It’s not that I want the White House resident to fail; I approve that he’s (largely) failing on his own. For the time being, the only thing protecting the nation and the world from oblivion is the DC regime’s utter incompetence.


Blah blah hot hot blah.



The Boeing-built “lunar rover” vehicles, from the last three Apollo missions, are still on the moon’s surface where the astronauts left them. (A prototype unit’s on display at the Museum of Flight.) Feliks Banel asks whether they should be proclaimed historical landmarks, in case future space travelers try to discard them?



A local trans veteran says of the White House’s trans ban, “When I woke up this morning I felt like I was kicked in the gut.” (KCPQ)

Sen. Patty Murray says of the ban, “This does not represent who we are as a nation. Anyone who puts on a uniform to defend our freedoms deserves our country’s support and whole-hearted respect. Period.” (KIRO-TV)

Danni Askini, head of the local Gender Justice League, says, “I know many openly transgender service members and they aren’t a distraction.” (KCPQ)

UW prof Nathan Roberts explains how the US military has always had trouble adjusting to issues of race, gender, and now orientation. (KCPQ)

A US House committee restored vital transit funding to a budget bill. But local transit agencies should still devise a “plan B” just in case. (Seattle Transit Blog) (The Hill)


The Evergreen State prof who complained about racial awareness activities on the campus has filed a $3.85 million tort claim against the school. (Olympian)

Meanwhile, an apparent fan of conserva-talk radio has started an initiative to force Evergreen to rename itself a “PC indoctrination camp,” among other right-wing buzzwords. (Olympian)

The online petition against the distracted-driving law has gathered about 25,000 signatures so far. But is the language on the petition “misleading”? (SeaTimes)


Jimmy Tobias at the Nation likes Seattle’s “democracy vouchers”; calls them “a campaign finance system that’s the opposite of today’s dark-money monster.”


A surveillance cam shows a man breaking into a veterinary clinic and eating cat food. (KIRO-TV)


Can the next Port Commission members turn around a contracting system rife with alleged favoritism? (Hanna Brooks Olsen)


After 50 years, used-book emporium Horizon Books is shutting at its big basement spot between Pike and Union. Its former location on 15th Ave. E. is now Ada’s Technical Books. (Seattle Review of Books)


The city’s creating a pilot program to try and help homeowners at risk of foreclosure (which happened to 700 people last year alone). (KUOW)

Jon Talton insists we’re not (at least not necessarily) headed to a local housing-price crash, even though prices are soaring as high as they did before the ’08 crash.


The Weekly delves into the UW study claiming higher minimum wages hurt workers, and the methodology the study’s authors built to achieve this conclusion.

The city’s moving to close a loophole in the minimum-wage law that lets employers pay disabled workers less. (SeaTimes)


That reworked 747 tanker jet did get approval to be used in dropping water and/or chemicals on wildfires—but only in California and part of Colorado. (AP)


Amazon plans to hire 50,000 people around the country, and as many as 10,000 at a future one-day career fair. (AP)

The “Amazon effect” means Seattle’s the country’s #1 area for new software jobs. (GeekWire) (SeaTimes)

Amazon got a patent for “delivery drones that capture video of homes and recommend purchases.” (KIRO-TV)


June Foray, 99, was the reigning queen of cartoon voices. You heard her as Rocky Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, Nell Fenwick, Ursula (from “George of the Jungle”) Granny (from Tweety & Sylvester), Witch Hazel, Cindy Lou Who, and even “The Twilight Zone”’s Talking Tina. She also did a lot of behind-the-scenes work on behalf of the animation community. (Variety) (Cartoon Research)


Thanks to Sounders member and Seattle native Jordan Morris’s go-ahead goal in the 88th minute, the US won the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the championship of international men’s soccer in the western hemisphere.

The Mariners lost the series closer vs. Boston, 4-0. Home vs. the Mets starting Friday.


DJ Kim Warnick. (Revolver)

Taiwan Housing Project, Deep Tissue, Jo Passed. (Chop Suey)

Black Merlin, Aos. (Kremwerk)

“Write On! Ghosts of Seattle Past.” (NW African American Museum)

“Talkback Against 45” picnic. (Cal Anderson Park)

Films “E.T.” and “Starship Troopers.” (SIFF Uptown)

Guitarist-composer Gregg Belisle-Chi. (Chapel Performance Space)

International Girl Gang Expo. (Neptune)

“Forward: Origin Stories, An Evolving Exhibition.” (The Factory)

“KInetic Empathy,” gallery talk with Johanna Gosse. (Henry Art Gallery)

“Among the Living and the Dead” memoirist Irana Verzemnieks. (Central Library)

“Facing Addiction in Seattle” panel. (The Riveter)

King County forum on police oversight. (El Centro de la Raza)

“Gather the Daughters” novelist Jennie Melamed. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Lesbian-themed mockumentary film “The Wild Search.” (Grand Illusion)

Betty Wetter in “It Gets Wetter.” (Timbre Room, thru Sat)

“Stripper Circus” with Eureka O’Hara. (Neighbours)

Madi Seasons, Charlotte Bash, Sans Peter Band. (Rendezvous)

Scott M.X. Turner, Amber Crea. (Whisky West)

Spirit Award, Chris Cheveyo, Vomitface, Jake Laundry. (Fred Wildlife Refuge)

Sidewalk Chalk, Spider Ferns, Screens. (Sunset)

Gypsy Temple, Foxy Apollo. (Vera Project)




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