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With luck, all of you will have your electricity back by today. So get those mobile devices charged up as you read MISCmedia MAIL.


More clouds, coolness, and showers here and there, at least through Thursday.



Sorry, "growth is inevitable" urbanists. Sorry, free-marketeers. I can't play with you no more; not now that the Second Avenue buildings housing Shorty's, Tula's, the Clever Bottle, the Lava Lounge, and the Belltown Funky Studios were all suddenly declared expendable, all to be scuttled for yet more of the Mixed Use Monoculture. There's an Landmark Preservation Board hearing at 3:30 today at the Seattle Municipal Tower (700 5th). (The Funky Studios building is the last pre-regrade structure left in Belltown.) Tell them this destruction must end. (PS Biz Journal) (Slog)



The Josephine, Seattle's defunct "creative noise" performance space, raised more than its crowdfunding goal to reopen at a new spot. (Slog)

13 Coins, the beloved 24-hour eatery and drinkery, says it will stay in south Lake Union even after its current building is lost. (PS Biz Journal) 


Thanks in part to the cooler and damper weather, firefighters are making slow progress. The Okanogan Complex fire is now "40 percent contained." (AP)

Destroyed so far in the Okanogan fires alone: 73 homes, over 150 other structures. (SeaTimes)

The Okanogan country also had a 4.3-magnitude earthquake Tuesday morning. No reported damage. (KOMO)

Smoke from the western US/Canada wildfires has made it to the Atlantic, according to NASA. (KING) 


Drought-hit apple growers are pumping lake water to irrigate their orchards. (KUOW)


In addition to new buildings, the Convention Center's planning to spiff up its existing Pike Street side, to give more of a "campus" feel. (Daily Journal of Commerce)

Pretty much immediately after settling a longstanding dispute with the city, the developers who bought slumlord Hugh Sisley's Roosevelt-area properties started tearing 'em down. (KING)


Mayor Murray and Councilmember Mike O'Brien officially introduced what's left of the HALA committee's "grand bargain" Tuesday. The legislation would create up to 6,000 "affordable" units in 10 years, funded partly by commercial developers. (Slog)


Seattle teachers say they're ready to go on strike later this week, should they feel it's necessary to get "the schools Seattle students deserve." (IAmAnEducator.com)

The poster model for the drive to unionize "for-hire" drivers: One such "contractor," who says Uber "deactivated" him from its system because he'd promoted labor organizing. (Slog)

A Seattle trans woman was fired by Bloodworks Northwest (née Puget Sound Blood Center), after she unilaterally changed her gender status on its records. She's suing. (AP) 

Farm-labor advocates will picket Darigold's Seattle HQ today. They're exhorting the farmer-owned coop to set better safety standards, after a worker feedign cows from a "front loader" fell into manure and died from "inhaling waste water sludge." (KPLU)


The state undertook a huge cost-benefit analysis of pot legalization. Result: Eh, let's come back in a couple of years. (SeaTimes)


Haggen, which took over 146 supermarkets from Albertsons/Safeway (then decided to close or sell 27 of them), is suing Albertsons for $1 billion, claiming they'd deliberately "sabotaged" Haggen's efforts. (SeaTimes)


KC Boehly, 28, was a manager at Cafe Flora and a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle. She died after being swept downstream in Alaska's Denali National Park. (PI.com)


The Mariners bullpen threw a lead into a tie again, but the offense came back for a 7-5 win at Houston. 

Seth Kolloen invents a new statistic, "hitter fails" (at-bats with the hitter failing to get on base). The past seven Mariner seasons have the five worst examples of it. (Weekly)

The Seattle Arena proposal cleared yet another bureaucratic hurdle, with at least two more to go. (KING)


Thraxxhouse record release, with Mackned, Key Nyata, and more. (Crocodile)

Reception for "True Colors," gallery exhibit about "self-expression through the arts," to benefit arts education. (Vera Project)

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Australian garage-psych band. (Barboza)

Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts meeting. (Slim's Last Chance)


(Dorothy Parker):

“I had been fed, in my youth, a lot of old wives' tales about the way men would instantly forsake a beautiful woman to flock around a brilliant one. It is but fair to say that, after getting out in the world, I had never seen this happen."


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