egan's, Sat)

Farewell party. (Rain City Video on 24th Ave NW, Sat)

Mastodon, Eagles of Death Metal, Russian Circles. (Paramount, Sat)

Inverted Space Ensemble. (Chapel Performance Space, Sat)

Thursday, Basement, Touche Amore, Cities AvAv. (Showbox, Sat)

River Whyless. (Tractor, Sat)

Girl Band, 20/20. (Vermillion, Sat) 

Ian Sweet. (Barboza, Sat) 

Star Anna. (Naked City Brewery, Sat) 

Homeshake. (Kremwerk, Sat) 

"Epic Quest Burlesque: A Journey Through Fandoms." (Columbia City Theater, Sat) 

"Not Too Late with Elicia Sanchez." (Eclectic Theater, Sat) 

"Write-In" and group reading. (Hugo House First Hill, Sat)

Joey Webb, Vagabond Superstar, Tony H. (Monkey Loft, Sat) 

"Birds of the Duwamish: Walk & Talk." (Duwamish Longhouse, Sat)

Daniel Drezner on "The Ideas Industry." (Town Hall, Sat)

"Live Wire with Luke Burbank" podcast taping. (Neptune, Sat) 


The Damned, Bleached. (Showbox, Sun)

Of Montreal. (Neumos, Sun) 

"Records, Pancakes, & Bach." (On the Boards, Sun) 

Easter egg hunt. (Fremont Sunday Market, Sun) 

"Science Night: An Evening of Drunken Experiments for Adults." (Blue Moon, Sun) 

Foxy Apollo, Broke in Stereo. (Substation, Sun) 

Sexmob. (Royal Room, Sun) 

21 Savage, Young M.A., more. (Neptune, Sun)

"The Revolution Will Be Harmonized" concert for political action. (Columbia City Theater, Sun) 




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