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FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2015

I've been to both Seattle Art Fair and its all-regional alternative Out of Sight. Each is fab. Read today's MISCmedia MAIL, go to work if you must, then get to the exhibits.


You know. "Scorchio."



Besides the big Art Fair and all the cooperative and competitive events surrounding it, it's still Seafair Weekend. The above image is what some people (especially newcomers) believe Seafair Weekend is all about. The image below (from 2011) is what, in my opinion, Seafair Weekend is (and always will be) really all about. 



With water in short supply (just how short is a figure that changes daily), will fish be sacrificed to keep up existing human lifestyles? (Crosscut) 

Natasha Geiling at ThinkProgress takes a longer look at the fish dying in Washington's too-warm rivers, and says we could see a lot more like it in years to come. 

A factor in the warmer-than-normal waters: a mass of warm Pacific Ocean water known as "The Blob." Cue the creature-feature theme song. (KING)


It shouldn't really be a surprise that eco-activists successfully stopped Shell's icebreaker ship from leaving the Port of Portland (for a while), when they couldn't stop Shell's floating drilling platform from leaving the Port of Seattle. The Portland activists had several logistical advantages, including two bridge crossings they could effectively obstruct. (Slog) 


Our pal Goldy reminds you that the defenders of single-family zoning aren't really defending old houses but the large lots they sit on. (HorsesAss) 

Besides being costly and unsuited for large population growth spurts, those apparently still-sacred single family zones are eco-unfriendly. (PI.com) 


The otherwise-homeless people who were living in RVs parked along Northlake Way got evicted and referred to shelters. The vehicles are being safely stored at a lot in Lake City. (KUOW) 


Can more rainbow-painted crosswalks really help fight homophobic assaults on Capitol Hill? (KCPQ) 


Remember the lawsuit plaintiffs who got the State Supreme Court to hold the Legislature in contempt for not fully funding K-12 education? They believe the lawmakers' baby-steps this year still aren't enough. (Crosscut)  


The Edith Macefield "spite house" in Ballard, that developers had to build around, then got subjected to a failed remodel, then was put up for sale? It's going to be moved and donated to a nonprofit. Details coming next week. (KING via Mashable) 


Ferry riders complain that cab drivers are turning them down, looking for more lucrative passengers. (KOMO)  


The author of the New Yorker article that essentially asked everyone in the Northwest to live in fear of a mega-earthquake? She's now got a follow-up piece. It starts by saying we don't have to live in fear. Then it goes on to list, in scary detail, everything we've gotta do to stay safe—to live in fear, essentially.


There's a website, bikeindex.org, where you can register your bicycle's serial number in case it gets stolen and later found. (KOMO) 


Haggen Foods' newly acquired former Albertsons and Safeway stores are cutting worker hours by about 20 percent. (SeaTimes) 

They took our men's basketball team and our elephants. Now the CIty Which Must Not Be Named is getting a bigger share of Boeing's facilities (albeit mostly former McDonell-Douglas facilities from St. Louis). (AP)

"Non-bank entities" are getting deep into real estate speculation, just like they did in 2007-2008. What could possibly go wrong? (Bloomberg) 


Jennifer Beals was publicly scolded after a TV crew caught her leaving her dog in her car (albeit briefly) on a hot afternoon in Vancouver. (AP) 


The rapidly collapsing Mariners lost in Minnesota by the Dolly Parton Score. They're there thru Sunday.

The Ms also dumped poorly-performing utility player Dustin Ackley onto the Yankees, for two AAA players. 

Sounders FC at home vs. Vancouver Saturday. 

Storm back in action at Connecticut tonight. 


Art of the City Street Fest, with visual art exhibits, open studios, and live bands. (TK Building, all day Sat)

Seattle Art Fair continues. (CenturyLink Field Events Center, thru 8/2)

Out of Sight, local multi-artist exhibit, continues. (King Street Station, thru 8/2)

"Backdrop," site-specific installation by artist Julie Alpert in conjunction with Seattle Art Fair, continues. (MadArt, South Lake Union, thru Sun)

"French Doors, Brick Wall With Window…", site-specific installation by artist Jenny Heishman in conjunction with Seattle Art Fair, continues. (Myrtle Edwards Park, thru Sun)

New Members Show continues. (SOIL Gallery, thru Sun) 

"Gravity Falls," group exhibition of art designed to "push the boundaries of understanding." (Surface Theory, 536 1st Ave. S., thru Fri)

"Artists at Seattle Art Fair." (SAM Gallery, thru Tue)

Seattle Renegade Craft Fair. (Magnuson Park Hanger 30, Sat-Sun)


Seafair Hydroplane Race and AIr Show. (Genesee Park/Lake Washington, time trials and live music acts Fri-Sat, race/show day Sun)

Waterfront Whimsea family arts festival. (Central Waterfront, Sat-Sun) 

Nonviolent rally against hookah bars in the International District. (Bush Garden parking lot, 10:30 p.m. Fri)   

Ted Komsatka reads from new scifi novel "The Flicker Men." (U Book Store, Fri) 

KUOW "Week In Review" Summer Tour closing event. (Vera Project, Fri)

Swallow, Derelicts, Coffin Break, Blood Circus, Four Horesemen, Noxious Fumes, F-Holes. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri)

Bowie Vision (Daivd Bowie covers) and This Is Not My Beautiful Band (Talking Heads covers). (Nectar Lounge, Fri)

Eighth Annual Hoodstock, all-day fest of soul, hip hop, and related musics. (MLKy Way House, 3 p.m. Sat) 

"The Swapping Dead," VHS horror-film trading party. (Scarecrow Video, 2-8 pm Sat)


We close our second month of these morning e-missives still growing, and still wanting to grow further. To that end, we'll be making some print flyers to distribute out in the non-virtual world shortly. Thanks again to all of you who've subscribed in the past week, and who've let me know they appreciate this service.

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