Feb 19th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

On a relatively slow news day we discuss an ocean-themed bowling alley (really!); a Muslim activist speaking to Japanese Americans; the Yakama tribe suing polluters; and a costly, no-electronics, teen ‘unboot camp.’

Feb 13th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

‘Dune’ author gets his memorial park at last; Valentine’s thoughts on jaded cynicism (hint: it’s passé); one more ‘bad apple’ caught at ICE.

1/12/18: LOVE OF LOAF
Jan 11th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

In our big weekend letter: The ‘Uncomfortable MLK;’ harsh truth about upward mobility; Boeing off-shoring plane design?; a life form that’s been here since the gold rush.

Jan 10th, 2018 by Clark Humphrey

Money magazine thinks Amazon could launch its own, well, money; judge OKs’ SPD reform progress; Bob Ferguson’s war on the ‘war on pot’.

Jul 6th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

Thursday’s MISCmedia MAIL starts with good news: Pieces of the ferry Kalakala were saved, and may come soon to an art installation near you. Also: cracks start appearing in the Legislature’s state-budget kludge; STD cases are on the rise; a tiki bar gets targeted by “cultural appropriation” charges; and one guy had a really dumb idea how to get the best view of the fireworks.

Jun 29th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

We’re still waiting to know all that’s in the last-nanosecond state budget deal. As for things we CAN tell you about this Fri. morn: Ed Murray’s still not running for re-election; original Cobain-made art coming to the Art Fair; more about the young man shot by officers for holding a pen; and a proud anniversary for a proud nation (alas, not ours).

Jun 15th, 2017 by Clark Humphrey

Friday’s MISCmedia MAIL ponders the Fremont Solstice Parade’s meaning in a year when just about every public act has political import. Also: a beloved fabric-arts store closes; the co-owner of Seattle’s coolest hardware store dies; alt-right dorks come to Evergreen; and a strange floating mega-balloon appears on the Tacoma waterfront.

MISCmedia MAIL FOR 12/5/16: SNOW OR NO?
Dec 4th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Snow in Seattle is rarely forecast. Those forecasts, in turn, often don’t come true. What will happen this time? Further topics today include a victory (for now) at Standing Rock; a big “March Against Hate;” Airbnb working with the Urban League; another longtime local biz asking for your help; and Husky and Seahawk football blowout wins (albeit the latter with a price).

MISCmedia MAIL for 12/1/16: MMM, BRAINS!
Nov 30th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Seattle’s supposed to now be a “brain magnet,” which means the zombies will likely attack here first. And WSU’s breeding super bees (you know how that story usually ends in films). In less speculative news, we observe those pushing for human rights by pushing for “cities’ rights;” the “Hamilton electors” on a last-ditch crusade to prevent the new dark times; and, alas, another stupid shooting.

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/16/16
Nov 15th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Should we form an indie nation of western states? Join up with Canada? Do you know how darn-near impossible it’d be? In more real-world coverage, we view a settlement in the coal-train suit; EMP becoming “MoPOP” (no relation to KEXP’s show “WoPop”); King County’s aging homeowner population; and a wood-fueled jet plane!

MISCmedia MAIL for 11/4/16:
Nov 3rd, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Café Racer, a longtime friend of MISCmedia and a pivotal aspect of multiple local communities, needs help to survive right now. The rest of our work this day concerns the centennial of the Northwest’s bloodiest worker-rights event; the overheated Vancouver real-estate market’s crash; the usual scads of weekend stuff-2-do; and a non-religious college finally sheds its “Missionaries” team name.

MISCmedia MAIL for 10/27/16: GORILLA MY DREAMS
Oct 27th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

Ivan, the late discount-store caged gorilla, now stands proud and free as a statue. Among further Thursday topics: Attack ads come to local political races at last; Providence hospitals stop using religion as an excuse to stiff worker pensions; some Sonics Arena opponents still oppose it; and “socially responsible” video games.

MISCmedia MAIL for 10/18/16: FROM FIFE WITH LOVE
Oct 17th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

In our daily e-missive this day: Our state’s ex-first lady speaks out on sexual harassment and its apologists; the Ace Hotel founder’s kids demand their fair share; an architect suggests we put affordable housing on top of I-5 (instead of just a bigger Freeway Park); the landlord lobby successfully delays the move-in-fee cap; and a Pierce County institution comes to Seattle (spoiler: it’s a burger joint).

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/26/16
Sep 25th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

The big book party was such a success, we might hold another. (Watch this space for particulars.) For now, though, it’s back to the daily grind of local news digestin’, which this day includes some allegedly tacky actions by exhibit organizers against two Af-Am artists; a concept to help the environment by re-opening coal mines (?); a video game set at a space station called “Tacoma”; and lotsa local sports wins.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/13/16: THE HOT 100
Sep 12th, 2016 by Clark Humphrey

We begin with three lists totaling 100 all-time Northwest indie-rock records. We continue from there with (alas) false state-income-tax allegations; anti-Muslim bigotry hitting home; what the costly homelessness consultant didn’t directly look into; a former “Drunk of the Week” (or was she?) suing; and the Mariners’ streak continuing.

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