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For those of you still without electricity, thanks for using precious phone-battery power to read today's MISCmedia MAIL. And don't try to keep what's in the freezer.


Clouds and sometime showers, with highs in the mid to upper 60s.



As expected, high winds came Saturday morning (over 50 mph in many places), with the usual result of fallen trees and power lines. Over 450,000 people lost power at one time or another Saturday. (KOMO) (image: Joshua Trujillo, PI.com)

And, sadly, two people died from falling trees. (KIRO-FM)

Over 100,000 were still without power early this morning, and may be until Tuesday. (KING)

Two Honey Buckets were blown onto E. Union St. from nearby construction sites. (Capitol Hill Seattle)

And serious rainfall came and left just a couple of times early Saturday, before settling in on Saturday night, only to diminish again by early Sunday. With the rains came the usual result of car crashes. (KOMO)



Before Saturday's storm, 85 percent of Washington was in "extreme drought." (KUOW) 

Lake Washington and Lake Union are at their lowest levels in 28 years. (Joel Connelly)


The Okanogan Complex fire grew Friday to 472 square miles; it's 12 percent contained. (KCPQ)  

The cooler (and momentarily wetter) weather helped keep the fires from spreading more. But they're still huge. (SeaTimes)

The Forest Service and the state could soon run out of firefighting money. (KING) 

It wasn't the best year to buy a motel in Winthrop. (SeaTimes)

Add to the fires' victims: the Colville Tribes, and their commercial forestry business. (LAT)

However you measure it, this fire season "hurts badly." (Wenatchee World oped)


Area salmon runs are endangered, and so is "the city's soul." (Danny Westneat)

Also: fish, crabs, and other sea life are dying in Hood Canal, due to a lack of oxygen in the water. (SeaTimes)

In more positive news, the Tulalip Tribes and the Army Corps of Engineers breached a levee near the Snohomish River delta, part of a 20-year plan to restore natural estuaries and salmon runs. (Everett Herald)


The Crypt, Capitol Hill's kink-oriented sex gear shop, is going away. Around since the early '80s, it's been in what was the last space of the Vogue dance club since 2007. But it's owed back rent there for some time. (Capitol Hill Seattle)


Mayor Murray won't make private hookah lounges shut down after all. (KING)


Pres. Obama will be in Alaska this week. He'll talk about serious climate issues (but probably won't renounce the feds' support for Shell's arctic drilling). And he'll officially rename Mt. McKinley "Denali," something many Alaskans have wanted for decades. (CNN)


Low-wage jobs often mean long, costly commutes from (relatively) low-rent suburbs. (SeaTimes)


In a switch, more people this year could move from King County to California than the other way around. (SeaTimes)


Dr. Wayne Dyer, 75, was a prolific author of self-help and "spiritual" books, and a regular presence on public TV pledge-drive specials. (USAT)


Despite more offensive-line troubles, the Seahawks suqeaked out a last-minute 16-15 win at San Diego. The preseason ends at home vs. Oakland Thursday. 

The Mariners managed to win two of four at the Chicago White Sox, including a long, rain-soaked Saturday game the bullpen failed to lose. The pen made up for that by dropping the lead Sunday in the bottom of the ninth, leading to a 6-5 loss in 11 innings. At Houston for three games starting tonight.

The Mariners also finally fired general manager Jack Zduriencik, who led the team to the fifth-worst record in baseball over his seven years. No permanent replacement yet. (KOMO)

Sounders FC beat Portland 2-1, on several great saves by goalie Stefan Frei. Home vs. Toronto Saturday.

The Storm finally won two home games in a row, 83-69 vs. San Antonio Friday and 69-59 vs. Washington Sunday. Home vs. Tulsa Wednesday.


The only pro hockey in Washington remains "junior" level teams, such as those in Kent and Everett. How "junior"? Like being investigated for child-labor violations; that's how "junior." (SeaTimes)


The Protomen. (El Corazon)

Jacob Zimmerman & Ryan Becky/Lift Kit. (Royal Room)

Jam Session Mondays with Entremundos. (Capitol Cider)

MC Frontalot and guests. (Rendezvous)


Got some lovely potential promo postcard designs done up over the weekend. Will have links to them tomorrow.


(Author-neurologist Oliver Sacks, who died Saturday at age 82):

"If a man has lost a leg or an eye, he knows he has lost a leg or an eye; but if he has lost a self—himself—he cannot know it, because he is no longer there to know it."


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