Our ol’ UW Daily staffmate Lynda Barry claims that mobile phones are separating people from some of the necessary ingredients for creativity: “loneliness, uncertainty, and boredom.” 

I can assure her, and you, that emptiness and ennui are eminently capable of realization, with or without electronic media devices.


Cooling down into the still borderline-unseasonable mid 70s.



Until Dozer’s Warehouse on Beacon Hill is demolished for yet another mixed-use blah blah blah, it’ll have vibrant mural art on it, inside and out, thanks to artists organized by Beacon Arts. (Alex Garland, South Seattle Emerald)



Faced with the national challenges to traditional “brick and mortar” retail, Nordstrom’s reviving the concept behind the old Sears and Wards “catalog stores.” “Nordstrom Local” stores would be staffed with “personal stylists” and manicurists, but wouldn’t have garments in stock to buy—just some in-store samples. Rather, items would be ordered and delivered, to the store or to the customer’s home. (NPR) (AP)

Meanwhile, a corporate analyst and “brand expert” says Amazon could, or should, take over Nordstrom. (GeekWire)


More cities that want to bid for Amazon’s planned “HQ2” office campus: Portland, Tacoma, Kansas City, San Jose, Indianapolis. (Oregonian) (GeekWire) (KC Star) (San Francisco Chronicle) (AP)

Ballard’s Waterwheel Lounge posted a dry-erase-board announcement: “Special: The Bezos Burger. Like a regular burger, only 200 times more expensive and looking for another sleepy drinking town to gentrify into oblivion! Only $2,000 a month for 400 square feet.” (GeekWire)


Wildfires across the state are nowhere near being quenched. (P-I)

The Norse Peak Fire is now 12 percent contained. Crystal Mountain, in the path of the fire, will remain closed until ski season. (News Tribune)


Smoky, unhealthy air “could be the new reality in the Northwest.” (EarthFix via Crosscut)

Gov. Inslee says the effects of climate change are “creating a slow-motion disaster movie.” (CNN)


Some local “Dreamers” are speaking out against “good immigrant” talk that, the claim, “demonizes” Dreamers’ parents. (KNKX)

Meet another local “Dreamer” who’s facing deadline anxiety over complications in the original law. (KING)

More “patriot” rallies, and much larger counter-protests, occurred last week in Portland and Vancouver USA. At the latter, someone “almost ran over Antifa protesters” with his truck. (Willamette Week) (Slog) (AP)

A Chelan County Dept. of Emergency Management worker re-tweeted an image of stick-figure protesters getting run over, with the caption “All lives splatter. Nobody cares about your protest. Keep your ass out of the road.” The department apologized, and said the employee who’d re-posted the image thought it was just going to a “personal” Twitter feed. The same image had previously been reposted by a Santa Fe police officer, eventually costing his job. (P-I) (Slog)

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who’d come to the US from India at age 16, appeared on a C-SPAN phone-in show. A self-proclaimed Republican from Florida called in and ranted on Jayapal and immigrants in general as “job stealers.” Jayapal calmly replied, “It sounds like you are in a lot of economic pain.” Then she methodically countered the caller’s arguments, insisting that immigrants (particularly undocumented immigrants) “contribute more than they take.” (Joel Connelly)

A lawsuit aims to preserve Burien’s “sanctuary city” status from a referendum vote. (KUOW)


Mayoral candidate Cary Moon wants to ban employers from asking about job candidates’ salary history. She says that could help reduce “gender gaps” in salaries. (Slog)

Moon’s opponent Jenny Durkan announced a plan for criminal-justice reform. Part of it: expanding the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, which sends some drug-crime suspects to treatment and services instead of jail. (Slog)


More than half the suspensions or expulsions handed out to African-American students in Washington K-12 schools turn out to be the result of “subjective” discipline, in which teachers or administrators choose how “disruptive” or “disrespectful” a student is. Establishing more consistent rules for this could help break the “school-to-prison pipeline”. (Daudi Abe, Crosscut)


GeekGirlCon’s executive director quietly resigned, amid continuing fallout from the controversy that led to five board members also resigning. (GeekWire)


Local entrepreneurs are trotting out vending machines selling bicycle spare parts (and potato chips). (GeekWire)


Councilmember Sawant calls it “corporate welfare,” but the rest of the City Council approved selling the former Public Safety Building block to a developer who promises a public plaza as well as a tower. (Slog)

A new seven-story hotel planned for south Lake Union will have its rooms built pre-fab in Poland. (PS Biz Journal)


Everett “bikini baristas” are suing to overturn a city-imposed dress code. (KOMO)


The Mariners fell 5-3 at Texas. Same teams tonight.


UW prof Hubert Locke on the 1967 Detroit riots. (Folio)

Mayoral candidates’ debate. (Seattle U)

“Something Rotten!,” musical about creating “the world’s very first musical.” (5th Avenue Theatre, thru Oct. 1)

“Resurgence: How Sounders FC Won the MLS Cup” author Steven Agen. (U Book Store)

Stiff Little Fingers, Death by Unga Bunga, Toecutter. (El Corazon)

Al Di Meola. (Neptune)

Masta Ace, Wake Self, Mr. Hi-Def. (Nectar)

Jason Isbell, Frank Turner. (Paramount)

Max Crumbe Orchestra. (Parliament)

Anderson Brothers. (Royal Room)

Monsieur Perine. (Jazz Alley, thru Wed)

Guitar Burn. (Golden Gardens)




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