Yesterday in this space, I mentioned the three friends who’d moved (separately) to Houston, and how I’d only heard this week from one of them. Now I’ve heard from the others. The one who remained in Houston during the worst of the worst is fine, high and (reasonably) dry.


Would you believe, only up to the mid 70s?



A brush fire almost burned several homes along Kent’s West Hill area, and closed northbound I-5 for a while Tuesday afternoon. (KOMO)

Many central Washington parks and recreation areas will remain closed over Labor Day weekend, due to continuing wildfires in the area. One fire’s burning over 4,600 acres north of Cle Elum. (P-I)

 Maybe, just maybe, today we’ll have a little less wildfire smoke in the local air. (KCPQ) (Slog)



So, how would mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan pay for her two-year-college-tuition plan? Can she? (SeattleMet)


Rep. Jayapal’s among 140 members of Congress demanding a reversal of the White House’s ban on trans members in the military. She calls the ban “unconstitutional and discriminatory.” (Slog)

Frightening to believe, but there are a few guys who support insane price-gouging for bottled water in hurricane zones, because “the Free Market.” (Paul Constant)

How many local Republican incumbents have vocally condemned the federal pardon of racist ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio? Pretty much just Dave Reichert. (Joel Connelly)

The hedge-fund billionaire who’s propping up Breitbart, and was a major donor to the White House occupant’s campaign, has parked his 200-foot yacht in Seattle for pre-winter adaptations. No word whether the guy himself is with it. (Slog)


For the 10th straight month, Seattle’s got the nation’s fastest-rising home prices. (SeaTimes)

A Windermere exec says we’re not, absolutely not, assuredly not, in another housing-market “bubble.” (KIRO-FM)


A UW research study questions the way doctors are testing for herpes infections, saying its margin for error is too big. (P-I)


An unidentified “petroleum based” chemical was found floating on top of the Green River at Kent. The state Dept. of Ecology is investigating. (KOMO) (SeaTimes)

A cleanup of the collapsed pens at that fish farm of the San Juans resulted in the collection of 120,000 farmed salmon (less than half the number that escaped into open waters). (KOMO)

Why farm Atlantic salmon in Washington? Because they’re seen as “more domesticated” than local stocks. (KNKX)

A whale got entangled with a cruise ship’s anchor off of Juneau for about half a day. (AP)


A homeless man wielding scissors lunged at Sheriff John Urquhart and his chief of staff Chris Barringer, on a sidewalk outside the County Courthouse. He backed away when Barringer revealed his gun. The man was booked for felony second-degree assault. (KING)


The Douglas County PUD fired the state Dept. of Fish and Wildlife from its contract to run the Wells Hatchery. The move followed reports of a “highly sexualized” workplace culture at the hatchery, which led to four firings. (NWNews via KNKX)

The treasurer of a small (90 members) local labor union embezzled over $80,000 from its accounts over four or five years. Then, to avoid getting caught, she tried to disband the union. It didn’t work. (P-I)


The Public Employment Relations Commission ruled the Bellevue School District was wrong when it not only fired coach Butch Goncharoff and his assistant Pat Jones from Bellevue High’s scandal-ridden football program, but forbade them from speaking with anyone connected to the district’s athletic programs for two years. (Goncharoff is now with Cedar Park Christian School in Bothell.) (SeaTimes)

Costco dropped its contract with a trucking company accused of labor-law violations. (KING)

A Glassdoor report says average wages in Seattle are up 2.1 percent this year, mostly in retail jobs (with exceptions). (P-I)


Another of those “low power” radio stations will start up next month. It’s in the Rainier Valley, and it’s dedicated to minority cultures. (Seattle Globalist)


Karan Danenberg has quietly closed her 20-year-old Belltown fashion boutique, and will reopen in Bellevue. (PS Biz Journal)

To few people’s surprise, Expedia boss Dara Khosrowshahi is splitting to run (and try to turn around) Uber. (GeekWire)


The Mariners were one-hit non-wonders in a 4-0 loss at Baltimore. Series ends today.


“An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward” author Caroline Gerdes. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

“The Shadow Council with Bret Hamil.” (NW Film Forum)

Springtime Carnivore, Valleymaker. (Barboza)

Sigus, Divorcer, Soul-La-May. (Generations)

“Climate Change Impacts on the Marine Food Web of Puget Sound.” (Peddler Brewing)

Film “Labyrinth.” (Columbia Park)

“What Every American Should Know,” with Charles Mudede. (Central Library)

Cody Ray, Champagne Honeybee. (High Dive)

Sub Pop DJ night. (Sisters and Brothers)




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