February 28th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

A self-described “white gay male” guest writer at a feminist site re-introduces the allegation, made previously by others, that Dan Savage is an implicit racist, and that Savage cares more about homophobia than about racism or any other form of injustice.

The writer, Kirk Grisham, points out that Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign gives several examples of horribly bullied white gay kids, but hasn’t said much about bullied black or brown or working-class gay kids.

(The campaign also neglects kids who are bullied for any reason other than being gay, but that’s not part of Grisham’s argument.)

Grisham goes on to cite two things Savage has written, but which he’s since rescinded.

One was a rant against African Americans in California who voted for the first time in 2008 to support Obama. Savage originally, partly blamed these voters for the success of the anti-gay-marriage initiative that was also on that state’s 2008 ballot.

The other was Savage’s endorsing Christopher Hitchens’ Iraq War defense, along the line that U.S.-forced regime change would propel social progress and freedom in the Middle East.

He’s since gone on the record contradicting both previous opinions.

I’m not in the business of defending or decrying any ex-boss of mine.

But I will say that “It Gets Better” is built on top of standard, unquestioned liberal notions of “identity politics.”

And that “identity politics” is the continuation of demographic marketing by other means.

It divides, when we should be uniting.

We need to make a better world for everybody. Not just for people in “our” category.

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