So Mike McGinn wants to become the Grover Cleveland of Seattle mayors (the ol' non-consecutive-terms thang, ya know). 

(Actually, two prior Seattle mayors left and came back, Hiram Gill and John Dore.)

To quote an oft-quoted chiché, now it gets interesting. 

Also, we now have an angle for discussing the mayoral race without directly reiterating the more potentially "triggering" aspects of the Murray accusations.


Scattered showers thru Thursday.



Former one-term Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn held a hastily-arranged "presser" on his front lawn Monday morning, where he announced he wants his old job back.

McGinn said he wants to create a city income tax, one that could survive the assured court challenge, and to expand the B&O tax.

While avoiding direct comment on the sex-abuse claims against Murray, McGinn said Murray's term included too many costly "signature projects," and has failed to stem housing hyper-inflation.

Murray later issued a statement chiding McGinn's record as "divisive and confrontational." (KIRO-TV) (Slog) (PubliCola) (Weekly) (Crosscut) 

For those who tuned in late, McGinn is a former SIerra Club activist and a longtime bicycling advocate. His 2010-14 mayoral term was marked by many policy initiatives, checked in part by a hostile City Council and the post-2008 recession economy. He promoted police reform, but opposed the "Bertha" tunnel project. (Seattlish)

Mesides Murray, McGinn, and Nikkita Oliver, seven other people have said they're running for mayor. (West Seattle Blog)

Election rematches in American politics are "like revenge matches in the NFL and NBA playoffs: fierce, unpredictable, and rarely pretty." Should McGinn and Murray emerge from the primary to vie in the general election, "the contest will be turbulent, stirring the blood of the competitors and possibly spilling a bit of it on the floor." (Joel Connelly) 



In a KING interview, Mayor Murray reiterated that he won't resign and won't settle the suit against him, and that he believes the claims against him are politically motivated.

Isolde Raftery at KUOW posted an "annotated" version of Murray's written statement to the Stranger, noting the timelines of the accusations and what the Seattle Times wrote about them.

Jeff Stevens sez Murray should resign, but for reasons of "gentrification, not genitalia." Stevens blames Murray's policies for making Seattle an increasingly difficult place for the non-wealthy to live. (Seattle Star) 


My ol' experimental-lit colleague Phil Wohlstetter is organizing "Red May," a big conference of "radical left" speakers, artists, and filmmakers, at various spots around town next month. (Charles Mudede) 

In Edmonds, a KUOW employee "woke up to find swastikas painted on her cars and on cars and homes all down the block." (Slog) (KCPQ) 

Almost 600 Amazon workers signed a petition protesting against the company's ads on "alt-right" site Breitbart.com. (BuzzFeed via PI.com) 

Gov. Inslee calls proposed massive funding cuts to Puget Sound's cleanup and other environmental programs "draconian", with potential "devastating impacts on communities in Washington." (Joel Connelly)


A bill requiring "transparency" in student-loan contract terms passed the Legislature. (SeaTimes) 


The Cedar Grove compost company won a lawsuit, in which neighbors of its Everett plant complained about odors emanating from it. (Everett Herald via AP) 

A Skagit County "hung jury" refused to convict six more people who'd been arrested during last May's "Break Free" climate protests in Anacortes. (Weekly)

A UW Tacoma prof has photos of "river piracy" (water from one river getting diverted to another) due to climate change rerouting a Yukon river's source. (KCPQ) 

UW scientists have come up with a new definition of ecological "resiliance," applying it to patterns of how environments renew themselves. (UW Daily)


We all know chemotherapy's a horrible way to try to get well. Now, Fred Hutch researchers say "nanoparticle immunotherapy" could one day replace it. (GeekWire)


Some newspaper survey ranked the UW #7 among U.S. public colleges. (PS Biz Journal) 


The "Tacoma Jungle" is scheduled to be "swept" today. (KING)


Turns out some local Af-Am activists didn't go to Saturday's "Black Lives Matter 2.0" march out of a personal conflict with its organizer. Instead, they went to an "alternative BLM protest" at 23rd and Union, titled "Displacement Stops Here." (South Seattle Emerald) 


Boeing's next round of layoffs will hit hundreds of engineers, the company's vital "collective memory." (GeekWire)


The alleged Burlington mall shooter apparently hanged himself in jail. (Skagit Valley Herald) 


The Mariners' "fair weather fans" crawl back, as the Ms' win streak grows to four games with a 6-1 win over Ichiro and the Miami Marlins. Same teams tonight.

UW women's basketball hired Jody Wynn (previously of Long Beach State) as its new coach. (KING) 


Tax Day Action. (Federal Building) 


Guided by Voices, Sloucher. (Neumos) 

Thomas Frank: "Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?" (Town Hall)

Briggan Krauss, Amy Denio, Beth Fleenor. (Spite House)

Katie Kate "Flood" music-video screening. (Bait Shop) 

Cris Williamson, Julie Wolf, Scott Amendola, Zachary Ostroff. (Triple Door)

Banks, Raury. (Showbox Sodo) 

Bishop Briggs, Shaed, Sipper Club. (Showbox)

Opera On Tap. (Blue Moon) 

Rainydawg Radio 14th Birthday Fest. (UW Ethnic Cultural Theater, thru Wed)

Mona, Flagship. (Crocodile) 

Mud on My Bra, Your Mother Should Know. (Sunset) 

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, Aolfe O'Donovan. (Neptune)

Namlu'u Jazz Band. (Royal Room) 

"Word Works: Terrance Hayes." (Washington Hall) 

"Craft in America" presentation with Preston Singletary. (SAM) 

"3% Seattle: Mapping Challenges to Female Leadership." (Substantial) 

"The Cowboy," art exhibit by Ethan Murrow. (Winston Wachter) 




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