One of the longest-lasting, and dumbest, arguments repeated by white supremacists and white nationalists is that there’s something innately “superior” about "white" (i.e., northern European) genes, the more purely-bred the better.

What rot.

“Pure breeding” is for race horses and show dogs (and it isn’t all that great for them either). 

America's one strength (besides its geography and its postwar industrial legacy) is that it's the most mongrel nation on Earth.


Mostly sunny and seasonably warm, after morning clouds.

The recent smoky haze brought with it “enhanced” levels of radiation and ozone in the air. (Cliff Mass)



The fight against domestic Nazis has made many recall the war our nation had against the original Nazis. Feliks Banel had another reason for reading aloud every name (over 800) on the front wall of High School Memorial Stadium, on the 72nd anniversary of V-J Day. He wants the wall preserved (not just reproduced) in the new replacement stadium project.



James Allsup resigned as the president of WSU’s College Republicans, after photos spread on social media showing him as part of the white-supremacist march in Virginia. At first, Allsup insisted he was only there to “report” on it for a YouTube channel. But then, word got out that he'd been scheduled to speak at the rally, before it got all chaotic and violent. (KING) (RawStory) (KIRO-FM)

UW president Ana Mari Cauce used the occasion to publicly remember her brother, who was killed by KKK terrorists in the 1979 “Greensboro Massacre.” (KIRO-TV) (AP)

Dave Ross watched coverage of the Virginia mess on the Russian-owned RT channel, which apparently luuuvs to depict the US as chaotic, lawless, and not authoritarian enough.

There are plenty of summer farm jobs for DACA “Dreamers” this summer. But that doesn’t ease these immigrants (and immigrants’ kids) from worrying about their futures. (NWNews via KNKX)


At the National Park Service’s centennial, can the parks be preserved from oil/mining interests for the people as a whole? (Joel Connelly)

Can “urban historic parks,” like our own Klondike Gold Rush museum, help increase the National Parks’ public awareness? (Knute Berger)


The last total solar eclipse in this corner of the world was in ’79. I didn’t see it, thanks to clouds; but folks in central and eastern Washington did. Among other folks clogging the roads anywhere near the event, it attracted scores of neo-Druids to the Stonehenge replica in Goldendale. (SeaTimes)  

KING weatherperson Rich Marriott said the ’79 eclipse “felt like Armageddon was coming or a cloud of locusts, I don’t know.” 

How bad do you think the traffic will be going to and from the “path of totality” in Oregon? Nope; even worse than that. (KING)


The City Council voted 8-0 to restrict landlords, in most cases, from checking would-be tenants’ criminal histories. (PubliCola) (KCPQ)

The council also approved a resolution reaffirming its interest in a KeyArena rebuild, and putting the Sodo arena developers’ street-vacation request on indefinite hold. (KING)

King County Elections will probably certify the mayoral primary as a Durkan/Moon win today. (Slog)


“Janice / @erby” took one of the new bike-share systems out for a test spin. She believes the concept has several problems, some of which are “baked in” and can’t really be fixed. (Medium)

With no set departure/return stations for these bike-share bikes, riders are leaving them in the middle of sidewalks, in other people’s front yards, even dumping them from overpasses. (KING)


It’s not just the state ferries—all maritime employment in Wash. state is headed toward a “retirement cliff.” (SeaTimes) (KIRO-FM)

Some of the farmworkers involved in the walkout against working conditions at a Whatcom County blueberry operation have accepted the company’s offer of tickets back to Mexico. Others plan to return on their own. (SeaTimes)


A judge ordered Costco to pay $19 million to Tiffany & Co., after it was found selling “Tiffany rings” that didn’t come from the company. (SeaTimes)


The injury-depleted Mariners lost their fifth straight, 11-3 vs. Baltimore. Same teams tonight.


Seattle Walks: Discovering History and Nature in the City” author David B. Williams, with Tom Heuser and Rob Ketcherside. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

“Pythagorus Day.” (MOHAI)

Freddie Jackson. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Pat Benetar/Neil Giraldo, Rick Springfield. (Woodland Park Zoo)

Primus, Clutch. (Marymoor Park)

National Poster Retrospecticus pop-up shop. (Piranha Shop)

Steve Earle & the Dukes, Mastersons. (Neptune)

Immigrant Solidarity Rally. (Sturgus Park)

Sister Speak, Nico Tower. (Royal Room)

Ricky Skaggs. (Triple Door)

Comedy Nest series presents Heather Thomson. (Rendezvous)

Aspergers Are Us. (El Corazon)

Gems, Anthony Warner. (Vermillion)

Burn Burn Burn, Le YIKES Surf Club, more. (Victory Lounge)

Zen Mother, Ahleuchatistas, Roy Rodgers. (Sunset)

South Sound Tug & Barge. (Parliament)

North City Jazz Walk. (15th Ave NE and NE 175th St)


(Mike Royko):

"It's much harder to be a liberal than a conservative. Why? Because it is easier to give someone the finger than a helping hand."


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