I welcomed the end of our dry streak, as I do annually, by exhorting in the street, in the fakest-possible Southern accent: “Rain! Eureka! The crops are sa-a-a-aved!”

It’s a line from an old hair-spray commercial.

Don’t worry; nobody else ever gets it either.


Cloudy most of the week; highs in the low 70s.



The alt-right rally in Westlake had been scheduled (by the same guys behind larger “patriot” rallies in Portland) prior to the big, sorry Virginia debacle of hate. So, natch, counter-protesters were even more inspired to denounce the forces of bigotry at a simultaneous “Solidarity Against Hate” march.

The result: A few dozen dittoheads and wannabe Rambos, some in fatigues, claiming to have gathered in the name of rugged individualism and “positivity.”

More than a thousand anti-fascists, ranging in attitude from pacifists to macho anarchists.

And a couple hundred overdressed cops in between, under orders to keep the two groups far apart. They did so with blast bombs and pepper spray (only at the anti-racists, some of whom responded with glitter and Silly String®). 

As it happened, one of the places where police shooed marchers away was the alley that’s the site of Jazz Alley’s entrance. A few hours after “Black Lives Matter” chants bellowed through the alley, the space would again welcome affluent, mostly-white lovers of what’s sometimes called “black classical music.” (P-I) (KOMO) (SeaTimes) (KING) (KNKX) (Crosscut) (Slog)

Today’s alt-right rally in Seattle appears to be part of an organized, well-funded effort to normalize white nationalismby baiting progressives into equivalent violence.” (Geov Parrish)



Our state’s politicians denounced the Virginia violence a lot more forcefully than the White House occupant did. (Slog)

My acquaintance David Neiwert put up a major exposé two months ago, about the (many) direct links between today’s White House occupant and guys who either perpetrate or promote right-wing domestic terrorism.

We told you how the campaign to repeal Burien’s “sanctuary city” proclamation was started by a guy who doesn’t even live in Burien. Now it turns out the campaign’s partly funded by a Michigan man who’s started a network of anti-immigrant and just-plain-racist crusades, and who’s ranted publicly against Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, gays, and many others. (Slog)

Another hunger strike’s underway at the for-profit immigration jail in Tacoma. (Slog)

A task force recommends the Tacoma City Council establish a legal-defense fund for city residents detained at the immigration jail. (News Tribune)

Seahawk Michael Bennett sat during the national anthem before Sunday’s first preseason game. The rest of the team linked arms. Ex-Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, now with the Raiders, also sat during the anthem before his new team’s first game (he didn’t play in it). (P-I) (News Tribune) (KCPQ) (USAT)


A 16-square-mile wildfire’s burning near Othello. (AP)


Charleena Lyles’ family has filed a lawsuit against the city, related to the pregnant single mother’s death by police gunfire. (Weekly) (KCPQ)

Lyles family members, along with Che Taylor’s brother Andre, participated in a forum with Sheriff John Urquahrt and members of the Black Law Enforcement Association of Washington. All sides said there are too many fatal police shootings; they disagreed on whether enough progress was being made to reduce them. (Capitol Hill Times)

Until the Buddhist funeral for Tommy Le, the 20-year-old shot by sheriff’s deputies in Burien for brandishing a ball-point pen, his family remained quiet about the matter as per the religion’s traditions. When the family's official mourning period is over, it might take legal action. (Crosscut)


Dyer Oxley at KIRO-FM believes Ride the Ducks vehicles should get off Seattle streets once n’ for all. (He doesn’t mind them in the water.)


The Center for Food Safety’s suing the Army Corps of Engineers. The Portland-based nonprofit claims the corps is allowing massive development of Wash. state tidelands for shellfish-farming operaitons, without looking enough into potential environmental impacts. (AP)

The new Seattle seawall’s supposed to help salmon survival. One trick: wall surfaces designed to attract crustaceans, for fish food. (SeattleMet)


Amazon’s issuing refunds to customers who bought “potentially phony eclipse glasses” from third-party sellers on the site. (CNN) (GeekWire)

A new food-preservation technology called “microwave-assisted thermal sterilization,” developed by WSU for the military and reportedly being explored by Amazon, could result in pre-prepared meals that don’t need refrigeration. (GeekWire)


The Seahawks nailed their preseason opener at the newly moved LA Chargers, 48-17. The home debut vs. Minnesota Friday.

The Mariners had a lead in each game of the four-game series vs. Anahiem, and blew each one (Sunday’s score: 4-2). Baltimore comes to town for three games starting tonight.

New Storm coach Gary Kloppenburg saw his team to a 98-89 win at Phoenix. Home vs. Minnesota Wednesday.

Sounders FC tied for the MLS Western Conference lead with a 1-0 win vs. Sporting Kansas City. Home vs. Minnesota Sunday. 


“New People” novelist Danzy Senna. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Monobody, Curse League, Yufi 64. (Royal Room)

Film "Videodrome” with improvised live score. (Substation)

Vesperteen, Shelf Nunny, Torpoise. (Vera Project)

Ricky Skaggs. (Triple Door)

Underworld Scum, Trash Fire, Pictures on a Wall. (Cafe Pettirosso)




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