America’s official and unofficial days of commemoration, even the ones predicated on deaths or wars, are generally treated as celebrational or recreational occasions. 

Sure, there are annual news stories on Memorial Day or Veterans Day about aging ex-soldiers remembering their lost comrades in arms. But then the anchorpeople move on to discussing the day’s real news—the big auto race, or a traffic jam.

But 9/11 is too recent, still. 

And those attacks led, not to an eventual “victory” or even a situation with a definable point of “victory,” but eternal wars and “operations” every which where.

I’m saying future generations may never use this day as an occasion for used-car sales or BBQs.


80-degree warmth, which we can now call “unseasonable.”



Someone’s put together a digital animation based on public-transit vehicles in motion, over the course of an average day, in Seattle and other cities. Despite this proof of transit’s popularity, talk radio and other backwards outlets still talk about promoting a cars-only transportation future. (Seattle Transit Blog)


E TU, HQ2?

Philadelphia columnist Will Bunch on city/state groveling to attract Amazon’s “HQ2”, at the cost of potentially massive “incentives”: “Should Philly screw over its schoolkids to make the world’s second richest man even richer?”

UW prof Margaret O’Mara: “In an age where cities and states are starved for resources, often times these efforts at economic development, the costs of tax breaks for the city, will far outweigh whatever benefits come from the number of jobs created.” (GeekWire)

“Amazon’s new headquarters should be in hell.” (Hamilton Nolan, Splinter News)

“Let Amazon hike up rents somewhere else.” (John Burbank, Economic Opportunity Institute)

Other commentators, here and elsewhere, attribute Amazon’s falling out of “monogamy” with Seattle as the fault of Those Damn Liberals. (SeaTimes)

Wash. state politicians are trying to figure out how to get Amazon’s new campus close to its current one. (SeaTimes)

“Seattle should make a pitch to be Amazon’s second headquarters.” (Matthew Yglasias, Vox)

An NYT piece suggests Denver would be Amazon’s best co-head-office choice.

Other places actively looking toward inviting Amazon: Albuquerque, Rochester. (AP) (GeekWire)

Meanwhile, Amazon is reportedly about to sign leases on four more Seattle buildings, totalling 1.5 million square feet. (GeekWire)


The Norse Creek Fire northeast of Mt. Rainier is at least moving more slowly. (P-I)

The Columbia Gorge fire keeps burning, as wind and steep terrain make firefighting even tougher. (Oregonian)

The feds are running out of firefighting funds. (Daily Beast)

Expect more and bigger wildfires west of the Cascades in the near future, thanks to climate change. (SeaTimes)


An “undocumented” student got elected to Western Washington U’s student government; but WWU’s administration told her she couldn’t serve. She’s “standing her ground.” (KNKX)


Charleena Lyles’ father has filed a civil-rights lawsuit against the Seattle Polices officers who’d fatally shot her. (Slog)

The federal monitor overseeing Seattle’s police-reform drive says progress has been made, but much more progress still needs to be made. (SeaTimes)

The head of Las Vegas’ NAACP branch “is thankful Michael Bennett is alive,” after the Seahawks’ run-in with local police. (KIRO-FM)

The Las Vegas police union went “in the gutter to attack Michael Bennett.” (Dave Zirin, The Nation)


Does Seattle’s Design Review Board, entrusted with making sure new developments fit “neighborhood character,” really just make projects slower, costlier, AND uglier? (Charles Mudede) (Dan Bertolet)


The city’s planning to “sweep” the rest of the Spokane Street encampment this week. (West Seattle Blog)


An appeals court delivered another block to Seattle’s ride-share-driver unionization law. (KING)


The Seahawks’ bad-luck streak at Green Bay continued with a 17-9 loss (augmented by quesitonable officiating). The regular-season home opener’s next Sunday vs. the 49ers.

The UW Huskies demolished Montana 63-7. The nationally #6-ranked Dawgs are home vs. Fresno State Saturday. 

Sounders FC played LA Galaxy to a 1-1 draw. At FC Dallas Saturday.

The Mariners won 2 of 3 in the series vs. Anaheim, losing Sunday 5-3. At Texas starting tonight.


Anti-sweeps rally. (4th and S. Spokane, 9 am)


Hanuman. (Hotel Albatross)

Mac DeMarco, the Garden. (Moore)

Alexander Hamilton biographer Martha Brockenbough. (U Book Store)

“Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse” author John Nichols. (The Summit)

“We Were Witches” author and Hip Mama zine founder Ariel Gore. (Elliott Bay Book Co.)

Heatwarmer, Baby Gramps, Pets. (Neumos)

Wild Cub. (Tractor)

“Problem Glyphs” artist/author Eliza Gauger. (Fred Wildlife Refuge)


(Octavia Butler):

"Intelligence does enable you to deny facts you dislike. But your denial doesn’t matter. A cancer growing in someone’s body will go on growing in spite of denial. And a complex combination of genes that work together to make you intelligent as well as hierarchical will still handicap you whether you acknowledge it or not."


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