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Seattle's long hot summer might or might not end today weatherwise, but MISCmedia MAIL will keep you wise whether-wise or otherwise.


This might be the final day of 80-plus summer heat. Rain is supposed to show up Friday and get more intense on Saturday. 



A scene from Tuesday's pre-opening shindig for "Musicians," Ernie Sapiro's photo exhibit of local music legends from the past six decades. It opens to the public tonight (see below).



Shades of Christo, as firefighters wrap endangered buildings with fire-retardant "aluminized glass fabric." (KING)

More parts of North Cascades National Park have been closed due to the fires. (SeaTimes)

Washington National Guard troops have assumed many behind-the-front-lines duties, freeing firefighters to do more firefighting. (KING)

More crowdfunding campaigns for the fire country: "Baking for WA State Firefighters," "Medical Support for Okanogan County," "Grow the Love: Supporting the Chelan Fire Victims."

A real-time map of fire zones and smoke conditions throughout the region. (Google)

There's at least some "connection" between the fires and climate change. (KUOW) 


Seattle's now the country's 10th "most expensive city for renters." Portland's #13. (Biz Insider)

A report from some Texas group claims Seattle's got the country's seventh-worst traffic congestion. (AP) However, a critic claims the report is misinformed and biased in favor of the "highway lobby." The critic says that, despite the report's claim that congestion and overall car use is rising, they're really declining. (City Observatory, via The C Is For Crank)


Seattle's new universal preschool program has four times more applicants than slots. (KING)

We're completely in favor of breastfeeding. Though perhaps not while driving on I-5. (KIRO-TV)


Insurance companies are suing to get out of paying $143 million to fix the tunnel machine (an amount that's almost double the project's original price). (SeaTimes)


Metro plans some big bus changes once the Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium light-rail stops open next year. For one, the mightily useful route 43 will go away altogether. (Seattle Transit Blog)


Patients at Seattle Children's Hospital's Bellevue clinic may have been exposed to unsterilized surgical instruments. (KING)


Boeing's reached a tentative settlement in a nine-year-old class-action suit by employees who claimed the company's 401(k) provider charged excessive fees. (PS Biz Journal)


A Rainier Beach crosswalk's the latest to be unofficially repainted in Ethiopian flag colors. (Seattle Globalist)


The gas leak and explosion at a Bremerton motel, that left one gas-company worker seriously hurt? Possibly indirectly related to a mother-daughter dispute. (SeaTimes)


The slogan for SIFF's annual "Women in Cinema" series (next month) is "'Woman' Is Not a Genre." To prove it, they've got features and docs by female directors with a wide range of protagonists, stories, and styles—including something you may not have thought of as a "woman's film," "Wayne's World."

Fox Searchlight Films will make a movie about Edith Macefield and her Ballard "spite house." (Please, PLEASE, shoot it here, NOT in Vancouver!) (PI.com)


A local company claims it can "grow metal like trees." I believe that's one of the secondary time-lord technologies on "Doctor Who." (Fortune) 


So far, we're making our local voluntary water-reduction goals. (SeaTimes)

The Feds plan to kill thousands of seabirds, who've been eating salmon along the Columbia River. (KUOW)

Oyster farmers in western Wash. want permission to keep using a soon-to-be-banned pesticide against invasive "ghost shrimp." (KOMO)


Felix Hernandez pitched well, and the offense came to life, as the Mariners beat Oakland 8-2. The Ms start a weekend series at the White Sox tonight. 

Sounders FC pulled off a respectable 1-0 defeat vs. CD Olimpia in Honduras. Back home vs. Portland Sunday afternoon.

Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson made the cover of Rolling Stone. He used the interview to tout the alleged benefits of "Reliant Recovery Water," for which he's a paid endorser. (PI.com)


Opening of "Musicians," large-size photo exhibit by Ernie Sapiro of local music legends. (Union Stables, Western and Blanchard, thru Sept. 13)

At the Spine, Shame (Italy), Perfect Tense. (Substation) 

International Pop Overthrow begins. (Skylark Cafe, Thu-Sun)

Roachella 2015, punk/garage/postpunk fest, begins. (Black Lodge and Victory Lounge, thru Sun)

"Big Hearts and Backpacks 3," benefit for SafePlace youth center, with Little Donuts (all-Filipino Hall & Oates cover band). (Pono Ranch, 4502 Shilshole Ave NW)

"Nindies@Night Gaming Event," featuring Nintendo's "independent" game titles. (EMP)




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