April 4th, 2012 by Clark Humphrey

  • Appropriately enough for the former Amazon HQ building, the PacMed Tower on Beacon Hill will be sold this month via an online auction.
  • How does Soap Lake (the town) like the idea of changing the name of Soap Lake (the lake)? Not much at all.
  • State budget impasse? Still as impassed as ever.
  • Working Washington, the advocacy group mentioned in this space on Wednesday, wanted to run bus and light-rail ads on behalf of Sea-Tac airport workers stuck at lifetime minimum wage. Sound Transit said no.
  • A government/civilian panel studying the basketball/hockey arena scheme issued what appear on the surface some mealy-mouthed conclusions. However, the “many important issues to be worked out” about the plan mostly seem to involve transportation in the area, which will have to be dealt with anyway.
  • Climate change, in the long term, could cost the Wash. state economy $10 billion a year.
  • How’s a financially-squeezed Greece gonna keep supporting archeological digs?
  • Lynn Stout at the Atlantic believes much of the whole “psychopathic” behavior in the corporate world can be traced to the idea that companies must aim only for shareholder value, at the cost of all other financial or social results.
  • A consumer website asked its readers to pick the “Worst Company in America.” Runners-up: BankAmericrap and AT&T. Winner: Electronic Arts.
  • Tech-biz analyst Rocky Agrawal claims Groupon is “not a coupon or marketing company” so much as it’s “essentially a sub-prime lender.” That, and his prediction that merchants who sign up for Groupons are those that are really desperate to drum up business, leads Agrawal to predict it’s “poised for collapse.”
  • Forbes looks for the future of books and sees not mere e-books but full multimedia apps.
  • Forty-eight years ago this week, IBM announced the System/360 mainframe computer line. Products compatible with it are apparently still being made.
  • The new interpretation/visualization of Jesus: Not only white but hipster-esque.
  • Applebee’s: Not a drive-thru restaurant.

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