MISCmedia MAIL for 9/14/15
Sep 13th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Yep, school’s still out. Also in your Monday missive: Seattle’s new official end-O-summer event; a bureaucratic threat to that and other non-corporate public events; the coal-burning harsh truth behind suburban electricity; the Seahawks’ disappointing debut.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/11/15
Sep 10th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

As school kids stay home to annoy parents for a third day, MISCmedia MAIL suggests more time-wastin’ activities. Also: lots o’ weekend arts stuff; getting set to fight the NRA; ancient tools discovered in Redmond (other than Internet Explorer).

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/10/15
Sep 10th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

We’ve got some handy activity hints for school-struck kids in our Thursday newsletter. Also: China’s upcoming Seattle tech confab; a long-life drug for dogs; and “beeronomics.”

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/9/15
Sep 10th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Yep, Seattle teachers are striking. Chaos in thousands of households. Also in Wednesday’s e-newsletter: The incredible shrinking glaciers; Uber wants in at Sea-Tac; City Light wants to help bees.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/8/15
Sep 7th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In our Tuesday e-mail newsletter: Bumbershoot survives (sort of); fire damages a (probably already doomed) low-income building; moving contaminated soil from one seaport cleanup project and across another; the inner meaning of the film It Happened at the World’s Fair.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/7/15
Sep 6th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In Monday’s MISCmedia MAIL: Still no teachers’ contract; charter schools vs. the state constitution; corporatized Bumbershoot and its discontents.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/4/15
Sep 3rd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In Friday’s pre-holiday MISCmedia MAIL: Teachers prepare to strike; one of the doomed 2nd Ave. buildings might get protected; remembering the days of DIY glam rock.

Sep 3rd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

postcard 11a

Here, at long last, is my draft design for a postcard/flyer promoting our MISCmedia MAIL morning newsletter. Lemme know what you think of it.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/3/15
Sep 2nd, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In MISCmedia MAIL for Thursday: Teachers might strike; Mt. Rainier might get renamed; Lake Washington might get ferries again.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/2/15
Sep 1st, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

In Wednesday’s MISCmedia MAIL: Belltown’s last cool stretch is threatened with doom; Seattle teachers prepare to strike; labor organizers picket following a gruesome dairy-farm death.

MISCmedia MAIL for 9/1/15
Aug 31st, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

At MISCmedia MAIL today: Some local lights still aren’t on; two Legislative bigwigs are on the move; has the 1% taken over Burning Man (and does it matter)?

MISCmedia MAIL FOR 8/31/15
Aug 31st, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

We’ve been doing weekday morning e-mail newsletters for almost 13 weeks now.

And apparently, some of you still haven’t signed up for them.

Here’s what you’re missing.

In today’s letter, you can read about the wind-blown trees and power lines, the fires, a major attempt to enhance wild salmon runs, and a kink-oriented sex shop that’s closing after its landlord applied some “discipline.”

Read it now.

Then come back to this home page and subscribe at the box in the left-hand column.

It’s that simple.

Aug 20th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

When I was trying to fix my WordPress theme, to try to resolve the comments crashing, I ended up making everything look wrong.

At least the site still works.

Help, somebody, help!


The look of the site is still putrid. May need to install a totally different design “theme.”

And comments still won’t save to the site. No idea why.

I tried to fix both of these on Saturday, only to end up knocking the entire site out of commission for a couple of hours. Fortunately I knew everything I’d done and was able to undo them.

And two kind readers have offered to help me parse what might be going wrong. Thanks in advance.


By re-hand-coding my “style.css” file, I’ve got the type sizes back closer to how I want them.

Still have to tweak some of the colors.

And comments STILL aren’t working.


Turned out my “wp_comments” table file was corrupt. Got it repaired using tools at my cloud server provider.

(Oy, hard to believe there are people who actually get excited by these kinds of code-bug-stomping activities!)


Made some more hand-coding changes to the WP files, and finally got the color scheme back, more or less, to what it was. May still make some tweaks.

Don’t know why the sidebar doesn’t have its own background color, or why it doesn’t “slide” in and out of view like it used to.

Aug 20th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

Still don’t have the comment functions repaired.

Still don’t have an online menu of past newsletters.

Still don’t have printed flyers to help you spread the word about our scrumptious morning email newsletter.

But I DO now have a lovely icon for our site.

It’s the same logo you’ve loved for almost six years now, in handy self-contained form.

On a phone or tablet, you can use the “Add to Home Screen” function to instantly come here. (Handy, no?)

Or, if you’re on a regular ol’ computer, you can just include this in any social-media links back here.

new logo 512px


Aug 18th, 2015 by Clark Humphrey

rolon bert garner

photo by arthur s. aubry (who himself passed on earlier this year), via earl brooks

We all knew he was going.

He’d had chronic COPD for many years. At his last Seattle public appearance, in early 2013, he’d looked frail, and had trouble talking for long periods of time.

But it was still a total bitch to learn that he’d died this last Monday morning.

Like many people commonly grouped as “’60s generation kids,”Rolon Bert Garner was already past his teens before the Beatles came to our shores. He’d grown up in Eugene to parents from Oklahoma. In Portland he’d cofounded Artech (a long-running regional art-supply and framing chain) before he came here to work for the Seattle Art Museum, circa 1969.

He was one of the original instigators of Bumbershoot in 1971, and one of the creators of its visual-art component (then a much bigger part of the festival than it is now).

He was involved with the multi-disciplinary arts center and/or (1974-84).

He curated and designed exhibits, installations, and temporary “pop-up spaces.”

He installed exhibits (choosing which pieces went where) at the Frye Museum and many local galleries.

He helped produce private events, including fashion shows for Nordstrom.

With Virginia Inn owner Patrice Demombynes, Garner pioneered the idea of art exhibits in local bars. (He and Demombynes had their own gallery space on Dexter Avenue for a couple of years.)

He continued to curate art on barroom walls as a co-owner of the Two Bells Tavern (with wife Patricia Ryan, who passed in 2001). He’d been a bartender there before Ryan bought the place circa 1982, then married her in 1984. Under Ryan and Garner, the the rundown little bar on a low-foot-traffic stretch of Fourth Avenue became the virtual living room for the then-burgeoning Denny Regrade arts community. When Ryan’s cancer got too bad for her to continue running it, they sold it and retired to the country.

Garner was also an artist in his own right.

His last show of paintings, a career retrospective at the Virginia Inn two and a half years ago, was full of bright colors, underground-comix-esque lines and curves, and an old hippie’s lifelong interest in semi-abstracted nudes.

And he was a conceptual artist. With Ken Leback, he created the public-art piece Equality (a grid of Monopoly-style houses) on north Beacon Hill.

I’d been going to the VI since 1981, and to the Bells since at least 1985.

I knew Garner as a smart, soft spoken, often funny presence.

After I started MISC as a column in the old ArtsFocus paper, he supported and encouraged my work. (It took me years, though, to convince him I wasn’t just making up the things I wrote about in it.)

 He did so many things, in so many places, that it was hard to imagine a local arts scene without him.

And it still is.

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