The skies on Tuesday were the colors of a faded 16mm film print, or a ‘70s era cheezy sci-fi paperback cover. 

And ash fell from the air, like it did here after Mt. St. Helens went all kablooey lo those many years ago.


Winds should change direction early today, eventually leading to clearer air. Scattered showers just might return Thursday.



Two growing central-Washington wildfires “drenched” the Seattle area in ash and smoke. An “air quality alert” remains in effect today. Each of the main fires now covers over 20,000 acres. (P-I) (GeekWire) (Weekly) (SeaTimes)

Wildfire smoke pollution is “worse than we thought,” especially closer to the fire sites. (NWNews)

An outdoor burn ban is in effect statewide; some counties are also banning other types of fires. (AP)

Among the threatened spots in the fires’ paths: the Crystal Mountain ski resort. (KOMO) (Yakima Herald-Republic) (KING)

Soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord are joining the firefighting crews. (AP)

In Oregon, I-84 remained closed on Tuesday, while new “spot fires” ignited in the Columbia River Gorge. (KCPQ) (KATU)

In all, “more than two dozen named fires” are burning in Wash./Ore. (KGW)



An emergency pro-DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) Act, pro-Dreamer protest was held at El Centro de la Raza on Beacon Hill Tuesday, one of many around the nation. At it, state Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that he had a team of lawyers working all weekend, in conjunction with similar teams in other states, to prepare a lawsuit that would be filed “very, very soon.” Lieutenant Gov. Cyrus Habib promised a “second Washington State Dream Act” in the next Legislative session. Mayor Ed Murray vowed Seattle would “continue to lead in protecting immigrants and refugees.” Mayoral candidates Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan said Seattle must, in Moon’s words, “be more than just a sanctuary city.” Rep. Pramila Jayapal urged her fellow Congresspeople to “immediately pass stand-alone legislation to protect Dreamers.” (Sara Bernard, Weekly) (Joel Connelly) (Crosscut)

At the rally and elsewhere, local immigrants denounced the “cruel” DACA repeal plan. One of them, Craciela Nunez Pargas, said that “800,000 of us are not going back to the shadows—and we're definitely going to fight for our rights here.” (KCPQ)

Other officials who denounced the repeal plan: Sens. Murray and Cantwell, County Exec Constantine, Councilmember Gonzalez, and even Reps. Dave Reichert and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. (Slog) (KNKX) (KIRO-FM) (Joel Connelly)

Microsoft vowed to protect “Dreamers” in its employ. So did Fred Hutch. (P-I) (GeekWire)

UW prez Ana Mari Cauce said her staff is “committed to our DACA Dreamers.” Cauce said Dreamer students would still receive financial aid; the prez of Seattle U said the same. (Slog) 

Dujie Tahat at Civic Skunk Works says “the economic case for DACA” is “total basura.” Tahat’s preferred justification: “DACA recipients are people. Full stop."

“Four things you need to know about DACA in Washington state.” (KNKX)

An end to DACA would put the lives of perhaps 20,000 Washington residents “into limbo.” (Crosscut)

“Kayaktivists” surrounded the ultra-mega-yacht of Breitbart funder and far-right moneyman Robert Mercer on Lake Union Tuesday evening. Mercer himself probably wasn’t there. (P-I)



The head of the state Fish & Wildlife Dept. has ordered massive operational changes, after continuing reports of “sexualized workplaces” within the department. (NWNews via KNKX)


Could single-family-zoning NIMBYs not only make housing hyper-inflation worse, but even derail the Seattle tech boom? (KIRO-TV)

The UW wants to build at least 150 units of “affordable” off-campus housing for its own employees. (SeaTimes)


The City Council gave official recognition to “historic Filipino Town,” as part of a larger move to protect more of the International District in the face of redevelopment. (SeaTimes)

Having meetings at night is just one way the City Council could better listen to its constituents. (Crosscut)


The state’s suing Tacoma’s St. Joseph Medical Center, saying it “illegally withheld charity care.” (News Tribune)


Wash. state’s schools have the nation’s second-worst rate for “chronic absenteeism.” (AP)


Could “helmet scolds” unwittingly not only ruin the bike-share boom but “undermine bike safety in Seattle”? (StreetsBlog)


The Storm’s first playoff game is tonight at Phoenix.

The Mariners lost again to Houston, 3-1. Series ends tonight.

The UW Huskies rose to #7 in the latest AP national football rankings. (SeaTimes)


“The Ropes: Understanding Youth Homelessness.” (New Horizons)

Film “Better Than Chocolate.” (NW Film Forum)

Presentation about Alex Tizon’s essay “My Family’s Slave,” with Tizon’s widow and sister. (Gates Foundation)

“The Who & the What,” play by Ayad Akhtar. (ArtsWest, thru Oct. 1)

ArtAche Market, with Lilac. (Chop Suey)

Vallis Alps, Taylar Eliza Beth, Anomie Belle. (Crocodile)

Keyshia Cole. (Showbox)

Skerik Band, Banda Magda. (Nectar)

Seattle Science Slam. (Vermillion)

“Am I Normal?: Punk/Rock Edition” with DJ Halfcan. (Revolver)

Alexandra Savior, Mascaras. (Sunset)

Monsterwatch, Critté, Landmarks. (Barboza)

“The Sound of Music.” (Paramount, thru Mon)




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