FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2017

intro: Jeff Bezos was, for a time on Thursday, the richest person in the world, with $90.9 billion—before late stock trading slightly diminished the value of his Amazon holdings. (Bill Gates “only” has $90.7 billion.) (Amazon’s total stock value how hovers around a half-trillion bucks.)

Let’s imagine what he, or we, could do with just a piece of that loot:

• Digitally remastering and restoring a lot of old films.

• Building enough truly affordable housing units to end homelessness, at least in our tri-county area.

• Preserving at least some endangered but beloved local old buildings.

• Settling all student-loan debts AND preventing low-income homeowners from foreclosure.

• Incentives for indie retailers threatened with annihilation by e-commerce giants.


Following one surprise chill-out day, the hotness resumes, and stays with us all weekend.

The weather station at Sea-Tac did not get even .01” of rain during Thursday morning’s spell of fog and mist, so its dry streak continues at 40 days (and 40 nights). (PI.com)



That newfangled “hyperloop” vacuum-tube train plan is all nice n’ futuristic enough, but “bullet train” tech already exists. WSDOT’s looking into the feasability of building such a line from Portland to Vancouver BC. (NWNews via KNKX) (image: opindia.com)

Yes, ferry fares will go up next year; but not by a lot. (KCPQ)



Ed Murray’s first accuser, Delvonn Heckard, has filed a $3 million claim with the city. Heckard’s attorneys claim Murray “used his position of power as mayor to defame Heckard.” (KUOW)


The state Public Employees Relations Commission ruled a complaint against Sheriff John Urquhart, by an opponent to his re-election campaign, can proceed to the hearing stage. The Puget Sound Police Managers Assocation filed the original complaint. It alleges Urquhart and close associates regularly harassed and retaliated against Maj. Mitzi Johanknecht (his current election rival) and her supporters within the department. (SeaTimes)

Investigators arrested a Bellevue man, who’d been deported from Canada after being convicted of fraud and obstruction. This time, he’s accused of posing as the hacker group “Anonymous,” as he harassed and hacked news organizations (including the CBC) and legal-info websites that had publicized his earlier crimes. (PI.com)


The deeply boring tunnel machine is gone but the lawsuits live on. In the latest such suit, the state claims contractor Seattle Tunnel Partners knew about the 8-inch steel pipe in the ground in Bertha’s path, but did nothing to prevent the pipe from rendering the machine useless for two years. (KING)


A US House committee restored funding for cleaning up Puget Sound, which the White House had wanted to decimate. (KUOW)

“I’m not sure I’m a Republican anymore.” (Chris Vance, Crosscut)


The Legislature’s been so divided, it can’t even agree on honoring its own recently deceased members. (News Tribune)


The Seattle School District’s budget boss says the Legislature’s mammoth, last-second school-funding plan “still falls short.” (KNKX)


A business owner on Everett’s north Broadway (the old Highway 99) put up a sign saying WELCOME TO TWEAKERVILLE. (Seattle mag)


A developer of for-profit “micro” apartments is adopting modular construction to cut costs, with prefab units built out-of-state and shipped to the project site. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

The 75-year-old Labor Temple on Second Avenue is one of Belltown’s last holdouts against redevelopment. Can it stay that way? That’s up to the unions that jointly own the place to decide. (SeaTimes)

Neighborhood NIMBYs are throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, to try and stop 57 “affordable” apartments in Greenwood from getting built. (The C Is For Crank)


Turns out there’s one set of foreign investors still avid on Seattle home-buying. A survey cited us as the #2 “favorite place to live” for Chinese millionaires. (Gene Balk)

The city, spurred by Councilmember Herbold, is launching a legal-aid program to prevent people sentenced to jail time from getting evicted from their homes. (Slog)


Nobody knows for sure that the White House resident’s granddad ran a brothel out of his 1900s Seattle restaurant. Yeah, many Pioneer Square storefronts at the time were fronts for sex work, but not all of them. (PI.com)


That Forbes.com “contributor” story, bashing Seattle’s minimum-wage hike, supposedly by the head of an unbiased think tank? Nope. The so-called “Employment Policies Institute” is really a front for a PR firm hired by restaurant-owner lobbyists, intent on keeping wages as low as possible. (NYT) (Goldy)


Grant M. Haller, 70, was the Post-Intelligencer’s star photographer from 1974 until the paper’s last print issue in 2009. He covered the Mt. St. Helens eruption, the Mariners’ division championships, political speeches, the works. After the paper’s closure, he continued as a freelance photographer and “personal historian.” (Joel Connelly)


The Storm’s home vs. Dallas tonight.

Sounders FC’s at LA Galaxy (now led by ex-Sounders coach Sigi Schmid) Saturday.

The Mariners start a home series vs. the Mets tonight.


George Clinton and Parlaiment/Funkadelic. (Neptune, Fri-Sat)

BAM ARTSfair. (Bellevue Arts Museum, Fri-Sun)

“festival:festival,” multidisciplinary arts programs and panels. (NW Film Forum, Fri-Sat)

“Strictly Seattle” dance/performance revue. (Broadway Performance Hall, Fri-Sat)

Jim Breuer. (Parlor Live Bellevue, Fri-Sat)

“She Is Fierce,” women’s performance showcase. (18th & Union, Fri-Sat)

Documentary “Mali Blues.” (SIFF Film Center, Fri-Sun)


Cindy Lee Berryhill, 10,000 Maniacs. (Triple Door, Fri)

Blackalicious, Zion I, Ayo Dot, Uppercuts. (Nectar, Fri)

Diana Krall. (Chateau Ste. Michelle, Fri)

Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors. (Snoqualmie Casino, Fri)

StarRo. (Kremwerk, Fri)

Coyote Lovely, Henry Mansfield, Ronnie Walker. (Rendezvous, Fri)

“Celebrating Ernestine Anderson” with Eugenie Jones. (Central Library, Fri)

“A Collaboration to Benefit Joe B.,” art auction for artist Joseph A. BenVenuto. (Traver Gallery, Fri)

“Outdoor Project’s Seattle Block Party,” SheJumps benefit. (Optimism Brewing, Fri)

Remembrance of poet Crysta Casey. (Couth Buzzard Books, Fri)

Comedians Katie Rubin, Hope Shanti. (Columbia City Theater, Fri)

“Theory Festival,” with Djs and science experiments. (Pacific Science Center, Fri)


Seafair Torchlight Parade. (Fourth Ave., Sat)

“Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live!” (Moore, Sat)

“A Benefit for Charleena Lyles.’ (Judkins Park, Sat)

Hoodstock, with Erik Blood, Fysah, Whitney Monge, more. (MLKy Way House, Sat)

Seattle art historian Fred F. Poyner IV. (Central Library, Sat)

Ed Sheeran, James Blunt. (Tacoma Dome, Sat)

Thievery Corporation, Stick Figure, Trevor Hall, more. (Marymoor Park, Sat)

Video release for “Aleister Crowley’s The Rite of Jupiter: A Rock Opera.” (Rendezvous, Sat)

Alki Pride LGBTQ feat. (Alki Beach, Sat)

“Power Summit,” conference to help POC entrepreneurs. (SAM, Sat)

“SLAY: A Hip Hop Party for LGBTQ, People of Color, and Allies.” (Chop Suey, Sat)

Magnetic Fields “69 Love Songs” tribute night. (Conor Byrne, Sat)

Stripped Screw Burlesque in “Keep It Up!” (Columbia City Theater, Sat)

“Exit Stage Naked,” burlesque Rush tribute. (Ballard Underground, Sat)

“Affordable Seattle Campaign” kickoff with Kshama Sawant. (Washington Hall, Sat)


Festival of Dance Improvisation. (Various spots, Sun thru Aug. 6)

Aldous Farding, Briana Marela. (Tractor, Sun)


(Joseph Mitchell):

“Life is a goddamn mess, but you wouldn’t want to miss it.”


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