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Mid-70s and less hazy, through at least Thursday. Possible rain Friday.



Mark Arm fronting a local all-star band in a short but free set of Iggy and the Stooges covers at the Pike Place Market on Sunday, ostensibly to benefit KEXP.



Those beautiful sunsets we're having around here are directly due to haze in the air from the fires. It's unhealthy for breathing. (KUOW)

Clearer skies may come to the fire country today. But that may mean more heat, lower humidity, and even greater fire danger. (AP)

As expected, the Obama Administration declared a state of emergency throughout the inland Northwest, freeing federal money to help pay for the firefighting effort. Costs have exceeded $115 million throughout the west thus far. (SeaTimes)

A major firefighting "staging area" is being set up at Fairchild AFB. The fires now cover more than 920 square miles. More than 200 homes have been destroyed; another 12,000 remain threatened. (KING)

More than 4,400 firefighters and support personnel are at the blazes. That's not nearly enough. (SeaTimes)

Fire workers and gear have even come from Australia and New Zealand. (UK Guardian)

A "teen inmate" working with firefighters escaped his supervisors, stole a gun from another fire worker, and shot himself. He's now recovering at Harborview. (KOMO)

"Only" about 1,000 residents remain under forced evacuations. (Reuters)

The Spokane Tribe declared its own state of emergency. (Native News)

Helping out evacuated pets from fire country. (KING) 

Alas, fraudulent "fire relief" scams are already out there. (KCPQ)



The Hugos, science fiction/fantasy's most prestigious awards, were announced at the Worldcon convention in Spokane last weekend. An organized right-wing campaign to "game" the voting against nonwhite, female, and gay authors failed. "The Three Body Problem" by Chinese author Cixin LiuIn won Best Novel. In five categories in which the vote-packers' favored "traditional" writers scored all the nominations, "No Award" was the announced result. Wired has a rundown of the whole bigotry-fueled fracas.


You knew the big seawall project was way behind schedule. Turns out it's also way over budget. (KING)


Seattle Area Support Groups and Community Center (formerly Seattle AIDS Support Group) is losing its home on Capitol Hill's historic Dunshee House to redevelopment. It's raising money for a new home. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

Viet-Wah Superfoods on MLK and S. Graham St. has closed, due to rising rents. (Seattle Globalist) 


Vulcan and "most" other South Lake Union high-rise residence builders have been sued in recent years over shoddy construction. (SeaTimes)


King County's cracking down on Woodinville wine tasting rooms operating on land zoned "rural" or "agricultural." (SeaTimes)

American Seafoods, giant of the Seattle/Alaska fishing fleet, got a debt restructuring and new financing. (SeaTimes)

Is Costco selling shrimp farmed by slave laborers in Thailand? (PI.com)


Jane Shannon, a longtime radio news anchor on KOMO-AM and other local stations, died unexpectedly last week. (KCPQ)

Merl Reagle, 65, was the creator and self-syndicator of a Sunday crossword puzzle seen in the Seattle Times and other papers. He appeared in the documentary "Wordplay" and in a crossword-themed "Simpsons" episode. (WaPo) (Diary of a Crossword Fiend)


The still-short-in-several-areas Seahawks lost a 14-13 preseason squeaker to Kansas City. At San Diego Friday.

The Mariner bullpen threw two more close games away, leading to losses to the White Sox of 11-4 on Friday and 6-3 on Saturday; then managed to hold on for an 8-6 win (that at one time had been 7-1) Sunday. Oakland's in town starting tonight.

After Saturday's collapse, the Ms finally fired bullpen disaster Fernando Rodney. (CBS)

The Storm fell 75-63 to Indiana. Home vs. San Antonio this Friday.

Sounders FC returned to its losing ways, falling 2-0 at Real Salt Lake. Off to Honduras, and the flip side of a home-and-away series against CD Olimpia, on Wednesday.


Sunday's SeaTimes claims Bellevue High School's spectacular football success has come in part via guys who've played for BHS while actually attending a private "diploma mill" school (some of whom didn't even live in the district), as arranged by rich BHS boosters. 


Modest Mouse. (Paramount)

Margaret Cho. (Moore)

PBR art show. (Fred Wildlife Refuge)


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