TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017

On this recent Memorial Day weekend, we have had to mourn and honor two men who violently died protecting America's highest values—on American soil. 

Once again: This is not normal. 

And it must never become normal.


Cooling down into the low 60s today, with a chance of showers.



The Northern Lights appeared over our state Saturday and Sunday nights. It's an "aurora" in Seattle that's not an old U.S. highway. (KING; image: Tim Durkan)



On a MAX light-rail train in Portland’s Hollywood district Friday night (the eve of Ramadan), a “known white supremacist” started bullying and insulting two young women, one wearing a hajib: “Get off the bus, and get out of the country because you don't pay taxes here." Three passengers stood up trying to stop him. He stabbed them in their throats; two died. (Willamette Week)

There was a sad public memorial on Saturday. (Portland Mercury) (KGW) (image: Gillian Flaccus, AP)

“Three men stood up to anti-Muslim taunts. Two paid with their lives.” (NYT)

One of the women the men had been defending: “They didn't even know me and they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we look." (CNN)

The last words of one of the heroes: “Tell everyone on this train I love them.” (Oregonian)

It took more than two days for the White House to issue a statement condemning the slayings. A Tweet® by Dan Rather might have helped to persuade/force them to make the statement. (AP) (Charles Mudede)

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler wants the feds to pull a permit for an “alt-right” rally scheduled for Sunday at a federally-controlled downtown plaza. (KATU)

A Multnomah County Republican leader suggests volunteer "militia" dudes should be on hand at public rallies—to protect the bigoted alt-Right provocateurs, not to protect the citizenry against the provocateurs. Yes, the "conservative bubble" of unreality has descended this low. (UK Guardian)

Where you can donate to the victims’ survivors, to the women they’d tried to protect, and to the surviving hero. (Portland Mercury)

Remembering “the racist history of Portland, the whitest city in America.” (Atlantic) (Gizmodo)



Travel and visa crackdowns have impacted organizers of the Seattle International Dance Festival. (KIRO-TV)

“Is your school racist? Ask the students.” (KUOW)

Seattle may be able to afford the risk of losing federal funds due to its “sanctuary city” proclamation. But can smaller towns like Auburn do likewise? (KUOW)


Following an election in which no party got a majority of legislative seats, British Columbia will be run by a New Democrat/Green Party coalition. Expect the new BC government to take a much warier atittude toward oil pipelines and oil/coal/natural-gas export terminals. (Joel Connelly)


For the second time in less than a week, a dead whale washed ashore in western Washington. (SeaTimes)

It’s “extreme low tide” season at area beaches. You can see lots of critters you normally can’t. But please don’t take them away. (KING)


Get ready for a record Northwest cherry crop. (AP)


BMW’s ReachNow car-sharing service is trying to figure out why its cars sometimes “get stuck” on state ferries, with anti-theft electronics somehow inadvertently activated. (GeekWire)


The reason that guy was dragged off a United plane a few weeks back? The same reason behind much of what’s wrong with American business—Wall St.’s constant demands for higher profits than some industries can “naturally” sustain, all in the name of the Almighty Stock Price. (NYT)


We told you how Starbucks baristas are gettin’ mighty tired of being blamed for the chain’s sales problems. Now, some of them are telling (or wanting to tell) corporate management what it could do to improve things. (Biz Insider)


Ed Murray’s chief accuser won’t get his case against the lame-duck mayor transferred outside King County. (SeaTimes)

The local guy’s crowdfunding drive to pay off Seattle public-school students’ school-lunch debt may have been partly answered by singer John Legend. (KING)

There’s more evidence that Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill “double booked” in-demand surgeons to "overlapping surgeries.” (SeaTimes)


Sounders FC shut down Portland 1-0. At Columbus Wednesday.

The Storm beat New York 87-81 Friday and Indiana 94-70 Sunday. Home vs. Minnesota Saturday.

The Mariners took one game out of three at Boston (winning 5-0 Sunday); then eked out a 6-5 victory at Colorado Monday. The home-and-away series continues in Denver Tuesday, then moves to Seattle for two games starting Wednesday.


“Resist Trump” rally. (Federal Building, 11 am)


Indivisible Activist Fair. (Town Hall)

“Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom” author Thomas Ricks. (Town Hall)

Mike McCready “Of Potato Heads and Polaroids” book release. (KEXP)

CJ Boyd, Lori Goldston, Bill Horist. (Vermillion)

Bill Ruckelshaus and Morton Kondracke on “Watergate: Vu and Deja Vu.” (Folio)

“Sinatra and Basie at the Sands.” (Tula’s)

“Loud Mouth Lit” with Paul Mullin and David Schmader. (St. Andrews)

Literary Happy Hour. (Capitol Cider)

Suffering Fuckheads. (Royal Room)

Rodriguez, Arum Ray. (Moore)

Justin Townes Earle, the Sadies, Sammy Brue. (Neptune)

Bush, the Setback. (Showbox Sodo)

Lewis Del Mar. (Chop Suey)


It can now be told: Our lovely celebration of both my and the newsletter’s birthday is a week from Thursday at the bodacious Two Bells. Be there. Aloha.


(Clarice Lispector):

“Coherence, I don’t want it any more. Coherence is mutilation. I want disorder.”


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