When a Northwest autumn first hits, it's a welcome relief. Then it quickly becomes an everyday routine. This year, though, we might count our blessings a li'l more. And MISCmedia MAIL is always thankful for the moistness.


Clouds, coolness, maybe showers, maybe not. Heavier rain and winds probable for Wednesday.



Following the (offical) gay-rainbow crosswalks on Capitol Hill and the (unofficial) pan-African flag crosswalks in the Rainier Valley, Mayor Murray now says every neighborhood can have its own colorful custom walk zones. (Seattlish)



Teachers and supporters crossed the Spokane Street Bridge Monday morning, to protest at the school district's SoDo headquarters. (Laurence Graham, West Seattle Blog)

Still no school today. Teachers' and administration's reps are still meeting. The union presented a revised offer last evening. (KING)

The City Council passed a unanimous resolution supporting the teachers. (KIRO-TV)

Teachers' reps say it should never have gotten to this point, but the administration "dragged its feet too long" in contract negotiations over the summer. (KIRO-FM)

High-school students from around the city staged a "read-in" at the UW's Red Square Friday, in solidarity with the teachers. (Slog)

Here's a link to audio of songs from Sunday's teacher benefit at the Neptune.

Luisa Moreno writes at the Roosevelt News Blog that "teachers should have earned your gratitude.… Visit a picket line and support them. Protest your political system’s disregard for education. Allow them this hard-fought strike, and have the dignity to treat teachers like human beings."

Playwright Paul Mullin wrote an open letter to the school board: "Our support for the teachers will not waver and will continue until you CUT THE DEAL. The pressure on you will only increase until you CUT THE DEAL." (Slog)

Meanwhile, Gov. Inslee and leaders of the four Legislative caucuses will meet on Sept. 24 to discuss how to get the state out of the $100,000 fine the Supreme Court's assessing for every day that school funding isn't reformed. (Crosscut)

Elsewhere in ed-land, a UW prof explains how the overturning of charter-school subsidies is "a victory for public schools everywhere." (via Diane Radvitch)



"Urbanism" advocate Dan Bertolet says "social justice advocates can save the Grand Bargain" of the HALA recommendations, by publicly promoting "upzones" that would include "affordable" housing quotas or payments. (PubliCola)


Is a "blue wall of silence" among fellow police protecting officer Cynthia Whitlatch (accused of racially motivated harassment)? (Slog)


An all-male Issaquah real estate agency mailed out flyers depicting themselves as "full-time professionals," juxtaposed with a stock photo of a harried working mom that's headlined "part-time agent." They got lots of angry responses. (KIRO-TV)


Only half of Washington's rivers are at or above "normal flows" for this time of year. (U.S. WaterWatch)

The Upper Skagit Tribe has closed its salmon fishery for this year, after seeing "dismal catches." (AP)

What's the most dangerous, yet inconspicuous, threat to sea life? "One word: Plastics." (Crosscut)

UW researchers say "a more acidic ocean" threatens several kinds of algae.


The budding private-space-flight biz has its own annual convention. Next year, it'll be in Seattle. (PS Biz Journal)


The ex-head of Nintendo's Redmond-based U.S. division will now run the whole company. (GeekWire) 


Of what little incentives Wash. state gives filmmakers, most are used up right now by the Spokane-shot TV series "Z Nation." Two of its actors completely dissed Spokane in interviews with an LA TV station. (KHQ)

The flip side of all the movies set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver: Why are producers so loathe to let Vancouver play itself? (Slate)


A six-run seventh inning topped a Mariners 10-1 win over the Angels. Same teams tonight.

Seattle Reign FC, featuring several Women's World Cup soccer stars, vies for the NWSL league championship vs. Kansas City, Oct. 1 in Portland. The Reign got there with a semifinal win vs. Washington on Sunday, 3-0.


FullConTech conference, with local tech-biz leaders talking about issues facing their industry and the region in general. (Convention Center)


Blonde Redhead, Day Wave. (Neptune)

Seattle Symphony Piano Competition. (Benaroya Hall, thru Sat)

Early Music Underground: Baroque Brittania. (Naked City Brewery and Taphouse, 8564 Greenwood Ave. N)

Comedy Womb, "pro-lady" standup open mic. (Rendezvous)



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