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Now THAT was what I call Northwest weather! Brisk air; dampness; dark clouds; even a little lightning! For the first time in weeks, I truly felt at home. But the heat and the work week are back with us, and so is MISCmedia MAIL.


After a Friday of spectacular storm-osity and a Saturday of quiet clouds, hotness returned Sunday. More of the latter today through at least Thursday. Temps could get back to 90.

The "Old Farmer's Almanac" predicts (at least some) snow in the Northwest lowlands this winter. (AP) 



Can Seattle survive the looming threat of "Amageddon"? (image: NBBJ via Bloomberg)

Amazon's operating procedure of grinding its young "code ninjas" and other staffers into the ground made the NYT. That article, in turn, prompted a long rebuttal essay by a current high-ranking tech staffer. (GeekWire)

And, like many tech giants, Amazon has few women, and almost no Blacks or Hispanics, within its tech staffs. (SeaTimes)



Chelan fire update: Over 160 homes threatened. Up to 100 homes and business structures destroyed, including a produce warehouse and a lumber yard. 3,000 people evacuated from various places. 9,000 homes and businesses lost power; most have now got it back. Some 100,000 acres are burning throughout central and eastern Washington. Firefighting personnel are stretched beyond thin; the Forest Service firefighting budget's blown for the year. (KOMO) (SeaTimes) (KCPQ) (KING) (ABC)

Mt. Rainier glaciers are melting fast, resulting in "outbursts of debris" down its slopes, roads, and trails. (SeaTimes) 

"Massive glacier melt and fresh water are pouring into the Gulf of Alaska." (Daily Kos)

Pot growers vs. the drought. (Slog) 

Workers are digging deeper river channels to help salmon survive in too-low and too-warm water. (SeaTimes) 


Worldcon, perhaps America's most prestigious science fiction convention, is in Spokane this year (starting this Wednesday). Worldcon's where the Hugo Awards (the top honors for written scifi) are announced each year. Some diehard old-school scifi readers/writers (feel free to call them "trolls") have loudly complained that the Hugos these days are too fond of "artsy" and "experimental" material (read: stuff by women and/minorities). (Spokesman-Review)

If the tech biz is supposed to be so future looking, how does video gaming still even accept the existence of creepy, potentially violent, sexist trolls? (SeaTimes)


A judge refused to keep Tin Eyman's newest initiative off the ballot, even though he said there's a good chance it could be ruled unconstitutional. (Joel Connelly)


Seattlish is looking for people to vocally support the proposed Ballard homeless encampment, as something that actually cuts down on crime, drug/alcohol abuse, and needless deaths.


Antioch University Seattle may sell its low-rise, block-long Belltown building. The site could become two 42-story towers. (KING)


One more bad thing about America's incarceration addiction: The Monroe penitentiary's discharging lots of untreated sewage. (Weekly)


Fret not, beerheads: Washington's hop crop is 7 percent above previous estimates for this year. (Capital Press) 


Walter E. Schoenfeld, 84, founded Britannia, the designer-jean label that kickstarted Seattle's onetime bigtime casual-wear industry. He was also an exec with the Mariners, Sonics, and NASL-era Sounders, and with Vans Shoes. (SeaTimes)  


The Seahawks lost a 22-20 squeaker to Denver in their first preseason game; both teams' chief superstars were benched for most or all of the game. (SportsPress NW) At Kansas City Friday.

The Sounders FINALLY won a match, 4-0 at home vs. Orlando City on Sunday. Home vs. CD Olimpia (Honduras) Wednesday.

The Mariners followed their no-hitter by losing spectacularly twice (15-1; 22-10) in a weekend series at Boston. On Sunday the Ms amassed an 8-3 lead before the bullpen blew it into a tie, leading to an eventual 10-8 win in 12 innings. At Texas tonight. 

The Storm lost an offense-heavy 94-84 game at Chicago Friday; then won 72-63 at home vs. San Antonio Sunday. Home vs. Indiana Friday.


"Pythagorize Seattle," all-ages celebration of triangles of all (non-romantic) types. (Lake Union Park, free)


"Best of Couch Fest," with the best/worst short films of the past 8 years' festivals. (NW Film Forum)


We start week 11 of this venture still without the promised print flyers; I'll have them for you when I have them. 

But I'm also working hard on getting the Seattle rock-scene book "Loser" back into print. And for that, I need your suggestions of local acts since 2000 worth mentioning in an update chapter. Send 'em to the email addy below.


(Ernest Hemingway, "Men Without Women"):

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.”


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