Welcome to the dog daze. And with it comes another lefty pundit who says “resistance is not enough.” 

Umair Haque says we need more than just protests, more than just opposition. We need to express a positive, progressive vision, one that can resound with large swaths of the populace.

The thing is: we’ve already got that. Or at least the foundations of it.

Same-sex marriage was and is a positive, forward step. So is legal cannabis.

And so is protecting the waters, the air, the planet.

And so is weaning ourselves off of the petroleum teat.

And so is treating people of assorted races, genders, nationalities, etc. as humans, deserving all respect and opportunity.

If you look at the far right’s agenda, all of it (except tax cuts to the wealthiest and corporate rapctity euphemised as “liberty”) is based not on any self-coherent ideology but solely on virulent opposition to what progress our country’s made. 

They’re against reproductive rights, against civil rights (except “free speech” but only for bigots), against equality, against democracy itself.

No, it’s we who have a way forward. 

And it’s time we let everyone know about it.


Hot for the foreseeable future. Deal with it.



The City of Kirkland bought pieces of the once-beloved streamlined ferry Kalakala in 2015, after the decrepit boat was finally demolished. Now, Kirkland wants artists to propose installations to be made from the parts.  (Daily Journal of Commerce)



After all that, did the Legislature finally resolve the school-funding crisis? A lawyer in the “McCleary” case sez, “Not even close.… I don’t think the elected officials are lying. I think they don’t know what they're talking about." (Crosscut)

The “online sales tax,” a major part of the budget deal, “is likely to be challenged.” (KNKX)

Already, folks want Gov. Inslee to use his veto pen to change the big budeget deal; specifically, against the manufacturing tax breaks. (SeaTimes)

“In the end, the Republicans’ ‘tax relief’ was for their friends only.” (Weekly editorial)

So how come this “blue state” keeps getting “rolled” by Republican Legislators? (Danny Westneat)

The deciding factor in getting Washington’s (still too puny) film incentives renewed? Perhaps the fact that their biggest current beneficiary is a SyFy zombie series shooting in Spokane. (KNKX)


The municipal-income-tax bill got out of committee, and heads to the full City Council on Monday. (PubliCola) (KUOW)

One local biz leader supporting the income tax (which will have to withstand multiple legal challenges): Molly Moon Neitzel, of Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. (KIRO-FM)

Mike McGinn (the would-be Grover Cleveland of Seattle mayors) has a solution to Seattle’s vast income inequality: A so-called “Amazon tax” on big companies. (KUOW)

So which City Council Position 8 candidate has the most lefty street cred? Could it be, perhaps, the white guy? (Stranger)

If the mayoral race were simply a matter of “one dollar, one vote,” Jenny Durkan could hire office decorators now. (Joel Connelly)

The UK Financial Times’ take on Seattle’s minimum-wage hikes: “If this is what the nasty effects of aggressive minimum wage rises look like, they are rather an encouragement to do more and more widely.”


Some guy thought it was a cool idea to climb onto the Aurora Bridge’s underside support rafters, to get great social-media pix of the 4th of July fireworks. Fortunately, he lived to tell the tale. (KCPQ)


You’d think that with all the opioid addictions, and the infections from dirty needles that could spread via STDs, people would be more careful about unprotected sex. In Snohomish County, and in the state as a whole, they’re not. (KOMO)


The Seattle School Board unanimously passed a resolution “calling for ethnic studies” in classrooms. That curriculum’s details: yet to be confirmed. (KING)


A shooting outside Tacoma’s UPS Fieldhouse was blamed by police on “a Xanax deal that went bad.” (KCPQ)


More big local employers are realizing, or at least giving lip service to the idea, that “job growth requires great transit.” (Seattle Transit Blog)


Boeing’s working on pilotless planes, ostensibly to help airlines alleviate a shortage of human pilots (or more likely, to not pay them). (Everett Herald)


Purr, one of Pike/Pine’s last specifically gay bars (and only the second one to be woman-owned), is getting kicked out of its 11th Ave. spot (previously the site of several other gay and/or Goth bars). Its owner promises to re-open, at a yet-undisclosed location. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


In Corvallis OR, home of the mighty OSU Beavers (and where I lived for two non-consecutive years), someone opened up a kitschy retro “tiki bar.” He promptly closed it, after accusations of ethnic appropriation. He says he’ll reopen with a whole different concept. This follows the instance of the two Portland white women who started an “authentic” taqueria, only to be hounded to close under similar accusations. (Corvallis Gazette-Times) 


Storm home vs. New York tonight.

The Mariners got swept by Kansas City, losing Wednesday 9-6 in 10 innungs. Oakland’s in town starting tonight.


Sara Fetterman: “Past Selves.” (CoCA)

“What Would Betsy Ross Do?: The New American Flag Project.” (ArtXChange)

“Quota” group show. (Soil)

Printmaker Dawn P. Endean. (Gary Manuel Salon)

Robert Bellm and Claudio Duran. (Axis)

Starheadboy. (Bon Voyage Vintage)

Trill Effect presents “For the ’99 and the 2000s” group installation/performance. (Martyr Sauce)

“Bodies + Beings” group show. (Abmeyer + Wood)

Jennifer Zwick. (Gallery4Culture)

Hera Won. (Central Saloon)

Laura Thorne: “Panoramic Present.” (SAM Gallery)

Hib Sabin: “The Long Game.” (Stonington)

Juno Jove: “Summoning the Demogorgon.” (TK Building)

Ambrosiart: "Mermaids.” (OK Hotel)

Urban Craft Uprising. (Occidental Square)

“Art on the Rocks” group show. (Trinity)


Pearl Django. (City Hall, noon, free)


“Promised Land,” documentary about Duwamish and Chinook tribes’ battles for treaty rights. (Neptune, free)

“Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too” author Jomny Sun. (U Book Store)

Zen Mother (album release), Mamifier, somesurprises. (Chop Suey)

Singer Astrid Kuljanic and bassist Mat Muntz. (Chapel Performance Space)

Tenelle and the Late Ones. (Nectar)

KEXP presents Kid Hops, Alex Ruder, Sharlese. (Monkey Loft)

“Zappa, Nico, and Trane” cover night. (Royal Room)

“Crash the Glass” series presents Rio Chanae. (Columbia City Theatre)

Rep. Pramila Jayapal town hall on “The Impact of Trumpcare on Working Families.” (Town Hall)

“Bianca Del Rio Presents the Roast of Mama Tits.” (SIFF Egyptian)

Sarah Vaughan biographer Elaine Hayes. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Singer/songwriter Jennifer Spector. (Whisky West)

“Triple Threat with Kimball Allen,” live variety/talk show. (Triple Door)

“Greensward,” “modern day fable” by R. Hamilton Wright. (12th Ave. Arts, thru July 29)


(Cheryl Strayed):

"That place of true healing is a fierce place. It's a giant place. It's a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light. And you have to work really, really, really hard to get there, but you can do it."


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