MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017

You did well, Seattle. You outnumbered AND outclassed the bigots on Saturday. 

Remember: even after the present White House occupant goes away, the Islamophobes and the other flavors of bigots will still remain. 

Besides continuing the short-term resistance, we must plan for the long-term campaign of literally de-Nazifying America, just as the Allies did after WWII. 

It’s a major task. But the best of America has conquered so many other major tasks before.


More variable clouds and occasional showers return Monday.



A few dozen “anti-Sharia” protesters staged a rally at City Hall Park, ostensibly against a legal system that will never come to the U.S. (except perhaps under a “Christian” guise). They were met by several hundred “Stand With Our Muslim Neighbors” counter-protesters, celebrating the right of all Americans to live together in safety. Some of the latter taunted the Islamophobes with glitter and Silly String. Eventually, as both rallies disbanded, there was a street skirmish leading to three arrests. (Weekly) (Slog) (image: Taylor Mirfendereski, KING)

Meanwhile, the DC regime’s ongoing attempts to obstruct (then kill) affordable health care means the first places here to lose affordable individual health plans include “the sickest county in the state.” (Weekly) (Danny Westneat) 

Gov. Inslee issued a statement decrying “GOP efforts to sabotage and destabilize health care markets.”



After 40 years, the legendary local sports bar F.X. McRory’s closed yesterday. They say they plan to reopen nearby, but have yet to announce a site or a reopening date. (Art Thiel)


Yes, this year’s Folklife Festival raised enough money to guarantee next year’s fest. (SeaTimes)

A hearing examiner denied an appeal by a group called “Protect Volunteer Park,” who want to derail the planned Asian Art Museum expansion along the park’s back end. (Capitol Hill Times)

Can Seattle’s art and culture spaces afford to stay, and what can any of us to to ensure that they can? The city says it’s got a few ideas. (SeaTimes)


Ten activists crossed the border last week to protest enlarging Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline. (NW Public Radio)

That $2.4 million fine the state leveled against Tesoro after the fatal 2010 explosion at its Anacortes refinery? An appeals judge rejected it. (KUOW)

On a related topic, the state Dept. of Ecology approved a shoreline permit for the big Kalama methanol export terminal project. (SeaTimes) 


The mighty apple remains a Washington icon, but consolidation and fiscal pressures (including housing developments) are squeezing out many smaller apple farms. (Spokesman-Review)


The opioid addiction pandemic means used needles are being tossed to the ground as “drug pollution” in lots of places—even in “bucolic” outskirts like Cowlitz County. (Longview Daily News via AP)


At the end of a story about tourist dollars flowing to Bellevue, you're reminded that the place once derided as Whitebread Central is now a "majority-minority town." (KCPQ)


As the Legislature crawls ever closer to a partial state-government shutdown, one school district’s teachers threaten to strike to demand a budget; other districts are preparing layoff notices to teachers. (SeaTimes)

An ACLU lawsuit claims the state’s not doing enough to keep special-needs kids from excess discipline and expulsions. (AP)


The city issued a study on planned neighborhood “upzones.” Owen Pickford at The Urbanist likes what he sees in it.


A labor group for Latinx farm workers says it’s reached a contract agreement with a big berry-farm operator in Skagit County. (SeaTimes)

A Seattle judge upheld recently-enacted workplace protections for hotel staff, denying a lawsuit by hotel operators. (PubliCola)


Pacific Coast Feather, the down-comofrter empire run by Seattle’s prominent Hanauer family (that’s the Civic Skunk Works and soccer Hanauers, not the hydroplane Hanauers) is being sold to a Florida bedding firm that promises to keep local management and operations the same. (SeaTimes)

Sea-Tac wants to oust Ivar’s Seafood Bar from the airport terminal, probably to replace it with some pretentiously upscale food concession. Ivar’s management is fighting to stay. (KIRO-FM) (PS Biz Journal)

A headline you can’t make up: A Seattle startup that specializes in “workplace morale management” will cut ten percent of its staff. (GeekWire)


Adam West, 88, was a Walla Walla/Seattle boy and Lakeside School grad who became a smooth-talking Hollywood actor by 1959, then broke into worldwide fame with the 1966-68 “Batman” series. I was eight and a half when it debuted, and could already tell the show was a farce, taking a sarcastic attitude toward the whole action-hero formulawhile splashing colors and sounds that would influence “camp” graphics and culture. After the show ended, and West had trouble finding new roles, he sank into alcoholism and depression (both had run in his family). But he perservered, and came back with dozens of cunningly comedic roles in TV and films. (Variety) (Wikipedia) (IMDb) (UK Independent)


The Mariners fell back below .500 by dropping two of three games vs. Toronto, including a 4-0 loss Sunday. At Minnesota starting tonight.

The Storm lost to Indiana 83-80, and at New York 94-86. Home vs. Atlanta Tuesday.


King Crimson. (Moore)

Easy Speak series presents Steve Potter and an open mic. (Wedgwood Ale House)

BoDeans. (Triple Door)

Aunty Donna. (Neptune)

Gang of Youths, Superet. (Barboza)

Mo Jam, Susie G. (Nectar)

Authors Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland on their novel “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.” (Town Hall)

“Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction.” (Naked City Brewery)

Fantasy author Terry Brooks. (U Book Store)

“LGBTQ Hate Crimes: Seattle Isn’t Immune” panel. (Central Library)

Collide-O-Scope series presents “Nasty Ladies.” (Re-bar)


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