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Back up to 80 maybe Friday; slightly cooler and showers (maybe the most local precip since April) on the weekend.

Even our Northwest drought's different from other droughts in other places. Call it an alterna-drought, maybe. (Seattle Met) 



The "Market Place" office-retail complex on Western Avenue, just outside the Pike Place Market and north of Steinbrueck Park, will be remodeled to resemble more of a "Pike Place Market experience." The promo drawings look like just more windswept plazas to me. (PS Biz Journal)

Meanwhile, the City plans to heavily remodel, and gentrify,  Steinbrueck Park. One of the park's original designers doesn't want any reworking to turn it into a place where homeless folk and Native Americans are made to feel unwelcome. (Daily Journal of Commerce) 


Downtown's stoic Dexter Horton Building's for sale, just two years after its current owners plopped down $76.4 million for it. (PS Biz Journal) 



The primary also included two Port of Seattle Commission races. One of them leaves two anti-Shell envronmentalists as the finalists, with the business-as-usual candidate in a distant third. The other race was won handily by ex-Gov. Gregoire's daughter. (Slog)

In an NYT op-ed, Howard Schultz says he's not running for President. But the piece sure sounds like he's thought, and might still be thinking, about it.

There's a petition going around for a Constitutional amendment that would repeal the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling and re-regulate political campaign donations. (KPLU) 

And apparently there was either the season premiere of "Last Comic Standing" or a GOP debate last night. (Daily Kos)


The big wildfire near Lake Chelan is getting close to a couple of small towns, one of them already evacuated. (SeaTimes)

It's the "Year of the Jellyfish" in Puget Sound (alas, without pouting young topfree sunbathers like those in the French film of the same name). (KING) 

In a legal settlement, more than 50 companies and governmental agencies will pay to help restore salmon habitats in Tacoma's Commencement Bay. The outfits had been charged with contributing to the bay's pollution over the years; they include Boeing, Chevron, BNSF Railway, and even King County Metro. (AP)

A bargeful of debris that had washed up in Alaska, presumably from the Japanese tsunami, has arrived in Seattle for recycling. (KING)


Can a proposed new city gun tax help pay for the over 250 gunshot victims treated at Harborview in the past year? (Joel Connelly) 


Yes, there were black women in 1990s punk rock. (Vice/Broadly)

Federal ATF agents could have picked any neighborhood to put up street surveillance cams. Which did they choose? C'mon, guess. (SeaTimes)


Not only are Californian land buyers taking over Seattle, they're also taking over Washington's farm country. (NBC)


Jeff Bezos just sold a half-billion bucks' worth of his own Amazon stock. (GeekWire)

Sayist.com, a local startup, hopes to be the next big thing in online classifieds. It promises simpler ad placement, more social-media linkups, and no personals or sex ads. (KOMO)


Of course, big bank spokespeople will claim today's housing boom's nothing like the bubble conditions of the prior decade. (Biz Insider) 

You know, maybe if they paid truckers a living wage, there wouldn't be such a shortage of 'em. (Mathbabe)


Mariners vs. Texas thru Sun.

Sounders FC at LA Galaxy Sunday afternoon.

Storm at Dallas Saturday.

The Seattle Design Commission is moving closer to a final up-or-down decision i/r/t Chris Hansen's arena proposal. (KING) 


Dead Baby Bike Run, including downhill and "messenger challenge" races plus live bands. (starting at Elysian Brewpub on East Pike, Fri)

South Lake Union Block Party. (Denny Park and surrounding streets, Fri)

New Orleans Jazz with Monty Banks. (Swedish Club, Fri)

Salmonfest Seattle. (Lake City Way, Fri-Sun)

SeaProg 2015, festival of progessive rock bands. (Columbia City Theater, Fri-Sun) 

AVP Kingston Seattle Open, men's and women's beach volleyball tournament. (Lake Sammamish State Park, Fri-Sun) 

Bernie Sanders and plenty of other speakers at a rally honoring the 50th anniversary of Medicare (Westlake Park, 1 pm Sat); then a $200 fundraiser with Sanders (Comet Tavern, 6 p.m. Sat); then Sanders in a Presidential campaign event. (UW Hec Ed Pavilion, 6 pm Sat)

"Bands for Bernie" with Julie Mains, Lost Dogma, Ex's With Benefits. (Crocodile, 3-6 p.m. Sat, free)

Hot Off the Press: A Cool Summer Small Press Fest. (Fantagraphics Bookstore, Sat)

"Duwamish Revealed" Boat Trip. (Starting from Terminal 107 Park, 10 am Sat)

"Duwamish Revealed" performance with aerialist Tanya Brno, the Duwamish Riverside People's Chorus, and more. (The Estuary, 4651 Diagonal Ave. S., 8 pm Sat)

Summer Streets Festival, with live music/dance, arts, street soccer, and more. (Greenwood Ave. N., Sat)

Car-free zone on E. Pike, between Broadway and 12th Ave. E. (starting 10 p.m. Sat; weekly thru Aug. 29)

Capitol Hill Garage Sale. (Cal Anderson Park and other spots, Sun)

Freak Out Party, with the Boss Martians and DJs Howie Pyro and Brother James. (Darrell's Tavern, Sun)


(Clive Barker, "Imajica"):

“We’re too much ourselves. Afraid of letting go of what we are, in case we are nothing, and holding on so tight, we lose everything else.”


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