As we settle in to the official start of autumn next week, MISCmedia MAIL will never let you "fall back" into ignorance of what's going on around you.


We should have at least one more warm, sunny Friday afternoon and Saturday, before autumnal conditions settle in perhaps for good.

Looks like we may get another mild winter, then another hot summer. (KOMO)


The online Richard Sherman impostor we mentioned yesterday had actually posted a response (an affirmative response) to someone else's social-media post. 



King Street Station looks great again. But it could still create a better experience for travelers, with food service and better restrooms. (Seattle Transit Blog)



The City Council's Housing Committee failed to pass a resolution asking the state Legislature to repeal its ban on local rent-stabilization plans. However, the proposal will still move on to the full council. (Seattlish)

The background: Average rents in Seattle have risen 38 percent since 1998. (KUOW)


The Okanogan Complex fire is finally "90 percent contained." Actually extinguishing it will require a lot more work AND favorable weather. (KPLU)

A panel of scientists, including one from the UW, says we should put less emphasis on fire "fighting" and suppression, and more on "fire management." (KPLU)

One problem firefighting teams had: not enough pilots for their helicopters. (SeaTimes)


Remember, the Seattle Education Assn. still has to vote on the school district's contract offer. That happens on Sunday. (KING)

A Reuters survey named the UW as the world's fourth most "innovative" university. It's also the highest public university on the list. (KOMO)


Washington has even fewer people without health insurance this year than last year. (SeaTimes) 


The union-affiliated group Working Washington is distributing a "bill of rights for the Uber economy." The document states that "private contractor" employers shouldn't get to pay sub-minimum wages or otherwise deny their workers the protections standard employees get. (PubliCola)

A state commission says the UW's "engaging in bad-faith bargaining" with unionized nurses.


Amazon's new Fire tablet device is so cheap, you can get it in a six-pack! (USAT) 

A former kitchen worker at a tech-office building cafe remembers the buzzwords seen and heard there. (Weekly)  

Yet another reason why the Web (as we know it) is no savior to professional "content": ad blockers. (The Verge)


Seattle Police claim to be making progress in cutting down on East African immigrant gang-related violence, of which central and south Seattle have seen far too much this year. (KCPQ)

Police arrested 20 alleged drug dealers along University Way this week following a three-month investigation, and are looking for four more. (KIRO-TV)


The City Council's Public Safety Committee voted to pursue a policy of phasing out juvenile detention in Seattle by some unspecified future date. (Slog)


Turns out human lives aren't the only ones the NRA doesn't give a flying frig about. The gun lobby's also opposing Paul Allen's ballot initiative to crack down on endangered-wildlife trafficking. (KUOW)


Here's a surprisingly simple solution to ridiculously-long commutes: Have employers with multiple locations (chain stores, banks, fire departments, etc.) reshuffle employees to the location nearest their homes. (Crosscut)


Will the post-Viaduct waterfront have any room for "all the low-income people who hang out at the waterfront now"? (KUOW)


A massive oil spill at any future Grays Harbor export terminal would be terrible. But you already suspected that. (Sightline Daily)


Angelamaria "Gio" Solimene Ross, 98, was the widow of Seattle Opera's founding general director Glynn Ross. In her own right, she was a costume designer and consummate fundraiser and publicist for the company. (SeaTimes)


The Seahawks got into last year's Super Bowl with a spectacular, immensely improbable playoff comeback against Green Bay. That's where the Hawks (still minus Kam Chancellor) are Sunday night.

UW Huskies at home vs. Utah State Saturday.

Mariners at Texas starting tonight. 

Sounders FC at Vancouver Saturday.


PARKing Day, with temporary mini-parks and art installations at parking spaces citywide. (Fri)

"Long Live the Neighborhood," celebration of products by "local makers and producers." (Westlake Park, Fri)

Fremont Oktoberfest.  (Fri-Sun)

Singer Dianne Reeves. (Kirkland Performance Center, Fri)

Rockabilly Ball. (Sunset, Fri-Sun)

Planet of Giants, Moonspinnes, Mercy Mercy. (Slim's Last Chance, Fri)

Documentary "Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution." (NW Film Forum, Fri)

"Little Big Show 13," with Neon Indian, Aqueduct, Explorer Tapes; benefit for dance education. (Neptune, Fri)

Re-premiere of "Eyes of the Totem," locally-made 1926 silent film. (Rialto Theater, Tacoma, Fri)

"Gatas y Vatas," all-ages music festival for female solo artists. (Vera Project, Fri-Sat)

"Rewind: Celebrating 20 Years of LGBT Film." (Vashon Theater, Sat-Sun)

Mini Maker Faire Seattle. (EMP, Sat-Sun) 

Innerflight Presents: Sunset Seattle 11, "end of summer bash." (Golden Gardens, Sat)

Summer Parkways: Ballard, with pedestrian-only streets, music, family activities. (Sat)

"Huge Beacon Hill Yard Sale." (3042 18th Ave. S., Sat)

Second Use Fall Festival and Market. (Second Use Building Materials, 3223 6th Ave. S., Sat)

Luminata Lantern Parade. (Green Lake, Sat)

Beat Connection. (Neptune, Sat)

Rap 101: The Message Behind the Music, panel discussion about rap./hiphop lyrics. (NW African American Museum, Sat)

"Bands for Bernie," Bernie Sanders fundraiser. (Mix Seattle, Sat)

Joe Buck Yourself, Dead Man, F-Holes. (Slim's Last Chance, Sat)

Tim Held and Dave West, performing new, live soundtrack to film "Predator." (NW Film Forum, Sat)

"Study of Time and Motion: rest/forward," art installation/performance based on architect Frank Gilbreth's "18 Elemental Gestures of Efficiency and Inefficiency." (Estuary/T-108 Park, 4651 Diagonal Ave. S., Sat) 

Opening of "Roots of Seattle Hiphop." (MOHAI, Sat)

Opening of roadside rain gardens in West Seattle. (32nd SW and SW Kenyon, Sun)

ABBAgraphs at Fremont Oktoberfest. (Sun)

Toro y Moi, Astronauts Etc. (Neumos, Sun)

Karla Bonoff. (Triple Door, Sun)

Wild Kratts Live! (McCaw Hall, Sun)

Seattle Fiestas Patrias. (Seattle Center Armory, Sun)

Swing with Zooma Bella. (Royal Room, Sun)

Severed Heads, Australian electronics legends. (Highline, Sun)


We've been sharing 75 of these mornings thus far. Our diamond anniversary (sorta)!


(Lisa Unger, "Beautiful Lies"):

“When you love someone, it doesn’t really matter if they love you back or not. Having love in your heart for someone is its own reward. Or punishment, depending on the circumstances.”


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