Poverty among riches: it existed in imperial Europe, and it really exists in Seattle now. 

The Economic Opportunity Institute cites IRS data showing the average Seattleite pulled in less than $50Gs a year as of 2014; and a quarter of us didn’t reach $25Gs. 

The same set of stats shows that fewer than 9,000 households would be affected by the city’s attempted high-earner income tax.

All this while almost all real-estate development, most new shops and restaurants here, and much of the surviving local news media, care only for the $100Gs-and-up crowd.


Still relatively cool Thursday. Hot-osity returns Friday, pushing 90 by Monday.



“Does your Native American artwork belong to you, or to its tribe?” (KUOW; image: Noby Koch, Sealaska Heritage Institute)



Jack Christiansen, 89, was a structural engineer who described his work as akin to “creating sculpture on a grand scale.” A pioneer in designing “thin shell concrete structures,” he’d helped create the Pacific Science Center arches, the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, the Museum of Flight, and, oh yeah, the Kingdome (which, for all its faults as a place to watch baseball, was still an engineering marvel). Christiansen once “compared the Kingdome to the Roman Coliseum, and believed it could last over 1,000 years.” (Daily Journal of Commerce)


Atlantic salmon from that collapsed fish farm have already swum 60 miles away in a little more than a week. (KOMO)

Canadian tribal leaders have expressed concern about the fish-farm spill. Stateside opponents are using it as a further reason to denounce plans for another such fish farm by the same company in Clallam County. (SeaTimes) (KNKX)

Someone’s made graphics showing what a weather disaster the size and scope of Hurricane Harvey would do to other places. If it were to happen here, it would wreak its havoc everywhere west of the Cascades, from north of Victoria to south of Portland. (via P-I)

Charles Mudede claims the “free market” can’t deal with huge climate-change-related disasters, therefore “socialism is inevitable.”


Attorneys for Charleena Lyles’ family said her autopsy showd she’d been shot by police seven times; some of those in the back; and she’d not had drugs or alcohol in her system at the time. (KCPQ) (Weekly) (UK Guardian)

Former Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, fired after the wrongful arrest of a 69-year-old black man using a golf club as a cane, has reached a settlement in the city. Whitlatch will get her dismissal re-classified as a retirement, and will get two years’ back pay. (KIRO-TV)


“We must give immigrants shelter from the [federal] storms.” (Weekly editorial)

A WSU prof, reacting to the continued appearance of racist and/or neo-Nazi imagery on that campus, says that any effective anti-racist strategy “requires looking in the mirror, looking at our own communities, and challenging all forms of white supremacy, from the extreme to the mainstream.” (Crosscut)

Sheriff John Urquhart likes that the White House wants to let the feds supply police department with military-style weapons again. (KIRO-FM)


A study shows hospitals in Washington aren’t following their duty to offer care to needy patients. (Slog)

Former UW football star Ed Cunningham has quit his current job as an ESPN football commentator. He says he can no longer promote a sport that inflicts such known “effects on the brain.” (KCPQ) (SeaTimes)

A third rabid bat was found locally, this time in SeaTac. (KCPQ)


A Marysville 16-year-old died several days after what police call “a pre-arranged fistfight.” (KCPQ)


An unnamed comic-book artist had a lot of precious drawings and other stuff in a now-stolen backpack, and would really like it back. (MyBallard)


Easy Street Records is taking over the bar in its basement; will turn it into a live-music venue and restaurant. (West Seattle Herald)


Should Amazon spin off its most profitable unit (its “web services” for other dotcoms) into a separate entity, so it could more easily get and/or keep customers (such as other e-tailers) who don’t want to risk Amazon learning their data? (GeekWire)


Dara Khosrowshahi, the ex-Expedia CEO now running Uber, told an “all hands” meeting at the latter firm that Uber’s corporate culture “has got to change.” (CNN) He’s also cited the Seahawks’ last-seconds loss in the 2015 Super Bowl as an example of “a teachable moment”—“We have all had to make those hard calls that don’t work out the way we envisioned.” (GeekWire)


The on-again, off-again ride-share drivers’ unionization law is now off again, thanks to an injunction by the 9th District Court of Appeals. (Weekly)

The ride-share phenom has only made economics worse for taxi drivers at Sea-Tac. They’ve held a couple of impromptu strikes, arguing they not only don’t they make minimum wage, they have to use one stinky, run-down restroom. (Stranger) 

Local developers still can’t get enough construction workers. (KNKX)


The Mariners got swept by the Orioles, losing the series closer Wednesday 8-7. Back home vs. Oakland Friday.


Mayor’s Arts Awards ceremony. (Mural Amphitheatre, 4 pm)


Film “Dr. Strangelove.” (Freeway Park)

“Sculptured Dance” performance revue. (Olympic Sculpture Park)

Lily Verlaine adaptation of ballet “Giselle.” (Triple Door, thru Fri)

Soundgarden/Chris Cornell memorial photo exhibit. (Art/Not Terminal, thru Mon)

International Overdose Awareness Day. (Westlake Park)

“Coast Salish Art of Central Puget Sound” lecture by Lydia Sigo. (Frye)

“Wonder Woman: Warbringer” novelist Leigh Bardugo. (U Book Store)

“Stronger Than Love,” sketch comedy show. (Pocket Theater)

Cécile McLorin Salvant. (Jazz Alley, thru Sun)

Mikey and Matty, Danforth Hill, Charlie Finn. (Conor Byrne)

VHS, Constant Lovers, SSDD. (Highline)

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def). (Neptune)

SassyBlack, Goodsteph. (Neumos)

Shenandoah Davis. (Cloud Room)

Stark Raving Plaid. (Kells, thru Fri)

In//Via, Lonesome Leash, Terror/Cactus, Amethust de Wolfe. (Woodland Theater)

Film “Blade Runner.” (Piranha Shop)

“Dungeons & Drag Queens: A Live Comedy Adventure.” (Timbre Room)

French horn player-composer Tom Varner. (Chapel Performance Space)


(Dwight D. Eisenhower):

“A people [or person] that values its privileges above principles soon loses both.”


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