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MISCmedia MAIL awakened yesterday, and does so again today, with the prospect of a significantly more activist, less business-beholden city government. That wasn't supposed to happen with all the money poured into this past primary. More on that a little later.


Morning clouds burning off later; mid 70s at best. Back up to 80 maybe Friday, then perhaps showers on the weekend.



Tacoma used to have a "Never Never Land" kiddie park attraction; basically just statues of fairytale characters alongside a trail. The painted-fiberglass critters were removed long ago, and now lie abandoned in a warehouse basement. (Morgan Alexander, Tacoma Sun) 

A judge will soon decide whether the recall drive against Pierce County Prosecutor (and "Never Mind Nirvana" novelist) Mark Lindquist can continue. The recall's instigator, Fircrest businesswoman Cheryl Iseberg, alleges Lindquist led his office in such offenses as "vindictive prosecution, discriminatory hiring practices and evading public disclosure laws." Lindquist's attorneys deny all allegations. (KING)  

Seattle's Old Spaghetti Factory doesn't have a new site yet, but the chain's Tacoma branch has found a new location. It's where a Kress-like downtown supermarket didn't last. (News Tribune)



The thing is, summertime primary elections are supposed to skew older and more conservative than November general elections. Especially when they attract as much outside money as these did. But this week's City Council primaries skewed leftist and "urbanist." (Weekly) 

Seattlish has Wednesday afternoon's updated vote totals; while PubliCola analyzes each race from such metrics as "HALA Backlash" and "Socialist Revolution" 


A woman "with a history of hate-crime convictions in her past" was charged with "shouting anti-gay slurs and squishing a bartender's tesicles" at a Capitol Hill bar during Pride Week in June. (PI.com) 

A Bremerton man was charged with "a federal hate crime," after a January incident in which he allegedly threatened three men on Capitol Hill with a knife while shouting "anti-gay slurs." (AP)

Four men were charged with "poaching" protected old-growth maple trees from a Washington national forest, for use in deluxe musical instruments. (PI.com)

A deer wandered the streets of Bellingham last Saturday. Until some jerk shot it. (KOMO)


The state and Snohomish County want tax revenue from non-Indian-owned retailers on the Tulalip Reservation (including a Walmart, a Home Depot, and an outlet mall). A judge said the tribe can keep that money for itself. (AP) 


The Columbia River town of Roosevelt WA was completely evacuated due to wildfire dangers. (KING) 


That touring 1,000-foot outdoor water slide won't come to Seattle this month after all, thanks to our ongoing water crisis and/or permitting delays. (Weekly) 


Pink salmon are thriving this season, while many other local fish runs, to put it mildly, aren't. KUOW explores why. 


More than 1,200 Seattle high-school girls have asked school nurses about birth control last school year. (No, right-wing women's-health-haters, this is a good thing.) (KING) 

Community leaders spoke out at a Beacon Hill meeting Wednesday against the proposed new King County juvenile detention jail. They said the juvenile-justice system already sentences minority teens more harshly than white teens, and that we need more social services rather than jail cells. (SeaTimes)


Community activists, acting on their own perogative without city approval, painted some sidewalks along MLK Way in the "Pan African flag" colors of red, black, and green. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


The Mariners could have achieved a rare away series sweep at Colorado. But reliever Fernando Rodney once again let the Rockies tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, on the way to a 7-5 defeat. Home vs. Texas on Friday.

Sounders FC managed to NOT LOSE, eking out a 1-1 draw at Vancouver. At LA Galaxy Sunday afternoon.


First Thursday art openings, including "Lush Life 5: Reverie" at Roq La Rue and "A Curious Beastiary: Chimeras and Cryptozoology from American Printmakers" at Davidson Galleries.

Post Alley Hooley, with live music, fashion shows, beer gardens, etc. (Post Alley from Pike to Marion streets)

31st annual "From Hiroshima to Hope" ceremony, using floating paper lanterns to honor victims of violence here and worldwide. (Green Lake)

"A-Bomb: 70 Years Since Hiroshima," rare 16mm films from the Atomic Age. (NW Film Forum)

Premiere of play "Is She Dead Yet?" by Brandon J. Simmons, "absurd" drama about white privilege and "the last black person on Earth." (Annex Theatre, thru 8/22) 

Gigantor (with Lynval Golding of UK ska vets the Specials). (Olympic Sculpture Park)

Opening of Pizza Fest VI with Heaters, Pizza Riot, Childbirth and more. (Funhouse, El Corazon, and Chop Suey; thru Sun)

MS MR album release, with visuals by kidmograph. (EMP Museum, free/all ages)

GOP Presidential Debate viewing party, with "drinking bingo." (Moe Bar)




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